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A drunken woman with blonde hair, light brown eyes and a large chest sat at a desk covered in papers and empty bottles of sake.
Her eyes rolled around lazily and she swayed slightly, giving her a inebriated look as she held her head with one hand and chugged at another bottle with the other.
Her assistant, a dark haired kunoichi looked on with an expression that reflected a mixture of respect, disapproval and exasperation.
Clearly, this was an everyday occurrence.

Tsunade, the leaf villages fifth Hokage had urgently requested the presence of one Yumi Kusakabe.
Squeezing her eyes shut and shaking her head slightly, Tsunade attempted to rid herself of the double vision that was clouding her eyesight of the shinobi in front of her.
Though heavily drunk, she still had an air of authority and was able to dictate the village with precision and effect.
A time such as this called for those skills.

"Yumi… Normally I would *hic* send a team of four to do this task but since *hic* most of them are out of the village and the mission I am assigning you *hic* requires speed, I think it would be better to send you alone… *hic*"

The black haired assistant, Shizune, looked on with irritated amusement as her superior attempted to find the mission scroll assigned to the shinobi in front of her.
Shaking her head and sighing, Shizune sifted through the large stack of papers and pulled out a red scroll dictating the Hokages mission.
Handing it to the white haired woman in front of her, Shizune explained the mission as her boss had fallen into an alcohol-induced sleep.

"You are to go to The Village Hidden in the Sand and retrieve a scroll from the Kazekage. It is crucial that you complete this mission as soon as humanly possible as it could lead to allied peace between the two nations. Please gather what you will need and leave within the hour."

The mysterious kunoichi accepted the scroll with a small smile, her mismatched blue and green eyes curved upwards in excitement and happiness.
This was her favorite kind of mission.
Despite being an experienced and high ranked ninja, she disliked unnecessary violence and preferred missions that required stealth and speed.
The knowledge that she could be the deliverer of an item resulting in peace pleased her to say the least.

Despite being small for her 19 years, she made jounin at an early age and her small frame and figure worked to her advantage.
Ninja are cocky beings and when they are faced with a girl only 119lbs with a height of 5' 8ft, they automatically underestimate her.
A terrible mistake on their part.
But even though she was deadly in battle she had many friends throughout The Hidden Leaf Village and loved everyone of them.

Jumping over rooftops in her excitement to get home and prepare for her mission, she barely noticed the masked Jounin sneaking up behind her.

"Yo, Yumi."

Tripping in her surprise, she mock scowled at her long time friend as she righted herself and continued her leaping.

"Kakashi I told you not to jump out at me like that!"

The Copy Ninja's eyes curved upwards and his mask shifted slightly – a sign that he was smiling.
Yumi grinned back and jumped gracefully out of the way as he tried to snatch her long, red scarf.

"I told you not to wear this… It could be a the death of you in a fight one day."

Yumi stuck out her tongue. Her red scarf was one of her favorite items of clothing and she wouldn't give it up for the world.
True to Kakashi's statement, it was extremely long to the point where it dragged along the ground behind her, but it was comfortable and kept her sensitive skin warm.

Her scarf had become quite fashionable after she had begun wearing it, influencing many other peoples closets including one honorable grandson, Konohamaru.

It didn't really give her too much trouble in battle.
Normally she ended the fight before it got too serious, preferring to knock out her opponents in favor of killing them.
Hence, no enemy ninja had the time to grab at her scarf.
As she was about to reply to her porn-addicted friend, a blur of white appeared out of the sky and flew along beside them.

"Ah got a mission then? Where are you off to?"

The owl that had flown down between them was Yumi's greatest friend and ally.
Hibiki Oda had snow white feathers and, like Yumi, mismatched blue and green eyes.
He used to be human and quite a famous ninja with a massive bounty on his head.
Before moving to Konoha, him and Yumi lived in Amegakure with her parents.
It was a simple life and Yumi was happy with it.
But all things good are never meant to last.

