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Elfen Lied-Anime (Warning: Lucy's Past is in fact not to-the-fact correct)

Rated T for Gore and Cursing


Chapter 1

Resolution: Lucy

Hi. My name's Lucy.

I'm something called a Diclonius and I was born without the whole 'pass it down' gene, so most who know of my race consider me a 'Queen'. They are a race of girls or boys born with horns, the girls having pink hair and I believe the boys are born bald. Seeing as I work at an ice-cream stand with an overly friendly woman with multiple jobs, I obviously don't have much education.

I work because of where I live, that being the Maple Inn. Four other people live there called Kouta, Yuka, Mayu, and Nana (who is also a Diclonius). Kouta has suffered in his life, having witnessed his sister's and father's death caused by me. Yuka is in love with Kota, that being obvious to someone not as dumb as Kota when it comes to girls. Mayu is a thirteen-year-old who ran away because her mom loved her step-dad more and her step-dad kept asking her to bend over so he'd see her ass. She eventually came to the Maple Inn and after Kouta talked to her mom, she was put under our care. Nana is a Diclonius who was locked up ever since she was born. She believed a man named Kurama was her 'papa' and so she lived on through the tedious and painful tests and experiments. She was sent to find me and take me back to the facility, seeing I ran. That didn't work out and I ended up cutting off her arms and legs. She now has plastic ones she moves with her vectors and the only reason she's at the Maple Inn is because her 'papa' shipped her off so she wouldn't be executed. Seeing we have five people living in the Inn, some of us have to get up and pull some weight.

That overly friendly woman I work with is called Hoshi or 'star'. She has multiple jobs (as mentioned): ice-cream-stand-owner, dog walker, clown, etc. If you can name a dead-end job, she has it. That sadly includes hooker. She lives in an average apartment somewhere in the city area of Kamagawa, Japan. Her father died from a heart-attack and her mom is a wealthy woman who ignores her completely. She has two older brothers who are doctors and three younger sisters who are in high-school, middle-school, and kindergarten. Hoshi herself is twenty-years-old and is a blonde. No matter how much she objects to 'blonde jokes', people still say behind her back she's the reason for them.

I'm an orphan. My dad ran away when I was little and my mom committed suicide. I was left in the middle of nowhere until someone found me and took me to an orphanage. That's where I started hearing my killer instinct and using my vectors, seeing three boys beat a beloved dog of mine and a girl I told the dog's secret existence too sold the tiny puppy out, smiling in supposed 'secret'. I killed all four at the age of eleven. I then killed others just to live in their houses. I killed maybe twelve bystanders at a festival because I went off the edge. I killed Kota's father and sister because I wanted him to suffer. My past is littered in blood.

I was cornered on a bridge one day, trying to save everyone the trouble of me. When they fired, they blew off my horn, the other having been cut off by Number 35 or 'Mariko', a five-year-old Diclonius off her rocker. Two vectors stubbornly protected me, so I lived. I killed more that day, and when I went back to the Maple Inn, I told them what I had done. Never the less, they let me stay. It's crazy, right? Letting a murderer stay in your home? Yeah, it is, but they did it. So, on the previous New Years, I made the resolution of not killing a soul for a year. Anything beyond that point should be well controlled. So far, seeing's it is May, it's gone well. Not a soul dead by my hand yet.

Well, my horns are back now. I'm working now. It's peaceful…

…if you don't count the ten kids screaming out their orders.

"Eh? Pistachio?" Hoshi panics. "Straw-merry? Please! Calm down everyone!"

I chuckle and hand a girl blueberry, her eyes twinkling. "Thank you!" she giggles.

The rest of my shift goes something along the lines of that torture. Once the sun starts to set, I grab my back-pack and wave good-bye to Hoshi. "See you tomorrow~" she giggles.

I walk slowly down the streets, staring at the orange sky. Another day coming to a close. I feel a tug on the back of my shirt and turn to a little girl with pink shaggy hair and a tiny white cap on her head. It sticks out considering the white, frilly dress she has on. "Excuse me, miss?" she coughs. "Do you know where I could get some money?"

I stare at her state and see the little bulges from her cap. Don't kill a soul. But…"How old are you?" I blurt.

"Seven," she blinks up innocently. I can see the multiple bruises. "Today's my birthday."

May 3, huh? "Well, happy birthday. Now can I get going?"

Her eyes tear up a little. "Please? I'm alone."

"Don't you have parents?" I spit.

"Well, they left me. They just left a paper called 'Will'."

I blink. A will…they're dead. I sigh and pat her head. "Okay, why don't I take you home so we can find you a job?"

She nods and wobbles next to me. Why am I doing this? Oh, only because she's dumb enough to not be a threat.

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