This has been eating at me for a little while now, and with the recent completion of Outbreak by ElementalShadow, I feel the need to at least try it. Yup, a Naruto X HOTD crossover. There really isn't too much to say, except Naruto is from the HOTD universe. That's not to say he'll be weak under any means, but not God like by a long shot. The story starts a year prior to the beginning of the series… So…let's see where this goes, alright?

Marikawa Shizuka is someone who could be described as a dunce of a woman, but yet has moments that could very well challenge the definition of insightful. The slow processing nurse was currently staring at a stapled packet of paper with a noticeable amount of curiosity. The packet was a newly filled out medical form she received from the district's student placement board, which she had to file into the school's system. The subject of the medical form was sitting idly in a regular chair in front of her, gazing out the window, while the Nurse checked the information over.

Name: Namikaze U. Naruto

DOB: 10/10/92

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170lbs

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Preexisting conditions: None to date.

Address: 13518 Teito St. Tokonosu City

Emergency contacts: Kushina Namikaze, Minato Namikaze, Hatake Kakashi.

Shizuka set the papers down and nodded affirmatively, everything seemed in order. Glancing up at the teen in front of her, she cleared her throat to attract his attention "Alright, Namikaze-kun. Your medical file is acceptable, so there is no medication you need stored for an emergency?"

The teen, Namikaze Naruto, calmly turned his gaze towards the blonde haired woman, and shook his head no. As Shizuka examined the boy, she noticed he had spiky sun kissed locks, which every now and then fell in the way of his deep cerulean eyes that stood out on his tanned skin. It wasn't too much of surprise after all; he did come from America, however it proved he might have German descent somewhere down the line.

The Namikaze gave the nurse a pleasant smile, and answering in a surprisingly deep and smooth voice "Nope, I'm clean as a whistle as far as that regards. Is there anything else you need me for, Marikawa-sensei?"

The school nurse returned the smile, and replied in her bubbly manner "Hm…no, I believe that's it. You can go now, Namikaze-kun."

Naruto slowly rose from his seat, and gave the woman a low bow before leaving. Shizuka watched as the blonde made his way towards the administrator's office to get his class schedule, and couldn't help but let her smile widen an inch or two. That was such a polite young man, and not to mention handsome…not that she would say that aloud, that is.

Naruto breezed through the rest of his introduction from one of the school's secretary, but thanked her nonetheless for showing him where his first class was, seeing as he honestly had no real sense of direction for the school. Lightly tapping on the sliding door, he waited for an answer, however, he couldn't help letting his mind wander. 'Everything so far has been going along nicely, I'll probably end up jinxing myself, but I can honestly say, I like it here.'

A gruff baritone from behind the door broke him from his inner musings "Please come in!"

Not even fighting the urge to shrug, the blonde did so and opened the sliding door. Digging a hand in his pocket, the American took a few steps into the room, and faced the class. A man roughly in his forties, obviously the teacher, spoke in a loud tone to silence all talking "Alright class, this is the new transfer student, please introduce yourself."

The blonde stuffed another hand into his pocket, and began in an almost lazily manner "I'm Namikaze Naruto. I come from the United States…I hope you treat me well?" He finished with a indifferent frown.

The man nodded, and pointed towards an empty seat by the window, instructing "Take your seat over there, Namikaze-san."

Naruto slowly strode over to the seat, giving a few glances around the class, and silently sat down. The teacher wrote something down on a clipboard, before he turned his attention on Naruto, and asked "Namikaze-san, this class is Geometry, how far were you into the curriculum in your previous school?"

The Namikaze stated rather bluntly "I took Geometry during my freshman year…I already was in Algebra 2."

The man stared at him a little bit longer than he needed, while all of the students gave him shocked glances. After a painless two minute stare down, the man relented and stated "Alright, then I expect outstanding scores from you Namikaze-san."

The Namikaze only conceded in a bored drawl "That's perfectly reasonable." Nodding, the appointed teacher continued with his lesson.

Much to his surprise, throughout the day, transitions to each class acted in groups. Meaning, the first class he had was the class he would be spending the whole year with all day, every day, with a few acceptations. The next class was traditional Japanese, which obviously he didn't have too much of a problem with it, considering he could speak it fluently. Next was Biology, and since he already took it, there was no problem there. His next class-and now his favorite-was English.

How someone of American decent, nonetheless, could mutilate the English language by using slang and a fake accent in a matter of ten seconds shocked everyone present in the room. "I talk that dun der' English pretty dern' good, if I say so for meh' self. Get 'er done, America, f-k yah!" After his obvious amusement at their expense, they figured he was just messing with them, and asked for a proper example. This just led to Naruto fooling around with them some more, stating rather stoically, that's was just how he 'talk's' English.