After the civil war that destroyed a good portion of the country broke out, Yumi was forced to leave after watching her parents killed in front of her.

In order to keep her safe, Hibiki faked his death, a feat which allowed him to travel without being intercepted by other ninja, and permanently transformed himself into an owl to further disguise his identity.
This way, he was able to fly ahead and sense danger as well as use their special ability which allowed him and Yumi to see through each others eyes.

Hibiki was a great advantage on missions and while he usually followed Yumi everywhere, he had been in the forest surrounding Konoha for the last few days on a separate border check mission.
After hearing Tsunade's mission request through Yumi, he automatically returned to her side.

"Yup, new mission. We have to retrieve a scroll from the Kazekage so we will be gone for a week at most."

Kakashi nodded before his eyes slanted into a slight frown.

"You aren't going alone are you?"

Yumi nodded and replied,

"Yeah, Tsunade said it wont be necessary to send more than one person. And that the job wont require any battling. I'll be safe and be back before you know it."

The masked ninja nodded and looked thoughtful. He didn't really doubt Yumi's skill as a ninja.
She was on par with him in battle and he had to fight at his fullest when they sparred, even with his Sharingan.
In fact, Kakashi made her send Hibiki away while they sparred because together, the girl and her owl made a deadly combination that Kakashi just didn't consider fair.

"Well I'll meet you at the gates to see you off… I suppose this means I will be looking after your apartment again while you are gone…"

Hibiki ruffled his feathers and tilted his head to the side as Yumi packed the essentials into a summoning scroll and fastened it to her leg holster.

"Don't forget the fire lighters."

Yumi looked up at Hibiki before glancing around and setting her eyes on them.
She snatched them hurriedly from the top of her desk of drawers and sealed them within the scroll. Flashing Hibiki a smile she replied,

"Thanks. I would have forgotten them."

After several more minutes of packing spare clothes, weapons (just in case) and several other necessities, she nodded her head to Hibiki in a silent signal that she was ready and that they should leave.
Smoothing out her clothes, Yumi locked her apartment from the inside and jumped out of her window and into the large Yew tree parallel from her flat.

She was wearing her favorite clothes, a black tank top with a sad face painted across it in yellow, in favor of her jounin jacket, her signature cargo grey camouflage pants and her infamous red scarf.
Her summoning scroll was attached to the band around her upper thigh and the waist bag around her hips carried a deadly arsenal of poison senbons, kunai and shuriken.

Hibiki flew beside her and she reached the gates of Konoha in record time. (She counted)
Awaiting her arrival was a bouncy blonde in an orange jumpsuit, a pink haired kunoichi dressed in various shades of red, a dark haired, pale boy in a belly top and of course, the famous Copy Nin himself.

"Hey, hey Yumi! We came to say goodbye because we are gonna miss you! And you better not "forget" to come back on time again to get out of buying me ramen!"

Yumi smiled at team 7 and ruffled Naruto's hair mockingly before glancing towards Sakura and Sai.
Sakura had initially been skeptical of Yumi upon meeting her but after seeing her go head to head with her amazing sensei, had quickly changed her views and looked upon her as an idol and friend.

Sai was relatively new to the group and never failed to amaze Yumi with his unintentional rudeness.
Despite his disability, she had become as fond of him as she was the other three.
Sakura smiled at her.

"Don't listen to this knuckle head. Just come back safe and sound as you always do."

While her comment lead to a small argument between the 'knuckle head' and the pinkette, Yumi grinned in amusement as Hibiki perched on her shoulder and rolled his eyes.
Kakashi smiled with his head tilted and nodded – translating to "Good luck and come back soon."
Yumi nodded back, never tiring of their silent conversations and glanced at Sai, who closed his eyes accompanied by a fake smile and grinned,

"Good luck, ugly."

Shaking her head at the antics of team 7, Yumi sped out of Konoha and into the wilderness.

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