It was about 5 in the afternoon by the time I finally reached Bon Temps. Its simple structure brought back all my memories from years ago, before I moved to. That place was a death trap, cursed or something. Both my brother and father died there so I had enough reason to be afraid and no reason to stay. Were it not for Sookie's call, I wouldn't have been back in that melancholy-like town. My old friend Sookie who happened to still have a few pieces of vintage furniture left in her attic to give me. Which is sadly, my one weakness: Vintage objects.

My pick-up started shaking as I went down an unfinished road; my guess was that the road workers took off early for beer at Merlotts. I switched on the dial of my radio and in moments started singing along to "American pie", remembering exactly the last time I saw Sookie. It was about two years ago and it didn't even last more than 3 minutes before she ushered me to my truck while at least two dozen hard looking people showed up at her house for some type marathon run. It all seemed pretty mysterious since none of them were dressed for running. I mean really, can you really get far in flannel shirts and jeans? Not bloody likely.

I turned onto Hummingbird road and my song ended and "Party in the USA" was put in its place. I rolled my eyes and turned the dial to the soul station. I was comforted by hearing the sound of what seemed to be the beginning of "Sexual healing" A smile appeared on my face as thoughts of moments in the back of old boyfriends cars when they were trying to "set the mood" came into view. My baby pulled up to the front of the familiar house. I hopped out of my truck and headed towards the porch when I noticed another truck on the side of the house. I shrugged my shoulders and rang the doorbell as I reached the screen door, expecting to see Sookie appear accompanied by her sex-with-legs brother Jason, who was always a lovely and welcomed sight to see.

There was the sound of items being moved followed by the sound of feet going down steps. I was greeted by Sookie's constantly smiling face. "'Afternoon Annie! You made good timing getting here!" She leaned in and hugged me without warning. I awkwardly patted her back and smiled. "Well, you know me. I smell vintage and I'm off." Giggling she said "Oh you! Come on in the kitchen, I made a fresh pitcher of sweet tea." When we crossed the living room and I couldn't help but stare in awe of all of the classic furniture kept in perfect condition. I stood by the doorframe as she handed me a glass of tea and tried to make small talk. That was the most time I spent with Sook since, well, ever.

Soon there was the sound of heavy steps coming down the stairs and a deep husky voice said "So Sook, anything else you want me to do to that wardrobe other than sand it?" The voice was unfamiliar to me but I didn't dare turn around. "Not right now, come on in the kitchen and have a glass of tea." She waved him forward and began pouring another cup of sweetness from the orange pitcher.

A look of intrigue spread across my face as the real muscular owner of the other pick-up walked into the kitchen, back to me, and took a long pull of his drink. "Thanks Sook, this was well needed." Sookie nodded happily and put her glass in the sink and they began chatting away. I finished my tea and put it on the nearest table with a bit of a clang, as if to say "Hi, yeah, I'm still here." Sookie turned towards me with a smile and she finally remembered her manners. "Oh shucks, almost forgot about you Annie. This is my friend Alcide from Jackson. Alcide, this is my good friend Annie from Alabama." Alcide finally turned around and faced me.

My first thought is that I am not faced by a man, but by Michael Angelos David, dressed in flannel and jeans. He was absolutely gorgeous and so hot that I started believing that there was actually smoke rising from his shirt when it was really just dust. I want one for Christmas, I want one, I want one, I want one. The next thought or more like emotion was recognition. I remembered him; he was one of the people at the marathon. A small smile appeared on his face as his eyes quickly looked me over and he extended his hand to me. "Nice to meet you, Annie." Our eyes locked and I melted in those sweet pools of seduction. "Likewise, Alcide." I held his gaze and gave his hard working strong hand a shake.