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Echoes of a Lonely God

She had to reach them before it was too late. Thor would kill Loki if he became angry enough, and she couldn't allow that. Sigyn stepped out onto the garden balcony, looking every direction in hopes of spotting the brothers. There was a loud noise echoing from the courtyard. She ran towards it.

Thor slammed against the wall, dust and sediment churning in the air. He let out a grunt, glancing to the left. Something shimmered. In the wall stuck a golden arrow, one of the guards' that Loki had dodged earlier. There was an antagonizing laugh as Loki watch the wounded Thor attempt to regain balance.

"Is something wrong, brother?" Loki asked snidely.

Thor looked from him back to the arrow. As much as he loved his brother, enough was enough. He had gone too far. Father had only ever cared for him, and this was the respect he received in return? Death, destruction? He grabbed the arrow with his large hand, and yanked it out of the wall.

Thor, hammer in one hand arrow hidden in the other, flew towards his brother. Loki made an effort to dodge his assault, but it was a failed attempt. Thor's hand grasped onto one of the horns of Loki's helmet, causing the younger brother to fall. Thor turned, facing Loki, the arrow firmly in his grasp.

A figure darted out towards the fight. "No, Thor! Don't!" shouted Sigyn. She ran in front of Loki, blocking Thor. Before either realized what was to transpire, it was too late. Thor brought the arrow down and it buried itself in Sigyn's bosom. She gave a sharp intake of air as she clutched the golden arrow that stuck from her chest, blood beginning to ooze out, staining her dress a dark crimson. Thor jumped back, looking on in horror at what happened.

Loki looked on in dismayed disbelief, unable to make any utterance. Sigyn stood there for a moment, eyes wide in shock. She let out a gasp as she started to fall to the ground. Loki ran to her, barely catching her in his arms as he slid to the ground. She began to try to suck air into her lungs as he held her, her eyes becoming glassy. He looked at her, concern growing on his face, unsure of what to do.

"Sigyn," he whispered, his eyes a mix of concern and desperation. "No- . . . you'll be fine. You won't-"

She looked at him, her breathing becoming calmer. "Shhh," she whispered to him softly. A grimace flashed across her face. Gently, she rested two cool fingers on his lips as he hugged her tightly. He pulled her fingers away from his lips and kissed her knuckles softly.

"I can fix this," he said to her, trying to reassure himself more than her.

"No . . . Loki," came her breathy answer. His misty, emerald eyes flicked up to hers with bewilderment. He opened his mouth to speak again, but she interrupted. "Shhh." Her voice had grown softer.

She took her hand from his and placed the soft coolness on his cheek, gently caressing his face. "It- . . it'll be alright." Her breathing grew shallower with every word. He grabbed her hand again, squeezing it as if it would keep her with him.

"No- . . . not if you die," he said faintly. She looked at his face, the tears beginning to slip down his anguished, pale cheeks. She smiled a weak, mournful smile at him.

"Promise me, Loki. Promise me one thing." Loki looked deeply into her dimming eyes as she spoke. "Stay good, stay good for me, don't let yourself beco-" She winced in pain and squeezed his hand tighter. "Don't- . . . don't become bitter, please. I-" Her voice was barely audible now. "I will always . . . love you my- . . . my mischief." As she finished, the light in her eyes faded, her breathing stopped, and her heart ceased to beat. Her hand went limp in Loki's soft grasp. Loki stared at her fragile form for a moment, not fully ready to believe that she was gone.

"Sigyn?" He paused as he kissed the back of her hand held in his. His hold became tighter and he closed his eyes in anguish, pausing a moment before he let loose a cry of misery. Bitter tears now freely fell from his glassy, emerald eyes.

Loki hugged her tightly, wrapping his body around hers, rocking slowly back and forth. Gently, he pulled away from her and looked at her soft face. Slowly, he leaned over and kissed her cooling lips.

"Sigyn," he whispered into her neck, his eyes now shut. Silent sobs racked his frame.

Thor stood beside him, quiet and heartsick with a bowed head as he watched his brother cry over the loss of a dear friend and sister. Closing his eyes, he too began to cry, letting sorrow flow from them.

Both gods stayed in the middle of the empty courtyard, Loki crying as he held his beloved in his arms, and Thor, silently letting a few tears slip from his eyes. She was gone, and each knew it. Nothing in any realm could bring her back.

"Brother," said Thor sorrowfully after a long moment. "We must take her body to the healing hall." Loki didn't respond, just kept a hold of Sigyn. His tears began to slow their descent.

Thor rested a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder. "I never meant for this to happen, Loki. Believe me," he said consolingly to his brother. Loki looked back down at Sigyn, his one hand stained red from her warm blood, the other placed within her golden locks. Gently, he laid her on the stone of the courtyard and left without a word, slipping out from underneath his brother's hand, the tears still falling down his face as he walked off into the shadows of the building.


She was gone. Loki walked up the steps of the tower to his room, his eyes still glassy with tears, his anger beginning to burn through his sorrow. She was gone, taken from him. He opened the door to his chambers and entered, slamming it shut as he walked slowly over to his desk. Standing next to it, he looked down and closed his eyes. Thor had taken her away, he had killed her.

This last act of cruelty he could play on him was too much. His face twisted in devastation, and his eyes flicked open full of malice. But something caught his eye. A small, silver object. He turned and picked it up with his blood stained hand, fondling it carefully. It was the necklace he had made for Sigyn many years ago that she had always worn. The serpent with green eyes, like Sigyn's, fiery and beautiful. But her eyes were now dim and cold.

His brow furrowed in grief as he remembered the past. He remembered what she had said to him only moments ago. Stay good, stay good for me. I will always love you . . . my mischief. Mischief. That was the nickname that she, and she alone, had called him. He closed his eyes and two diamond-like tears escaped his lids.

The heartache was too much. He broke down onto his chair and began to weep bitterly, squeezing the silver serpent in his fist as he cried into his arm. The sun outside his balcony began to set, painting the sky with deep scarlet, purple, and orange. He stayed like that on the floor, head in the chair, crying for a long time until he drifted off into an uneasy slumber.

When he awoke, the sky was stained a deep, velvety blue. Dark gray clouds hid the stars; the air smelled damp. Walking out onto the balcony, it started to shower cool droplets of water. He looked up into the sky and wrapped his arms around his chest. His cloths began to soak in the rainwater. The showers that fell on his face slowly mingled with the tears that fell from his eyes, the heavens' tender kiss creating a rather strange concoction with the burning hate that dripped down his face. The moon shone through the clouds, casting a silver silhouette around his form. As the moments passed, his face grew angrier and filled with bitterness till suddenly he shouted into the night air.

"Why! Why, did you have to take her away! She was all I had that was dear to me!" He paused as he rested a hand on his brow, quiet sobs escaping his lips. "She was the only thing . . . dear to me," he finished in a low whisper, letting his hand cover his eyes. A gentle breeze blew through the air causing the rain to chill his skin. Slowly, his form fell and his skin turned a deep blue. He walked back inside and stood in front of a smooth mirror, his reflection staring back at him. Who could ever love me? he thought, a sneer forming on his lips. He was a frostgiant . . . a liar, a villain, a monster. But she didn't see any of that. All she saw was him, a kind, funny, romantic, lonely god.

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