Donna sat at her desk with her twin sister Allie contemplating the job offer they had just received from Leo McGarry. Donna hadn't talked to Leo since the shooting in Rossalyn.

If she hadn't found out she was pregnant, Donna would probably been Senior Assistant to Deputy White House Chief of Staff.

Her and Allie hadn't work on a national campaign, but Donna had the experience and knowledge to run this kind of campaign but she didn't feel ready to make that jump.

"Wow, Leo McGarry wants us to head up a presidential campaign" Allie said lean back in her chair.

"I haven't been to DC since the shooting, I have turn down severely DC offer jobs, so I don't have to see Josh with Amy. What make you think I want to head up this campaign where I'll have to deal with both Amy and Josh" Donna shouted.

"Calm down Donna, I just impressed out all the people Leo McGarry could of called to help him on a presidential campaign, he called us" Allie replied " and you really want to see Josh, just are have been trying to avoid that the witch Amy and relieving to josh the secrets you've keeping been from him for so long."

Donna sighed she knew her sister was right, Donna really didn't want Josh to find that his father paid for her to finished school, that he was the father of her three year old twins or the real reason she left right after the election

"What are we going do?" Donna asked dorpping her head to her desk.

"You are going home to your twins and have a talk with Ruth to see if she'll be able watching the twins for few days while we go to DC to have a conversion with Leo McGarry and then while ware there you can sit down with Josh to share all your secrets with him." Allie answered as she began pack up for the night.

Allie knew that Donna left to protect Josh, but ever since the shooting Allie started realized how much Donna and Josh love each other and she just want her sister to be happy.

Donna sighed and started packing her own stuff. She knew Ruth would do anything to support a trip to DC that would force Donna to finally tell Josh truth about everything. She want tell him when she almost lost him a year and half ago, but became worried that it would be too much on his plate while was recovering. Donna hoped that as soon as Josh home they could talk but he started showing signs of PST and he started pushing her away. Donna sigh again as she locked up the office for the night and headed home to Ruth and the twins.