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"You cheated!" Steve shouted, throwing his money at the billionaire, "I know you cheated! How else could you have won?"

"I swear, sweetheart, I didn't cheat." Tony smirked happily, watching the deep red seep into Steve's cheeks and nearly burn his skin. "You can watch all of the different angles of the replays, I didn't cheat once."

"He's right, Steve." Natasha sighed and stood up, "I was watching him the whole time, he didn't cheat, not once."

Steve gaped at her then looked down at the pile of cash that Tony had collected throughout the game while everyone else's had depleted, well, everyone but Bruce who had backed out over an hour ago. He'd claimed that he was backing out of the entire game, bets and all, which meant that it didn't matter if Tony had won because he wouldn't have to do the strip tease. Steve, Natasha and Clint, however, hadn't given up and therefore were pinned to the stakes of the game.

Tony grinned up at all of them and clapped his hands, a catchy tune playing over the speakers. "JARVIS and I had this one all picked out already," he leaned back and relaxed, "Let's see some strip tease action."

"Tony, that's not..." Steve fidgeted uncomfortably, "I'm your..." His anxious and somewhat betrayed tone wasn't lost on the genius and Tony quickly caught himself.

"Alright, alright. Fine. Then I want you two to teach Cap here how to do it." Tony ordered, waggling his finger at the three of them, "I'll get comfy and clean up the game I guess."

"Sounds good to me, c'mon Cap, other room." Clint hastily grabbed Steve's arm before Tony changed his mind and wanted them all to do it again. Natasha followed suit, also more pleased with the idea of teaching Steve than undressing for that pig of a man.

"I can't!" Steve pulled away from them once in the separate room, "I don't know how to do any of that, heck, I hardly even know what a strip tease is!"

"Calm down, Rogers." Clint said coolly, "Tony has to be nice about your performance regardless, right? You're his boyfriend and this will be your first attempt at any kind of sensual movement ever so he has to be nice if he wants to see you do it again. No pressure whatsoever."

Steve nodded a little, that making him feel surprisingly better about it. "Plus," Natasha added, "You don't look foolish unless you think you do. Confidence is key, you're sexier when act like you know what you're doing, whether that's true or not."

"How do you two know any of this?" Steve asked shyly.

"We've been trained." Clint answered stoically.

"In this?"

"In everything." Natasha stretched quickly and urged Steve to do the same, "Loosen up first, try to feel comfortable with yourself."

"I'm comfortable with myself," Steve assured her though he listened to her anyway.

"JARVIS, play the song that Stark'll have him dancing to." Clint demanded, "On repeat so we can get a feel for it."

"As you wish." The song came on again and they stood there listening to it at least once to try and memorize it.

"Okay, copy me." Natasha ordered and started the teaching lesson.

Tony sighed and sipped at his glass and looking over at Bruce's more than amused expression, "You backed out at a good time, I was just about to start owning everything and kick ass but it wasn't evident yet."

"Yeah I kind of figured," Bruce nodded, "I was even gladder that I was the only one who backed out when you said 'this is the final time anyone gets to pull the same card as Bruce'. They all made a face like 'you aren't winning, why would we back out?' and now look at them. I still think you should have made Clint and Natasha suffer more than Steve, though." He laughed softly and leaned back in his chair.

"Steve would be pissed with me if I even contemplated thinking about looking at their naked bodies. He actually gets pretty jealous, I'm surprised." Tony smiled at that thought, the idea that the super soldier would want to be his and only his was heart warming and even a little cute. He mused about the way he'd set it up and shrugged, "I don't see why it can't be a public event, though if he begs I'll make it private."

"Punishing the poor man, for what, saying he could beat you at a game?"

"Exactly. I'm curious to know what they're going to teach him." Tony hummed to himself, "I wonder if he'll be any good at it."

"You have to pretend to like it even if he isn't, you know." Bruce smirked, "Otherwise there was no point in trying to not piss him off. "

"Very true."

