Hiya everyone! Just thought I'd say "BRING ON THE STEAMY BIT."

Enjoy! –Anna

As if my response was his green light, Alcide immediately pressed his mouth to mine. He was kissing with such intensity that my legs barely stood up. His mouth tasted like all of the seasons put together and his tongue tasted of warm whiskey enveloping my mouth and all I could do was want more. I locked my arms behind his neck to bring him closer, allowing our tongues explore the inside of our mouths.

One of his hands moved slowly below my waist and found its way to the heated core between my thighs. Another gasp escaped me as his fingers began their rhythmical massage of my sweet spot. I pulled my lips away from his as a moan followed. My panties made their way to the floor and I turned my back towards him while my hips began to move against the magical rubbing of his fingers. His other hand reached my breast and squeezed it ever so lightly but enough to make me stand on edge. His fingers played with my nipples which made me moan even more.

"Ah god, Alcide…" His fingers make their way inside my wetness and I absolutely succumbed to him. I moved my hips slowly as I pressed myself against his already growing erection. Soon, his grunts of pleasure mixed in with my moaning. "Annie, you're…damn, you're driving me crazy." I turned back towards him and found his lips, kissing them with all the passion I've ever held. My fingers unbuttoned his jeans as he began backing me up towards the bed.

Soon his jeans and boxers were kicked off and his shirt was next to them. I drank in his body and tried hard not to drool because it was as appetizing as a bag of candy was to a 5 year old. Alcide laid me on the mattress and took my nipple in his mouth, circling it with his luxurious tongue, playing with it almost. I licked my lips and started moaning his name a little louder. I brought his face up towards mine and kissed that seducing mouth of his. Exploring his mouth with my tongue and stroking his length with my fingers. Alcide closed his eyes as if in ecstasy and said "Annie…god babe..." Making it come out like a growl.

He pulled both of my hands to the side of my head with one hand and in one movement. He trailed his lips over my neck and brought them down towards my belly button. My back started arching as he began placing hickeys on my thighs but stayed clear of one area in particular which he probably meant to keep for last. His lips finally returned back to my mouth and I kissed him as if they just came back from a long trip.

We stared at each other for a moment, my breathing came back to normal, and his small smirk reappeared. He guided his length inside me and I let out a slow moan which made him go in deeper. I held onto his shoulders, taking all of him. "Hmm, think you could take it?", he whispered. I started rocking my hips slowly "More than you know." He leaned down and covered my mouth with his once more as he pulled out and went back inside me with an increased speed. Our moans deepened and got louder. "Alcide, I need you deeper" My legs wrapped around his waist and my body started rocking in motion with his. The bed knocked a specific beat and never got off track. The rain continued its pitter patter on the window and all I heard was our heavy breathing and deep moans. "Babe I …oh you feel amazing." Feeling on the verge of completely losing it, I laid my head back and screamed his name and felt him reach his breaking point a moment later as his seed ran through me. He collapsed onto the bed beside me and smiled as I laid my head on his chest.

I was awoken the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs from the kitchen. I grabbed Alcides plaid shirt and slipped it on while wandering into the kitchen. I found him in his boxers cooking up the meat in a wok with a smile on his face.

"Good morning, Alcide" I walked into the kitchen and nudged him with an elbow. "'Morning Annie". He pulled me close and gave me a delicate and carnal kiss which I really did not expect. He put the food on two plates and handed me one as we headed to the table.

"So, if you want, we can leave within the next hour for Alabama. Or," He took a bite of eggs. "You can stay in Jackson for a few days. With me." When I didn't speak, he added in "If you want to of course, you can-" I stopped him with a long kiss. Smiling as I pulled away, I said "I'm not afraid anymore. You're just what I need to move on to."