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Smoke billowed swiftly across the shuddering pavement of the road, spreading like a rolling wave of murky water. Chunks of gore, metal, and concrete were flung about wildly, raining in all directions as if the force of the explosion carried them in an invisible tide. The screech of destruction rang through the air deafeningly, seemingly lasting for an eternity. Then, as fast as the explosion had occurred, it was deathly silent.

Moments into the dull silence the smoke began to pan out, losing the shrouding haze it once had, revealing sight to a repulsive scene. Ashen gray bodies littered the area, all mutilated in some form or another. Scores of limbs coated in blood were eerily spread across the street, blasted apart into unidentifiable chunks of rotten flesh. The few that remained slightly more intact were disturbingly skewered onto jagged pieces of scorched metal, while others simply were splattered onto a wall or another thick structure. However, there was a single body that wasn't nearly as mutilated as the others – in fact, it was moving!

A single person staggered around on a pair of broken legs, moaning voraciously as bloodied spittle left their mouth. This person wasn't any different than the other bodies that lay behind him, his skin was ashen gray and his body was coated in blood and muck. Regardless of his condition, he continued to limp on, his thinly burnt black hair swishing into his rolled back eyes with each step. For all purposes, this person appeared to be dead – very dead, if such a thing mattered. The person's path soon became clear as the visages of five roughed up young women, a small dog, and two equally disgruntled young men were exposed from the lack of smoke, all of them taking shelter behind rows of sharp wires hung tightly across the opposite ends of the street.

A single piece of gravel suddenly rolled across the ground producing a small clatter with each bounce. The dead looking person abruptly stopped his advance, his mangled head snapping towards the offending rubble. The cluster of ruffed up young adults mimicked the repulsive looking person in unison, all looking towards the lone piece of gravel. As the momentum of the small object began to run out a large, dirtied bare-foot landed on top of it, cutting its small journey short. It just so happened that the large foot belonged to an equally large-if not larger-young man.

His skin dirtied from the amounts of dirt and smoke the explosion produced, the young man looked worse for wear compared to everyone else. There was a gash somewhere on his head-masked by his blonde hair-due to the blood flowing freely down his face in a rapid manner. That very same blood dripped off his chin onto a very dirty black hoodie, while some landed onto the tattered remains of what appeared to be sweatpants. Complimenting his rugged appearance, a deep frown adorned his visage – just below his dangerously narrowed crystalline eyes. Further accompanying his rough appearance was his apparent firearm of choice: a shotgun. Slinging the weapon up to his shoulder, the young man took aim, his bloodied index finger folding over the trigger tightly.

The deathly looking person groaned loudly, spittle and dead blood flying out of his mouth, and began his unbalanced dash. Not even a single step into the charge, the ashen skinned person was blown back with tremendous force, his body blown apart from the chest up as a resounding bang echoed throughout the air. The now dead body tumbled to a stop nearly five yards away from its original position, cast over the remains of another dead person who was skewered onto a stop sign.

Naruto watched as the body tumbled to a stop, his dangerous expression flickering between apathetic and irate like the flame of a candle. Blood spurted from the dead flesh-eater and pooled to the ground below as it began mixing with the debris and grime of the road. Satisfied with the end result, Naruto turned his attention towards the group of people behind the wire – his fellow survivors. Just as he noticed the welt on Saeko's cheek a body collided into his. Caught off-guard, he stumbled back, his shotgun thrown from his hands. Naruto's back landed heavily on the ground, causing his air to leave his lungs, just as he noticed who tackled him.

It was Takashi:



Positioning his legs under Takashi's, Naruto leaned backwards and threw the boy off him with tremendous force. He rolled to his feet as Takashi landed a few feet away from him with a pained grunt. Blood from his head began to run into his mouth, so Naruto spat on the ground before asking with an annoyed drawl "Have you ever thought of suicide, Takashi?" The boy merely glared in response, so the blonde continued his jab "I have, and I really think you should kill just yourself."

The raven haired youth retorted in an undertone "What do you mean 'just yourself', you prick?"

