Chapter 9

The night progressed late for Videl. She and her classmates had been treated by the worlds richest woman at the worlds fanciest restaurant. But it was a good time. They laughed, told stories and Bulma had some wild stories of her own. Though she always had a funny little knack for not mentioning a few names outside of famous fighters like Yamcha or Tien. She had this funny feeling though that this un named hero might be Gohans father.

So she decided to wait until after dinner to talk to Bulma alone about it. That however almost never came as Bulma, though a woman very close if not in her late forties/early fifties, liked to party. All of a sudden she had treated them to a club she had rented out for them to enjoy themselves with. And boy did they ever. It was well into the early morning before they left and Videl was at this point exhausted so much so that she didn't know what her own name was.

So as the ride was brought around the corner of the student area, she dragged herself to her room and plopped on the bed, "Oh Gohan… You wouldn't believe the-" She then realized that Gohan was no longer with her. "Right… I'll tell him tomorrow." She said as she slowly started to fall asleep.

Gohans night however was a little less exciting. Well by his standards. In his case he set his bags down for a literal five seconds before Vegeta snatched him by the collar and they flew off to a remote location where for a solid 4 hours they fought. No doubt causing any small town within a 25 mile radius to think the Earth was crumbling to ashes.

Back and forth through the skies, along the ground and under the water the battle rages and the two Saiyans are relentless. Especially Vegeta who seems to be toying with Gohan like a cat would a mouse. But this mouse has had enough and Gohan starts pushing back and fighting hard.

With a swift punch to Vegetas face, Gohan sends him flying hard and fast into the side of a mountain. He drops as blood falls from his brow and his fists bruised. He's on his knee and panting. "Vegeta… It's late… I don't know if-"

"What? Tired already? That was a good hit brat. Your first one in a good while. But you know as well as I that a battle isn't over till your opponent is either dead or incapable of moving… And I'm still standing." Vegeta smirked.

Gohan groaned, "Fine… Last attack?" Vegeta nodded. "Very well." Gohan forced himself up to his feet and pushed his power to its limit.

Vegeta smugly did the same and in a flash they had vanished from site. In that same instant and Earth shattering Boom rocked the area as Gohan and Vegeta knocked themselves far back from each other. Grinding into the dirt as they skidded along its surface. Gohan sliding into a lake and Vegeta clearing some of the forest area.

Gohan was floating on his back in the water passed out. Vegeta sat up on a collection of fallen trees, passed out. Neither of them could claim victory until one of them awoke. Which did not come until early morning.

The waves of the large pond pushed Gohan to the shore where a large enough wave splashed in his face waking him to the bright morning sun. He sat up difficultly holding his ribs. Feeling his now less swollen face throbbing as he crawled over to the water. After drinking for what seemed like 5 minutes he raised his head with a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

He gave a look around at the carnage in his wake and decided it was time to find Vegeta. Getting up he sensed around and felt Vegetas power level. Gohan chuckled as it seemed Vegeta was still sleeping. "Man… I must have hit him harder than I thought."

Gohan picked himself up and flew to Vegeta. Sure enough, the spiky haired Prince was propped up against three or four trees dead asleep. His bruises and cuts healed up cleaner than Gohans.

Gohan walked over to Vegeta and nudged his foot, waking him. Vegeta looked up at the halfbreed and snarled, "Damn… I guess you won huh?"

"I guess I did. Come on, we should get back and in some tanks before breakfast." Gohan suggested, putting his hand out to give Vegeta aid.

Vegeta reluctantly took Gohans hand and got up. He looked around the place, "Well judging by the shadows on the ground… We've missed breakfast. It's probably closer to lunch. Which means that woman has your classmates running around the new training ground testing out all the new gear." Vegeta informed him.

Gohans eyes grew wide, "Oh no! I gotta get back!" He took off without hesitation and Vegeta was left laughing.

"Good luck explaining those bruises brat!" Vegeta called out to the speck before him. Shaking his head he took off as well.

Gohan flew fast and hard trying to make it before the end of the event. In a matter of minutes he lands and rushes to the room where things are going down. He opens the doors and enters, "I'm here!" And everyone looks at him.

Videls morning went on like usual. Of course now she didn't have a room mate and was feeling kind of lonely. She actually missed Gohans intrusions on her in the shower. It bothered her that it did, but Gohan was a drug she was addicted too. But if one thing made her smile it was that she knew Gohan would be at breakfast.

