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Raven's P.O.V. Takes place in Trouble in Tokyo after they defeat the bad guy.

We all got up ink. I half-smiled at my teammates. Then I noticed someone missing.

"Starfire! "Robin ran over to the girl on the ground covered with ink. He sat her up. "Starfire." He whispered gently. I could tell she had opened her eyes. He gently wiped some ink off of her cheek. "Are you ok?" A concerned Robin asked.

"I am now." She said gently and weakly. Thunder and lightly crashed. It started rain helped us wash of the ink as well as clear up the ground a bit. It also revealed our little villain.

"I think I was wrong before," Robin started talking.

"You do?" Starfire pushed her wet hair behind her ear.

"Maybe a hero isn't all that I am, maybe I could be, maybe we could be-" Starfire interrupted gently.

"Robin, stop talking." Starfire shushed him. They leaned for a kiss. I felt a jab of pain in my chest for unknown reasons. Why did I care if Starfire kissed Robin, and he kissed her back? I stood in silence watching the two kissing passionately.

"It's about time." Cyborg smiled. Beastboy was also smiling widely. I guess that left me. I managed to break a little smile at the two, although unsure if it was legit or fake. We walked to the nearest hotel we could find. They where holding hands throughout the long walk. It was annoying how they would whisper little nothings into each other's ears, and as an empathy I could feel their overwhelming emotions radiating off of their bodies.

"I'd like to rooms please." Cyborg smiled. He was flirting with the lady at the desk. I would have to share with Starfire and at the moment, with my emotions a little wired up I didn't really want to. I just wanted to be alone. I stormed past Cyborg, trying to hide my uncertainty at the moment.

"I'd like a separate room." I grunted. Cyborg pulled me aside.

"Raven I already got two rooms. One for us boys and the other for you two girls." He explained. I rolled my eyes. Something I only do to Beastboy. Cyborg stared at me.

"I need my privacy, and I'm sure they'd like to be alone for a while." I motioned at the couple who were being cutesy and flirty stealing a kiss or two. He understood and nodded. Once we got our keys we split into our rooms.

"Is friend Raven not staying with me?" She asked as she saw me go to the last room in the hallway.

"No Star, she says she wants her privacy." Cyborg said. I closed the door and locked it. I looked at the small room. It had a large bed in the middle. A T.V and a bathroom. The usual. I went to sit on the bed. I needed to meditate for a bit. I got in my position and levitated.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zi-" I knock at my door. I ignored it. "Azarath, Me-" More knocking. Even at a hotel I get interrupted. I opened the door revealing Cyborg.

"Was I interrupting something?" Cyborg asked looking at my annoyed face.

"I was meditating, what do you need." I asked him. I still had the door slightly opened.

"May I come in?" He asked. I opened the door allowing him to enter. He sat in a seat. I sighed knowing we where about to have a long conversation. I pulled up another chair with my powers. He wasn't speaking.

"Well?" I asked. He came back to earth.

"I know something is bothering you Raven." He looked at me concerned.

"How would you know?" I just wanted to be alone.

"Because I now it's never bothered you to share a room with Starfire." I sighed again. I thought of a lie which came out a truth.

"I just thought Starfire and Robin would like some space, you know, how they were acting in the lobby. I didn't want to be waiting outside all night until they finished their little flirts and sweet talks. And their 'lovey dovey' energy is way too much for me too handle." I crossed my arms and legs and sat back.

"Oh well then never mind. I thought it was something more." He smiled. "Sorry for bothering you." He got up and left. I locked the door again and began meditating. I asked my other selves why I was bothered by Starfire and Robin. My emotions smiled a secretive smile.

"Well, tell me!" I got annoyed. Happy me with the pink cloak smiled a lot.

"I think you already know!" She smiled more and laughed doing car wheels. Then a new me I hadn't seen before came. She had a cloak that was a darker shade of pink than Happy's. She had a lazy smile and gleaming eyes.

"Raven, you're in love with Robin. Ever since he saved you from your father." I shook my head. That can't be right.

"If I loved Robin I would have known. You lie." I stated and came back to myself.

