Jek's Story

This is my first story, I hope you random people like my story. I do not own pokemon, someone else does.

for my friends on VG.

My name is Jek. I am a pokemon.

But I was turned into a robot.

How did I turn into a robot you ask? Well here is my story:

I was a fine umbreon. I was the next kings of eons. And there was a glaceon named Hope who soon would be the queen of eons. She was my soon to be mate. She was a beautiful and cute glaceon. My life could never get better. But one day, my life changed

I was walking, minding my own business when a guy in a white lab coat came up to me hit me with a baseball bat. I woke up in a freezer with more people in lab coats. I knew something bad was going to happen.

I was about to run but I was put back to sleep again. Hours later, I woke up with metal fur and wings. When I saw my body like this I got angry. I opened my wings and attacked the people that got in my way. I even had to kill some of them.

After that, I flew away. After two hours of trying to fly perfectly, I finally flew perfect and soon landed next to my cave. I saw my mom crying and my dad trying to calm her down.

I looked around to see if I could find my girlfriend and I saw her. I ran to her and gave her a hug but she kicked me off of her.

''Who the hell are you?'' she said.

''It's me, your boyfriend, Jek.''

I then showed her the scar next to my right eye. She then had tears in her eyes.

''You can't be my boyfriend; Jek's been gone for two months,'' she said. ''Talk about him again and I'll have your head chopped off, you wanna-be umbreon.

She then smacked me and ran away from me, tears in her eyes. I rubbed my cheek, hoping she was joking. After that, I went in my cave.

''Hi mom! Hi dad!'' I said.

They then looked at me and my father said, ''who are you and why did you just call us mom and dad?''

''it's me, Jek, your son.''

Then after that, I got hit by a hyper beam.


I looked at him with tears in my eyes. After that, I ran away, knowing that I was alone. I stopped running and looked at the sky and howled, and continued to run.