Or so she thought. Videl had sat down with Erasa and Sharpener as they started eating. She kept looking at all the entrances waiting for Gohan, and this was bothering Erasa, "Hey! Videl! He'll be here when he gets here. Don't be so… Me. Geez! Is that how I look when I get a boyfriend?"

"I think the term is plaything." Sharpener joked.

"Shut up! Like you're any different!" Erasa shot back.

He put his hands up, "Hey! I'm a saved man. Saved by the fist of Satan herself. I have seen my wrongings and aim to make right."

"Yeah well we'll see about that." Erasa rolled her eyes.

"Good morning students!" Bulmas voice came from a loud speaker. "Sorry I could not join you, but as some of you know, last night was a blast and I needed my beauty sleep. So kudos to those of you that got up on your regular time. Anyways, today is the last of the learning days. Today you will be in the combat preparation room. You'll get to play with fighting gear, the gravity pads, and the changing floor to try out whatever you want to. So less learning and more fun. We will start in 15 minutes. So finish eating and I'll see you there." And with that last sentence Bulmas voice cut out.

Not able to do much Videl groaned and did as was told. She was fairly quiet and only talked when she felt it was important. So after they entered the room it was the same as before. Large grey room with white floors, and was very plain. But Bulma was in the middle of the room and sporting a large smile, "Hello again. So today we're going to do things in rotation. We'll get in groups of three and switch areas every hour. Does everyone remember their numbers?" She asked for fear of counting again.

She got a collective of nods, "Good! Now things are going to get fun. Number fours come to me." They did as was told, "I'm going to count you out 1 through 3 and you will now be in those groups. Luckily there are only 27 of you which makes this an even split." She counted out 9 students per number to join the others. "Ok Cool! Now… 1's will take fighting gear, 2's the adjustable floors. Which can be split into as many different directions as you want it to, and it moves based on the leaders speed. Or you can have it imitate an arena of whatever. Anyways, 3's… Get the gravity pad. Which only goes up to 2 times gravity. Now, I'll give you a choice. If you are nervous about that which I know some of you girls and, no offense, geeks are, there is a pad 16x16 pad near the wall that has -2x's gravity so you can feel weightless." She informed.

Of course this made everyone who wasn't a jock or interested in heavy training very excited as they rushed to that spot immediately. "Well… OK then. Everyone… Take your positions. I'll be right here if you have any questions. Have fun everybody." Sh said with a smile.

Videl was a four, but luckily put in with the first group of gravity pad users. And she was ready. As soon as they hit the floor they put on the gravity and Videl dropped to her knees. She was unprepared for this, as were every single of the others on the floor. But she pushed. She made herself stand up and she started walking around, pushing herself to the limit. She was followed by the bigger of the jocks and then the smaller ones.

Some could only walk a few steps before needing to break, others more than a dozen. Videl could only get 21 steps before she was huffing an puffing. And before she knew it, time was up and she was alternating to the combat gear.

Videl looked around the room and saw Sharpener at the floors and Erasa floating around the pad, but was still annoyed that Gohan hadn't shown up. She was angry in fact and when she was suited up she challenged 8 of her classmates to a fight. The ones who weren't over analyzing the technology in the gear.

Beating after beating Videl laid it out. Luckily the pads cushioned the blows for them. Cause they honestly couldn't feel a thing. It almost frustrated her more that she couldn't hurt something. Then like a miracle from a higher power Gohan finally arrived.

"I'm here!" The room looks at him and they all seemed confused. Bulma cocks her head, "Sorry I'm late."

"Gohan… Why do you look like you were attacked by a semitruck?" Though Bulma knew a semi truck would have caused less damage.

Gohan then remembered that he in fact was covered in bruises and tattered clothing. "Oh um…"

"It doesn't matter. You don't need this class anyways. Go get cleaned up." Bulma told him. He nodded and began heading out, "Oh and when you see Vegeta tell him he's in trouble as well."

Gohan chuckled and went to the healing tanks. He saw Vegeta already comfy inside one with a timer on for one hour. Gohan set his to the same setting and hopped in letting it close around him as he went to sleep. Before long, his dreamless sleep was interrupted by the annoying beeping of the internal timer.

Slowly he dragged himself out, Vegeta ahead of him as they stretched and popped loosening themselves up a bit. "You know… I'll never get used to the tanks."

"Shut up. Hearing your voice is not the first thing I want to hear when I wake up." Vegeta said grouchily.

"You still mad I woke up first?" Gohan laughed.