Naruto flashed a sick, beaming grin as he hissed "You haven't figured it out yet…?"

He watched as Takashi rose to his feet, his angered expression not changing to one of understanding. The Namikaze's grin widened an inch – he looked towards his fellow survivors; they didn't understand either. Naruto fell into a fit of crazed, exasperated giggles; however, he remained disturbingly coherent. "Hehehe! You all just don't get it, do you? Following Takashi…" His voice abruptly changed into a much saner and cold tone "…Will only lead you to death."

Everyone immediately questioned him.

Takagi's snide voice entered the fray "What are you talking about, idiot?"

Rei murmured uncertainly "Naruto…?"

Kohta seemed more concerned for answers, as he prodded with a rare tone of seriousness "What do you mean by that, Namikaze-sempai?"

Naruto stared at Takashi with a cold fire in his eyes, waiting for the boy to speak. Anger brimmed in his gut as he remained silent. Still staring at Takashi, Naruto asked in a low tone "Do you know how many dead bodies are around us, Komuro-kun?" -Silence- "It's safe to assume there was somewhere around a few hundred. Now," Naruto trained his attention onto Kohta and asked "-how many rounds of ammunition do we have, Kohta-kun?"

Kohta blinked at the sudden question. He looked over his own weapon, inwardly calculating how many clips he had left, and thought back to how much ammo he gave to everyone else. 'My AR-10 has about fifty rounds left…Takashi shouldn't have more than a few slugs…Rei probably has around four clips…so eighty bullets…and Naruto had twenty something shells,' Kohta gasped deeply when he realized what the blonde was getting at. Shakily, he answered "O-One hundred…and fifty…"

Another crazed giggle left Naruto's maw as he beamed darkly at Takashi. The blonde threw his arms up wildly as he explained "Don't you get it? Even if we made EVERY shot we took, there would still be more than half of them left!" His grin disappeared, replaced by a deep frown as his tone bled back into sanity "Let's imply that we ended up surviving…we'd have no ammunition…no transportation and shelter…and we'd be exhausted from fighting – and then what?!" His voice rose in anger "We'd be traveling on foot with nothing to defend ourselves with; nowhere to go or to sleep, and no ambition!"

Takashi seemed just as angry as Naruto, seeing as he growled "We would find our families, damn it! That's the whole entire point of us sticking together!"

Without hesitation Naruto shot right back "No, the point of sticking together is to survive! We can't do that trying to fight back against everyone one of them we see!"

Shizuka attempted to intervene from behind the wires with her soft voice "Boys, please…don't fight."

In the heat of the moment Takashi ignored her and snarled "You're only saying that because your family's dead!"

Everyone stiffened.

Naruto appeared to be shocked at what the boy said; his mouth was even left open in surprise. A cold shudder tingled across his spine; Takashi's words actually had actually caused some damage? Subconsciously smiling, Naruto attempted to speak before his lips slowly went slack, allowing no words to escape his mouth. However, within a moment, Naruto's visage became stoic. Simply staring at the boy, the young man stated gravely "You're right, I have come to terms with that."

Naruto turned to walk away, his eyes shadowed by the hood of his jacket. Just before he began walking, he stated grimly "But at least I've accepted my family is already dead."

Nobody said a word as Naruto crossed the wires, his stolid expression leaving no yearn for comfort. However, Rei reached out and put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him mid-step. He slowly turned around to see her offering a worried smile. Naruto's head bowed, gazing into Rei's red eyes as an odd sensation flared in his chest. Not knowing how to react or even trusting himself to do so, the blonde simply stared blankly.

For a third time, silence ensnared the area, but just like before, it only lasted briefly. Sirens filled the air accompanied by flashing blue and red lights that beamed in the distance. The road rumbled as a small fleet of fire trucks zoomed towards the group of ragtag survivors, only to screech to a halt mere meters away from them. Men and women in strange glossy suits sprung from the vehicles, holding fire hoses and weapons. In the chaos of the situation, Takagi's voice rang above the sirens.




End of chapter six.

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