Aright so those who have been waiting this whole time for this story may need to go back one chapter and see that I changed the whole Raven mermaid crap I wrote 3 years ago. I just realized how terrible it was and almost guffawed when I read it. Anyways, enjoy this chapter and I am hoping to finish this story in the next week. About three chapters to go! Love ya!

Deep under the water, the Titans and Hawaii Fifteen were in deep search for their kidnapped friend. One particular boy wonder was as deep in the search as he was every time he went to look for Slade. Robin narrowed his eyes at the screen in the submarine and pressed the lever in the dashboard to broaden and clear the view he had of his surroundings. He pinched the bridge of his nose and grimaced towards his new friends.

"I thought you said you knew were his lair was. We've been searching for over an hour! We are losing time." Robin's temper rose at ever passing minute without finding any cave.

"We're here." The team leader of Hawaii Fifteen said through gritted teeth.

They lowered the sub into the dark cave, surrounded by seaweed. Before anyone could move, large tentacle like weeds merged from the ocean floor and grasped hold of the submarine, crushing it. Red lights flashed all over the sub and the air pressure increased dramatically. The heroes covered their ears in pain.

"Hail will you control this damn sub!" Black Cat yelled as her nose and cat ears bled. Since half her form was cat, her sensitivity increased by far more than an average human. Apollo held her as she transformed her figure more humanlike.

Hail turned the backup generator to full blast and slowly, the air pressure decreased to normality. Everyone panted as they slid to the floor to catch their breaths. Robin came up to the dash board and helped Hail maneuver the ship through the cave, careful to avoid the weeds reaching up towards them. Bumblebee and Cyborg prepared the cannons to fire down at the threats. Beastboy and Aqualad headed outside the submarine to take care of passing predators and to look out for new obstacles in the darkness.

Inside the submarine everyone stayed as quiet as possible, not wanting to interrupted the conversation the leader of the Teen Titans and Hawaii Fifteen were having. It seemed they were in a small debate over which direction they should go as two long tunnels extended over the back of the cave.

"We go my direction. As long as you are in my territory, Hawaii Fifteen leads the searches." Hail crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. Robin fumed with anger and stood higher than Hail.

"You had us lost for over half an hour down here. I bet it was pure luck you managed to find this cave and we don't even know if its the right one. You are as clueless as everyone else and we are rescuing my teammate. I'm leading the search." The deep and menacing dark voice Robin possessed reminded everyone of the Dark Knight himself. Hail had no other option but to stand down for once, as much as he didn't like it.

"Well, 'leader' I should let you in on some information about Kraken. I'm sure you've encountered his brother..."


Robin called for Beastboy,transformed as a deep sea dweller, and Aqualad. "Split up a couple of meters in the cave and tell me which seems the right way." Robin ordered. They nodded and headed forward. About a minute later the emerged from either side of the cave and motioned to Aqualad's entrance.

"I heard voices coming from this end." He said, once inside the submarine. Hail turned the ship to the right entrance and followed the path.

They neared a metal entrance which had a padlock. Robin handed Aqualad a hacker which opened the lock and allowed them to enter the cave. Inside, they drew caution as the lights inside the metal cave grew brighter.

"We can dive from here. the pressure inside his lair is dropped to normality." Tecno said as he demonstrated the low number on his dash board. Everyone put on their diving gears, with the exception of Tecno, Mas and Menos who stayed in the sub as lookouts.

They dove deeper into the lair until a variety of doors was in front of them. "We need to split up. Hail take your team to the last 2 doors, and ill take these." Robin motioned. The other team leader nodded and split his team in the two doors. "Alright, Titans East take the left. The rest come with me."

The Titans entered the door, Robin leading, and discovered a lab, with a variety of different civilians all captured in large tubes. Each looked like they were in a trance. The titans stared in shock. All the victims were women.

"We need to free them." Cyborg stated, heading towards the massive tubes. Robin nodded and told the team to begin while he went to search for Raven. Before he went through the back, he turned back to his team.

"If I haven't found her by the time you free them, take them back to the surface. I'm not leaving without Raven." He stated, starting to leave. Starfire stopped him, laying a tender hand on his shoulder. Her eyes filled with worry she kissed his cheek, a last gesture of friendship; and the last gesture of their dying romance. Robin smiled at her and turned away.


Raven struggled against the ties on her hands and legs. She seemed to be submerged halfway into a tube. She had realized that a girl had changed her from her club dress, which made her relax a little more than the thought of the monster had touched her.

Raven looked around trying to find a way to escape. She had no doubt that the Titans where on their way since she had managed to get a hold of Robin. She just hoped that they found out where she was. She didn't have the slightest clue herself. The girl that had dressed her came back into the room she was in. Raven tried getting her attention, maybe she knew where she was.

"Excuse me... hello...?" Raven spoke up. The girl didn't turn to her. It seemed as if she didn't even hear her. As she turned around, Raven gasped lowly. The girl had a blank face. Her eyes were pure white, no pupil.

"I see you've met dear Lidia." The Kraken emerged from the back of the room. Raven hissed in pain as he tightened her ropes. He just chuckled and turned back to Lidia, whispering words she did not understand. It reminded her of Aqualad's language. Atlantian. Now that she thought back, the Kraken looked very similarly as the villain they fought with Aqualad, Trident.

"I regret to say, you will suffer the same fate as Lidia. Can't have you escaping now can we?" He leaned his hand towards her face but was stopped by a birdarang. The Kraken hissed and quickly made a turn towards the door.

"I regret to say you will suffer the same fate as your brother, Trident." Robin smirked.


And that's the wrap for this chapter. Now I assume you question the reason why Kraken hold so many women, well to answer that in Greek mythology, or in the popular movie Clash of the Titans, the Kraken was given Andromeda as a sacrifice to Thetis (Goddess that released him)... which you know would end the Kraken's terror and destruction of the city of Joppa. So how those this all tie? Well in this version, the Kraken is a villain who wants women as 'sacrifices' for... well can't reveal too much so you all need to keep reading.