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Elfen Lied-Anime

Rated T for Gore and Cursing


Chapter Five

Adorable: Lucy

I groan as I force myself out the door.

I mean seriously. It's 4:00 A.M! WHO'S AWAKE AT THIS HOUR?! Oh that's right, me. Yep, the Diclonius who works with a fucking idiot, and I mean that literally! Hoshi is probably just waking up from her 'hooker' shift. I mean seriously. Any hour you want to piss me off, don't choose this one, because then you'd die on mark, and my resolution would go up into damn ashes. I kick a lamp post and pain shoots up my leg. "OW!" I jump on one leg, hugging the injured one. "SON OF A BITCH!" See? I'm pissed.

Something tugs on the back of my shirt and I turn my head to Minori, great. "What does bitch mean?" she cocks her head to the side.

"Female dog," I shrug, letting my leg go. "So, any reason you're trailing me?"

"I was bored, so I thought I could go with you to work!" she smiles, hopping on the balls of her feet.

Cute kid, you got to admit that. I sigh and pat her little cap. "Sorry, but-"

"Please?" she tugs on the back of my shirt, pulling out the pouting lip.

Okay, so imagine that you're looking at the most adorable puppy ever and he was begging. Wouldn't you cave? I huff and nod. "Okay, okay, just stop pulling that look!"

"Yay~" she sings (rather irritating at this hour…). As I walk, she skips next to me, hands folded behind her. "I get to go with Lu~cy~ I get to go with Lu~cy~ I get to go with Lu~Lu~cy~ I get to go with-"

"For the love of God, shut up!" I hold my head. "It's 4:00 in the morning!"

"Actually, it's 4:22."

I hang my head in defeat. There is no lying or exaggerating with this kid without feeling guilty, her correcting you, or her jumping to some weird conclusion that scars people for life. I chuckle at what Nana is now afraid of. "Oh yeah, yeah," I pat her head again.

Well, nothing like a little kid to cure my pissed-off mood, huh? After a few short minutes with Minori staring at almost everything (much more curious when she isn't upset…), we spot the ice cream stand with Hoshi stuffing some extra bills into her little jar; suspicions confirmed. She spots us and waves shyly. "H-Hi Lucy…" she stutters. "Who's this little cutie pie?"

"Not a customer," I roll my eyes.

She pouts. "That's not fair," she points. "You know I can't find another stable job."

"What about a coffee shop? That's better than selling yourself."

"Selling yourself?" Minori asks.

I face-palm. Sometimes I forget who's around when I'm scolding Hoshi. "U-Um…" I think. "I-It's-"

"Something you'll learn when you're older," Hoshi giggles.

I scowl. Why didn't I think of that? "Oh, okay!" Minori smiles. "Ooh~ What's inside the cart?"

I note that she's hopping on the balls of her feet, so she's obviously curious/excited (it's a thing). "Ice cream," I state. "You know, the-"

"ICE CREAM!" she squeals (probably making my ears bleed in the process) and rushes to the side of the cart, looking in. "Can I have one? Pretty, pretty please Lucy!"

I can feel my eye twitching and I swear some of my hairs are sticking out. I mean talk about out-burst. I sigh and look at Hoshi. She nods. "It's alright with me," she giggles.

"Oh don't giggle, Missy," I point a finger, glaring. "You're a twenty-year-old woman and yet you still sell yourself! I mean honest to God, Hoshi, can't you just ask your brothers for some help?"

She sighs somewhat sadly with a small smile on her face. "I would, but then my mother would disrespect me even more." I blink, my finger frozen in place. "You know how these rich types are, Lucy. They think people have to do every, single, little thing themselves, even as children! So if that's what it takes to earn my mother's respect for once, then maybe I'll try it!"

"Hoshi…" I blink.

She sighs again and helps Minori get an ice cream out of the cart before the little tike falls in (not that Minori would really have a problem with that). "Look Lucy!" Minori waves a cone of ice cream around. "Ice cream!"

I roll my eyes and pat her cap. "Yeah, it's ice cream."

She giggles. "I remember when Mommy and I'd go out for ice cream, but it was never at a cart," she blinks at the cart.

I sigh. People are lucky they can at least remember their parents. I grab an apron off the tiny rack on the cart and tie it around my waist. After some minutes with Minori attached to my leg and her eating her ice cream, a long car pulls up. I emphasize long because I believe it's what some people call a 'limousine'? Like I have mentioned before, I obviously do NOT have much of an education if I'm working at an ice cream cart. A lean woman with gray, curly hair and wrinkles all over steps out, a little dog in a tiny purse with its head sticking out and a very gruesome outfit: hot pink leather with white feathers.

I shudder and cover Minori's eyes. "Don't look, your eyes will melt out."

"EEP!" she clings to my leg tighter, dropping her ice cream and covering her eyes. DAMN IT! Stupid me…

The woman walks up (if you consider shuffling in heels walking…) and slides down huge glasses. She looks Hoshi up and down. "…Hoshi."

