"I forgot to save. Fuck it." (read chapter 1 again but skip death two)
Ok so this time he got out! YAY! He got out this time and whipped his hair in one of those movie star fashions and caught Tokoro stalking him. She blushed in a very cute fashion ran off, beckoning him with her finger/stub/paw as she left. At this point RaLFH was at least slightly turned on and intrigued. So made his way to her house and went in and found... no one. SO he walked it and was quickly tackled by a horny Tokoro. "Oh, you horny bitch" RaHLF said and
... *ONE VERY HOT MAKE OUT SCENE LATER* He pulled at her pants to find... the chastity belt. "Oh Im sorry, i lost the key in the cemetery when I was... ummm... gardening. Gardening the mushrooms. Yeah..." and at that point BALROG broke through the door and Misery appeared in the air with a video camera. "I'm sorry to break up such a lovely porno, but we have to wrap this up. I see that you have potential. You're coming with me Sue." And RaLHF stood there and did absolutely nothing as his newest love interest was taken away by bubble. Then Misery said "Balrog, get the tissues and clean up this mess. Oh and RaLHF, this footage is going on Youtube once I'm done with Sue myself. See you on the web" She said and disappeared. He had managed to keep his cool through all of this but once BALFOG said "Who would be turned on by that little thing (Burrrrrn)" it was Ass Kicking Time (1:07 actually) "Fuck. You." RaLHF said. And Balrog was over.
He grumbled to himself as he kicked the door down, and stormed out. King walked up to him.
"Maaaaayybee." Then RaLHF ran off, with King chasing him with his sword; shouting so many curse words I will not list them because I'm too lazy.
RaLHF (Rather Large Headed Forbot) climbed up a cliff and saw a HUGE ball of fluff.
It was a Mimiga. A very fat one.
"Hey." He rumbled, staring at RaLHF through his thick eyebrows. "Have I seen you before? Weren't you on that Pokémon show?"

Needless to say he didn't last very long.