They waited for nearly two hours, the two talking casually and enjoying themselves though Tony was getting a little annoyed. "I swear if they ran off..."

Just then the lights dimmed slightly and the song he'd chosen cracked over the speakers, destroying the silence in its wake. Tony's gaze was immediately drawn to where Steve had emerged from the other room, standing there for a moment, his neutral expression twisting slightly into a seductive stare and enticing smile. Tony swallowed and put his drink down then, his full attention had been caught.

Steve tilted his head back slightly, displaying his long and smooth neck for his boyfriend, looking down toward him with half lidded eyes. As he strolled slowly across the room, the shift in his hips on beat to the music playing around them, Tony could have sworn that there was no way this was the same Steve Rogers. There was an air of sexual confidence to him that Steve naturally lacked, which was fine, it made him cute and huggable but this... Tony didn't have words for this.

After a moment Steve was standing across from him, a slightly more open and erotic stance than his usual soldier self was ever in. Tony's eyes trailed down to the tight thigh that barely brushed his then back up to the smirking lips and daring gaze trained on him. "Holy shit, Steve..." He muttered, just before a finger was gingerly placed against his mouth.

"Shh," The sound of Steve hushing him even had its own hints of sexual tension, the way his lips held the form of the shush long after it had gone silent, the slow and alluring way he blinked, and even the subtle way his smile returned were enough to have Tony going, wanting his captain in every way imaginable. He would have to congratulate Clint and Natasha for this later. "You ready, big boy?" Steve asked, destroying Tony's train of thought entirely and he wasn't even sure he answered or if garbled nothing fell out of his mouth. Regardless though, Steve started to move. A slow, circular roll of his hips followed by a perfectly timed thrust with the song had the billionaire reaching for him. Tony's hand was quickly smacked away, Steve shaking his head with a growing smirk, "No touching yet."

Tony grumped poutily but said nothing, not wanting to ruin the show put on for him. Steve spent a good portion of time teasing him, a button or two being undone but mostly just erotic motions. Finally he'd turned around and unbuttoned the last of his shirt, delicately slipping it over his shoulders and, turning back around, letting it gracefully drop to the floor. His gaze remained as intense and focused as it had been when he started, fixing Tony in one spot and demanding he not move without even a word. Steve's hand slipped to his pants immediately and popped them open with the flick of his thumb, the same digit slipping along under the garment to his hip, hooking into it and pulling down gently. Tony's eyes widened a little more when he recognized that he should be able to see the soft cotton of Steve's underwear already, but he couldn't. His captain was going commando, and that was kind of hot.

The super soldier stopped the removal of clothes for a moment and slid his hands along his body, a way of showing how he'd like to be touched or how he should be. A soft moan escaped Steve's lips as he let his hands wander back down to his waistline, pushing them below his pants and, subsequently, lowering the last article of clothing further. "Tony," he whispered breathily, his tongue slowly wetting his lips and leaving them parted, "I'm embarrassed, should I stop?" Nothing in his tone sounded embarrassed or even ashamed of what he was doing. It was a little added theatrics of how he'd normally act and it had Tony hook-line and sinker.

"God no..." The playboy murmured, licking his own lips anxiously. "Keep going, baby. You're fucking gorgeous..."

Steve smiled at that, the alluring seduction returning to his face almost instantly. Christ Tony had to thank Natasha and Clint for teaching Steve this. "If you say so." He replied coyly, another elegant motion of his hips as he stepped a little further away, gracefully manoeuvring his slacks lower and lower until they had nothing more to cling to and they slipped to the floor. He stepped out of them slowly, one foot hooking into the fabric and kicking it back with added flare. Steve let another moan slip from him as his hands explored again, trailing the chiselled lines of his hipbones, leading straight to a half-hardened erection that was still in the midst of fully swelling. He stroked himself once, twice, then let his hand slide along to his thigh and back up to his hip.

Tony gawked in complete amazement at his new boyfriend, praising the pair of assassins mentally over and over again. They deserved a freaking medal for this. Or a trophy.

