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(your blood, its so pretty.)

"Smile for me, won't you?"

Platinum squirmed as calloused fingers traced the side of her cheek. His red mouth hovered over her ear, and he smirked when she stiffened at the contact. He leaned back and observed the girl, his eyes meeting twin pools of fear and pain. Trickles of rose-colored paint stained her throat and hair; dark purple freesias blossomed along her pale skin. She struggled to breathe, inhaling short gasps of air.

Cyrus gripped her bony wrists and threw her to the ground, chuckling when he heard the sound of brittle bones against the crimson marble floor. She struggled not to scream, and as the ugly music that her crystal bones made against the floor echoed around the empty room, her eyes darted towards the wooden door — straining to hear the sound of footsteps.

To her dismay, none came.

"So where's your prince now?" Cyrus sneered as he followed her gaze. "The boy that was always by your side, the one with eyes like diamonds."

"He'll come," Platinum whispered quietly, willing herself not to break under his cold stare as he came closer. "He'll come and rescue me."

"All he said was lies, sweetheart," he murmured into her temple. "You're nothing but an old dream; a distant memory. That's all that you are to him now."

He ran his lips over her bluing fingers, an ugly smiling spreading across his countenance as he pulled away. "But here," he grinned, his smile stained a sickly crimson. "You are beautiful. A weeping lily. Gentle, fragile..." his fingers tightened around the bones of her wrist. "... Mine."

Tears sparkled at the corners of her eyes, small drops of sorrow, as her eyes lingered on the wooden door, silently hoping for the sound of rescue. But deep down, she knew that the wicked man was right — her knight was never coming. She would never get her happily ever after.

Happy endings only existed in fairytales, after all.

Her eyes finally found his, and the tears became blue, fragile waterfalls, gently trickling down the contours of her cheeks. She trembled slightly, and if he noticed, he said nothing of it. Instead, he leaned closer to her, so his voice was no more than a whisper.

"Paint for me, would you, darling?"

Nodding, Platinum clutched the scarlet brush, sketching bleeding roses over what could have been her silent, throbbing heart.

Your prince isn't coming for you, witch.


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