Prologue- Lucius Malfoy

I look briefly at Narcissa then back at the door in front of us. It's the last orphanage in England that we haven't scoured. Ever since that night ten years ago when the Dark Lord stood before us, we'd been searching for his child. He never told us the location of the house to which she had been sent, just that she must be found. But this must be it. It must.

I knock on the door.

A woman of about forty with a very sweet motherly look about her answers the door. I see a couple of faces peeking around; young ones sent by the older children to spy on the visitors.

"Can I help you?" The woman asks.

"My name is Lucius Malfoy. This is my wife, Narcissa." I say blandly.

"A pleasure. Would you like to come in?" She asks. I just nod. She leads us to a sitting room and closes the doors so the lingering children can't hear, at least not very well. "Can I offer you some water, or tea," She drifts off a bit so I cut in.

"Madame I am short on time and thus I must get right to the point. Ten years ago a close friend of mine sent his daughter away, to a location unknown to me. I have been searching ten years to find that girl. She'd be 10, quite close to 11 now. She'd probably have black hair and blue eyes. Did you receive such a child?" I demand.

"I believe so sir. A little girl named Tristan Riddle. She was wrapped in a blanket with a bear and a note. She was not the only child I received that year though." She explains. I look over at Narcissa who's smiling slightly.

"That must be her; Tom and Cassandra's daughter. Oh Lucius!" She says softly. Relief rings in her voice as it does in my heart. Finally. I squeeze her hand.

"May we see her?" I ask. She looks at us a moment longer seemingly trying to sum us up. Why should she be so wary of an adopting couple?

"I'll bring her down." She disappears out the door and up the stairs.

"Oh Lucius we've finally done it! We've found the Dark Lord's daughter!" Narcissa beams. I half smile back at her.

"And just in time too. The applications for the school must be sent in soon. The letters will be arriving next week." I sigh in relief. I know I had to find Tristan before her first year at Hogwarts. Else she wouldn't have Draco next to her to guide her through what I'm sure will be very strange and uncomfortable territory. Growing up the way this girl must have, I'm sure she stopped believing in magic a long time ago.

"Draco will be so pleased! Someone to spend time with and train with! And when…He returns, he will reward us for finding her, I know he will." She seems so confident that He will return. Secretly I hope he does not. But I could never tell my wife that or the other death eaters. All that I care about is helping his daughter follow in her mother's footsteps. Cassandra. Darling, beautiful Cassandra.

"I'm sure he will." I say half-heartedly. She's about to ask me what my tone is about when there's a little throat cleared at the door and we look up to the woman returned. I can just barely see some black hair and a shoulder of the girl standing behind her.

"Come on now Tristan. Be polite." The woman's demeanor has changed drastically. Before she was wary and tired. With this girl she seems young and happy and protective. The little girl slowly creeps out from behind the woman and I'm stunned by how much she looks like Cassandra. Her hair is black as night and waves delicately over her shoulders and down her back. A portion falls over her face like she wants to hide. But her eyes are such an electric blue there is no hiding them. She is pale and small and fragile. And perfect, just like her mother.

"Tristan Riddle. You look just like your mother." I smile.