Hey guys! I know this doesn't really further the plot….but I sat down, and It just came out. ;D

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I never thought I would ever find myself in this position.

It's unexpected, and I feel unprepared for the novel feelings of awkwardness that this situation puts me in. It feels more complex than the inner workings of a nav computer to me, but in reality, I suppose it's quite simple.

I, Obi-wan Kenobi, Jedi Master of over a decade, am awkwardly standing by the punch bowl at my best friend's wedding anniversary celebration….as the only unmarried or unattached person in a room full of Jedi.


Is it the blatant disregard of the Old ways I was raised up on causing my discomfort? Or is it something more personal?

I laugh to myself and shake my head, amused at my musings, when I sense the man of the hour approaching from across the room. I raise my glass of bubbling, pink…..whatever this was toward Anakin as he clapped my shoulder and grinned.

"I'm glad you could make it, Obi-wan."

I snorted, and took another sip of my beverage.

"Wouldn't of missed it for the world, my friend." I took another sip and smirked at him. "I consider my attendance a recompense for not attending your wedding in the first place."

Anakin rolled his eyes at the mention of his clandestine wedding years before on Naboo, and wisely changed the subject after elbowing me in the bicep.

"Why are you looking so Gloomy, master? It's a party, go and dance."

I resisted the urge to throw my drink on him.

"I don't have anyone to dance with, Anakin. In case you haven't noticed, I am the only single-"

"Oh come on, Kenobi." Anakin interrupted, grinning impishly, "I bet Sola would give you a dance if you asked nicely."

I feel myself descending into grumpiness at my old padawan's teasing.

"Not all of us have a lovely wife Anakin, or a girlfriend. Or even someone we might have had a crush on that isn't dead. Really. My love life has been a long string of unfortunate endings."

Anakin's smirk only grows wider. I take another sip and scowl at him. Although I have mostly come to peace on those I had loved and lost years ago, It still rankles a little.


"Not all of them."

I squint at him.

"Not all of who, Anakin?

He laughs innocently.

"Ventress isn't dead yet, Master."

I choke on my punch, spewing it out with a cough, and then run to catch Anakin, who is running away while laughing like a crazy person through the throng of party-goers and past a face-palming Padme.

Mark my words, he will pay.