The captain was on him then, one leg on either side of Tony's hips, straddling him perfectly, letting the heat of his body permeate through Tony's clothes and nearly set the man on fire. "Touch me," Steve breathed into his ear, licking at his jaw and down his neck, "Tony please."

"Oh fuck..." Tony's hands were up instantly, running along the muscled expanse that was his boyfriend, his. He reached between trembling thighs and groped at a familiar length, loving how stiff Steve's own dance had gotten him. Tony remembered a previous bet he had going with himself, how many times he could get Steve Rogers to curse, and figured then was as good a time to do try his hand. "Curse for me, baby." He whispered gruffly into Steve's ear, noting the shudder he received for it and biting tenderly at the soft skin.

"Ah," Steve gasped and thrust forward into Tony's hand that went a little limp on him.

"Say 'fuck'," Tony encouraged gently.

"Ohhh... fuck..." Steve panted softly, tentatively saying the taboo word and letting it trail off quietly.

"Say it again," Tony rewarded him with a stronger stroke, his other hand coming around and fondling the captain's balls affectionately, "Come on, you can say it again."

"Fuck," Steve groaned louder, thrusting harder, his toes curling anxiously.

"More, I want to hear it." Tony ordered, increasing his speed, shifting the one hand to undo his own pants and pull himself out. He was about to do it himself though Steve's somewhat clumsy hand brushed his away, insisting he do it for Tony. "Alright, alright." Tony smiled and kissed Steve's cheek again, "But I still want to hear it, louder baby."

Steve rocked into his lover's hand, fumbling and stroking Tony right back, his face heated from his strip tease and shocks of pleasure. "Fuck! Tony! Ohhhhhh Christ. Fuck... Tony. Tony!"

Tony's hips jutted upward when his orgasm hit him, before Steve that time. "OH GOD! Steve! Jesus fucking Christ!" He made a point of being crude, thrusting faster into his boyfriend's grip until he was satisfied, his own pace slowing slightly as he relaxed.

"TONY!" Steve whined loudly, pushing at the playboy's hand insistently, "Please! I'm not... I haven't..."

"It's okay," Tony smiled, picking it up again, "Come on, I just taught you something."

"Ohhh..." Steve moaned as his breathing increased, panting and gasping, climax nearly there and Tony's hand slowed down again. "FUCK!" Steve swore, legitimately frustrated and about to shout at Tony for it but his partner suddenly knew all the right places to squeeze and caress him to coax him straight to his orgasm. The captain jerked forward suddenly and he lost his ability to think as instinct took over, writhing and squirming as he cried out for all he was worth. Finally collapsing and resting his head against Tony's shoulder, panting and shaking as his high faded slowly.

"You," Tony gently stroked Steve's arm and moving to rub soothing circles in his back, "Are so fucking good at that. Are you sure you haven't done that before? Are you actually a slut, Cap?"

Steve laughed softly and shook his head, "I'm not, but Clint and Natasha are really good at teaching me how to be."

After that the other four in the room started clapping and they even received a few whistles. "Awesome job, Steve." Clint applauded, mentally ignoring that it was the weirdest thing he'd ever taught someone.

Natasha smiled and glanced over at Pepper who had joined them for the last little bit, also clapping excitedly. "Best show ever." Pepper declared and somehow her presence was cause for more embarrassment than the rest of the team's for Steve, and possibly Tony though he rarely showed that kind of thing.

"Gotta say, I wasn't sure if it'd be any good but I'm floored." Bruce looked to the master assassins and gave them a thumbs up, "Congrats, you've unlocked the achievement 'Captain Erotica' for all of us."

"And I've got that on record." Tony smirked up at Steve whose face only turned red now, after all of that. "I get to see your striptease whenever I want to, even if you aren't home."

Steve kissed his feverishly, trying to ignore the fact that he was the only naked in a room full of people. "Can we get cleaned up?" he asked shyly after the kiss was broken and all Tony could do was laugh and nod.

"Anything for my captain."

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