"…Mother," Hoshi bows with respect.

THIS IS HER MOTHER?! Holy shit, that asshole Bando is prettier than this hag! I emphasize is because I didn't kill him, another thing I curse myself for at times. Her mother turns to me and the 'adorable little squirt' clinging to me for dear life. "And who are these two?"

"O-Oh, this is Lucy," she directs to me, "and…"

"Minori," I pry Minori off, carrying her like a baby about to be burped. "You can look now honey, it is safe now."

She looks up and glances at Hoshi's mother before hiding her face in her little hands. "Scary lady!" she whimpers.

"Excuse me?" Hoshi's mother gasps.

"Oh boy…" Hoshi hangs her head in utter defeat.

"You have to admit," I sigh, "she's seven."

"Oh? Seven?" she asks. I nod. Her lips turn up into a smile and she makes a little popping noise with said lips, waving her free hand like 'don't worry about it'. "I have a daughter who's in kindergarten. She's six."

"I know, Hoshi's told me about her," I inform. "She's also told me about the two brothers who are doctors, and the two other sisters who are in high-school and…"

"Middle school," Hoshi finishes.

"Well, I see you have stayed up-to-date with our family," Hoshi's mother smiles. "How so?"

Hoshi lifts up her cell phone. "It's something called 'dial a number'."

Hoshi's mother giggles and ruffles her daughter's hair. Is this really the woman who's neglected her oldest daughter? "Well, I'd love to have you over with your friends here," she directs to Minori and I. "Minori will have to meet Hoshiki!"

Hoshi opens her mouth, but her mother walks back to the car and it speeds off. She groans and slams her head on the cart. "What am I going to do?" she moans. "Ugh…sorry you got caught in this…"

I blink at Minori, who's peeking out from between her fingers. "You are an old-woman magnet, I can tell you that," I sigh.

"But I'm not red, nor U-shaped," she sucks her thumb.

"AW~" Hoshi admires the little tike with sparkling eyes. "So cute~"

I raise a brow at the sudden mood change and sigh. "Fuck my life…Anyways, it means that I know you're going to get old-women's attention, kiddo."

"Oh, okay!" she bounces, making me stumble forward a little. I sigh and push my vectors out so they can grab a light-post, letting me balance myself. "Lucy, there are arms coming out of your back," she pokes one.

Hoshi raises a brow and I laugh nervously. "Kids these days," I wave her off.

Minori pouts. Hoshi scratches the back of her neck and sighs. "So…do you think we should…uh…"

"Let's talk to Kota-the-Wise first," I chuckle.

"ICE CREAM!" kids scream.

"…Crap…" we both slump.

After hours of ear-bursting anxiety, Minori drags us to the Inn, knocking on the door with her little knuckles. "Kota! Lucy and Hoshi are dead!"

Okay, so we're fairly white and not breathing, that doesn't mean we're dead…yet anyways. The door slides open quickly to reveal a scared Kota. He glances at us and sighs. "You two are ridiculous…"

Hoshi pouts like a kid and crosses her arms. "You try dealing with kids 8/6."

He rolls his eyes and picks Minori up like a baby about to be burped (again) and looks at me. "So Lucy, anything new?"

"Actually," Hoshi helps me up, "yeah."

We walk inside and go into the kitchen, where Yuka is cooking, Mayu is reading, and Nana is tapping her fork on her plate, looking nervous. Kota sits down and sets Minori next to him. Once I sit down, she bolts up, runs around the table, and tackles my waist. "LUCY~" she sings.

"H-hey!" I stutter. "What the Hell?"

Of course, she's not listening and I'm seeing more non-existent hearts swarming around her head. I sigh and Yuka starts filling the plates, Hoshi sitting down at my other side. "So, Lucy has some news," Kota smiles.

"Oh, you do?" Yuka smiles. "Well, what is it?"

I sigh and gab a thumb in her direction. "Note this…" then I turn it down to Minori. "It's all her fault. I didn't have anything to do with it."

They blink at me like I'm insane. Hoshi sighs and pats my head in between my ribbons. "My mother asked for the three of us to come and visit," she slumps. "She's rich and completely bitchy."

"She's not a female dog," Minori blinks.

Kota glances at her and then crosses his arms at me. I raise my hands up in defense. "You want me to lie to the kid? I'm shocked, honest to God, shocked, Kota."

He rolls his eyes. "Okay, okay, I got the point."

I smile in victory and Yuka turns to Hoshi. "Well, it sounds good to me. It's not like she's going to eat you like 'the Veggie Monster'!"

She giggles, but Nana and Minori look down-right horrified. Oops. Both Diclonius start screaming and bolt out of the room. I shake my head as everyone stares at the open slide. "Well, that's what you get for wanting kids to eat their greens…"