"Ridiculous!" I grunted and changed to my black shorts and my blue tank top. I fell into an uncomfortable sleep. I dreamt of the day when Robin saved me and how I felt. I dreamt of the moments where Robin was alone with me. Of the sunrise we saw together. I woke up with a headache.

"The dreams don't mean anything. "I told myself. I laughed sort of crazy laugh. "Hehe, now I'm talking to myself." I sighed more. I got up and made myself some coffee because I couldn't make tea.

We spent the day being congratulated on saving Tokyo. We received medals, and I suddenly became a mascot for gum.

"I guess we have to go home now huh?" Beastboy said sadly. Robin turned to Starfire.

"You now Beastboy, even heroes need a vacation." He smiled cluelessly at Starfire. I should have pointed out how much of an idiot he looked with his new 'in love' face.

"OK! Next time, we're going to Mexico!" He said. We all shook our heads. I didn't want to go and neither did the rest. I really only wanted to go home and meditate that wretched new emotion out...or maybe set Rage on her.

"No! Friends how about Hawai'i! "Starfire took hold of Robin's hand.

"Ok, Hawaii it is." Robin said. I scoffed. Really! We were now going to Hawaii because Starfire wanted to go-Wait why am I acting over something so pointless, let alone why am I showing that I care?. I looked at my other team mates to see of they noticed.

"Ok, not Mexico, but even better! "Beastboy cheered.

"Oh yeah! Beaches and surfing and...GIRLS!" Cyborg said going into his little world.

"Raven are you not excited?" Starfire took my hands jumping. I looked at her with my emotionless face.

"No, I'm skipping this little 'vacation' and going home." Everyone gasped. I would be a little surprised myself, but since something was up with me and my dumb emotions, I didn't notice much.

"But Raven! Come on you want to have fun right." Beastboy started taunting me and I wasn't in the mood. "You're really going back home to you dark room and stay cooped up like that." I was raging mad now. First my dumb emotions, then a dumb vacation at a beach, and Beastboy making fun of me again. I didn't even want to cause him pain I just disappeared to the ground and went back to my room.

"UGH!" I yelled into my pillow. I was mixed up right now. My emotions where out of control. The vase and lamp on my nightstand exploded, so did the mirror. I needed to control my emotions again. I began to meditate. I summoned my emotions.

"What is happening!" I yelled at them, no one answered. "I'll ask again. What is happening to me? And don't give me the crap about me loving Robin." They where scared. The one in the dark pink cloak stepped forward.

"Raven we are in love, I'm not lying. You're just refusing to embrace it." I calmed down a bit. Thinking over the nonsense I heard.

"Even if I was in love with him, he has Starfire. And I'm not going to mess with their relationship! And I couldn't do anything anyways!" I yelled at them.

"Well you gotta fight for him girl!" My courageous self said.

"I'm not going to fight for him because I don't love him!" There was a knock at my door. I came back and plotted on the bed.

"Raven are you there." Robin's voice came through the other side of the door. I didn't want to speak to him. "Come on Rae, I know your in there." I sighed again. I got up and opened the door.

"What." I said a little to harshly.

"What's wrong. You disappeared. Is there something you'd like to talk about." I shook my head. "I know something is wrong Raven."

"Nothing, I just don't feel so good." I wasn't exactly lying. I wasn't sick but I didn't feel good for odd reasons.

"Are you sick?" I shook my head again. "Why don't you want to go to Hawai'i?" He asked me.

"I don't like beaches. And I'm not good with fun." I told him. "I just want to go home. I don't feel like traveling again."

"But I wouldn't feel right leaving you alone at the tower without any of us. And anyways, we're going there on vacation." He smiled slightly. I didn't know what to say.

"How long would we be going for?" I finally said, as he pondered my question.

"Well, for at least two weeks." He responded. Two long weeks. I thought maybe I could go. If they were going to be at the beach all day, I could be alone for a while.

"Fine,I'll go." I finally agreed. He ran off to tell the others. I closed the door and sank to the ground.

"Oh Raven, what did you just agree to?"

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