Vegeta looked at him with daggers, "I will kill you."

Gohan hushed up and got dressed. Vegeta just grabbed a towel as he walked out. Gohan had a quick step as he rushed back to his classmates who now had returned to the dorms. Gohan was nervous because he knew that one person was already frustrated at him.

He knocked on Videls door and waited for her to open it. She did and snatched him inside. He was flung onto his previous bed and Videl hopped on top of him. "You know how boring it is without you! God Gohan I seriously tried to kill people today!"

"Hey… Relax. I'm sorry OK. Vegeta and I had a longer battle than predicted and we… Well knocked each other out. But we did get a well needed rest." Gohan joked. "How was your evening with Bulma?"

Videl sat back on him, "It was fun. Good food, good stories, and we got home late." Videl told him, "Man does she have some stories. She kept on telling us her old adventures with her friends and for some reason kept avoiding saying her friends name. Now, knowing what I know, I can only assume she was talking about-"

"My father… You are correct… It is a painful memory for all of us." Gohan told her.

Videl felt the solemn on his words, "What happened? Exactly?"

Gohan sighed and sat up, moving her off him, "I suppose I can tell you… As you know my father died around the cell games… And you know that I am the golden warrior… Well… I am connected to the Cell games more than you know."

"Gohan stop speaking in circles! How are you connected to those at the Cell Games?" She asked, though her suspicions were about to be revealed.

"Videl I was the delivery boy. I was that child there. I fought Cell and my father fought Cell… He died when I didn't kill Cell the first time." Gohan explained.

Videl was confused, "The first time?"

"Cell was on the verge of blowing up the planet. I could do nothing to stop it. I could only fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness from the people of Earth. And in a split second my father appeared before me. A smile on his face, he looked at me. Told me he was proud… Then, with the placement of his two fingers he vanished. Taking Cell away from the planet and he died in another place. Or so we thought." Gohan continued. "Cell returned, and he brought with him a chance for me to redeem myself after my mistake cause the death of my father. And vengeance never tasted so sweet. But the pain and guilt has never left me." Gohan finished.

Videl had wrapped her arms around Gohan in an effort to comfort him. He held her close as he stayed quiet. "I'm sorry Gohan. But I'm sure somewhere he's watching you and still has that smile you remember."

Gohan chuckled, "Actually he's most likely training himself for the next big fight."

Videl chuckled with him, "Come on now. It's almost time for lunch. I know you're probably hungry."

"You would be correct. Come on. Then we can enjoy the next day with each other." Gohan said standing up with her as they left the room.

The day went on better for the two of them. They ate lunch, hung out with their friends and when the day came to a close Videl and Gohan hung around the pool. Now under close watch by Bulma and Vegeta.

"So what will we do tomorrow?" Videl asked Gohan.

"I don't know. The weeks pretty much over. Tomorrow Bulma is giving everyone the option of hanging around or going home. I don't know about you, but I miss my bed and the quiet of the country." Gohan told her.

"Huh… Well that's cool. Yeah I could use a good nights rest at home. But… if I could… I'd like to get some more of your moms cooking." Videl told him.

Gohan laughed, "Then you should join me. But be prepared for more baby talk."

Videl shrugged, "Eh… it'll happen one day. Hopefully not anytime soon, but you never know."

Gohan was surprised by her answer, "So you want kids one day?"

"One day. In anycase… I guess we should head our separate ways." She floated up and gave Gohan a kiss, as they split ways. Morning came soon and all the kids were eating breakfast when Bulma arrived.

"Good morning students! As you know this is your very last day here at the glorious Capsule Corp. I know it's a sad day, but I have decided to know longer torture you. I have summoned taxis to bring you all to your homes if you wish to leave. You may stay till tomorrow if you wish, but I bet you kids could find something better to do than waste a perfectly good Friday here. So, if you wish… The taxis will be here in one hour." Bulma announced, "It was an honor watching you all learn and enjoy the facilities here. If there are any questions, please ask them now."

The place was quiet, and Bulma chuckled, "Well then you are all dismissed! Have fun kids." She said as she stepped down and left.

Within the hour everyone was packed with all their goodies and experience. Gohan and Videl waited as everyone left as they took to the sky heading towards Gohan's home.

SO that… is where I will end it. I didn't know what else to add, but I am officially done with this tale. Sorry if the ending seems abrupt, but honestly… What else could I write about. I do hope you enjoyed it though. Much love to you guys =)