After English was his second to last class, which was a free period they spent in the library. During this hour, he was approached by many of his classmates, although he found himself under the sights of multiple girls, some of which weren't even from his class. Well, after that session of near molestation, it was the last class of the day: Physical Education. Now, this class could very well have been his favorite, considering his athletic capabilities were just naturally higher than the average Japanese male. Mainly because, he was roughly seven inches taller than what they considered tall, and had a good fifty pounds of muscle on everyone. It was safe to say, Naruto would be picked immediately for anything remotely physical. The only reason it wasn't his favorite class, was the fact that he couldn't really mess with everyone like in English, in the humorous sense.

With the day over, the blonde would mutely make his way home, lazy nature bleeding through his apathetic mask.

This would turn out to be his daily schedule for the next year. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, do his work, talk with some friends, walk home, work out, eat dinner, and finally… sleep. Everyone around the boy soon found out, there wasn't all too much to him under any means. Actually, it was startling how little the blonde socialized, or even partake in any self-indulgent activities. Most people marked it off as his lazy personality, although, a select few knew there was more to Namikaze Naruto than what he revealed.

Past his lazy-'I don't give two shits'-attitude, was an oppressed longing for solitude. Yes, one could say Namikaze Naruto didn't like needless interaction, in fact, he loathed it. That's what his lazy façade was for, it was a mere attempt to provoke less social stimulus. That's not to say he hated interacting with everyone, no, there was a certain couple he would indulge conversation with, namely Busujima Saeko and Marikawa Shizuka. Saeko for her calm personality and collective attitude, while, Shizuka's bubbly nature seemed to ease his mind at times.

Upon the first weeks of his second year in the Fujimi High School, everything changed for Naruto drastically. The boy turned to the stark opposite of his previous nonchalant attitude. An oddly neutral small smile could always be found plastered on his face, he began to interact with everyone in his class, even to the point of becoming the center of attention, and joined several clubs nobody would think he had any form of interest in. This was to everybody; he didn't even act the same towards Shizuka or Saeko as he did before, they would just receive the same small everlasting smile, as everyone else. About a week after the start of the strange behavior, the true cause for it became known to everyone. Naruto's family, his parents and adopted brother Kakashi, died in a car crash just the week before.

Even when anyone approached the blonde about it, in attempt to comfort him, they would only receive that same small smile. The smile, which seemed to mock their sympathetic words. It was a mask, everyone knew it, but it wasn't just any mask. Nobody could even come close to cracking it, not once would it ever falter, much less come undone. Soon, the students and faculty of Fujimi High School let it go and just went about everyday life, allowing the Namikaze to interact with them however he wished.

On that day, the day everything went to hell, something changed in everyone, one way or another.

A male's voice filled the speakers of the intercom "All students must evacuate in accordance of their teachers instructions! I repeat, a violent incident is taking place in the school now! All students must evacuate accor-"

The intercom soon fell silent; just until a few muffled shuffling noises could be heard hissing through the overly sensitive speakers. The man's voice returned from what sounded like a good distance away between him and the transmitter "Help me! Stop it! Please, help me! It hurts, it hurts! Help me, I'm gonna die! Ahhh…"

The man stopped screaming completely, the only sounds coming through the receiver was the mangling grunts of chewing. Everything fell silent, for what seemed like an eternity, nobody dared to make the slightest of murmurs. Within an instant, all hell broke loose. Every person within the compounds of Fujimi High School started screaming and rushing out their classroom doors, too caught up in their distress to realize one person hadn't moved an inch from their seat. That person was Namikaze Naruto.

He sat eerily still, eyes glazed over in thought, his everlasting smile twitching slightly, before falling slack on his lips. Moments passed, pained screams echoed throughout the corridors of the building, eventually reaching the eardrums of one Namikaze Naruto. Lidded blue eyes soon widened to their extremes, the small black pupil found in the center of the exposed organ was shaking inconsistently, fluctuating in size. A full blown Cheshire grin melted into place on the blonde's lips, chattering with uncontrolled excitement and glee. Swaying to his feet, knocking his desk over in the process, Naruto lurched towards the door, a small chuckle crawling up his throat.

Yes, the day everything went to hell, something changed in everyone, for better or for worse, something had indeed changed.

Well, there you have it folks. Just a small prologue, I never seem capable of making large ones. Short and swe…maybe not all that sweet, but you get the point. Tell me what you think, and I'll see what I can do with this.

Maelstrom-claymore out