Donna fell in love with Westport the moment she arrived on Ruth Lyman doorstep at five months pregnant. Ruth was shocked at first when she found a pregnant Donna on her step. After Donna explained what happen with her parents and Leo plus the fact that Josh was the father. Ruth couldn't turn Donna away, the way her parents had, especially with her carrying her grandbaby.

Ruth was the one who told her that Noah had left her money for school and that there was a trust fund available to Josh for his children that could help Donna take of the baby. When Donna found was pregnant with twins she was grateful that Ruth was able to get her access trust fund. Donna and Ruth took what the need to take care off the twins while Donna was finish school and used the rest to set up trust fund for each one of the twins.

Donna sighed a she pulled into the driveway of the home she shared with Ruth. As Donna got her car her son Noah David Lyman ran out to greet her with his twin sister Emma Johannah following close behind.

"Mommy" They shouted as they ran to her.

"Mommy look at what I did at Preschool today" Noah shouted as he handed Donna a piece of paper.

Written on it was My daddy work for the president that mommy and he got elected and a picture of a building that looked like the White House.

Donna looked at her son smile and said "It's wonderful Noah."

"Mommy here's my picture" Emma said as handed her paper to Donna it was picture of stick people and each were label mommy, daddy, me, noah, mamme, and anuty allie.

"It's wonderful baby" Donna said as she gave Emma hug trying to hide her tears.

"Does Mamme have dinner ready?" Donna asked.

"YES" the twins shouted as they ran back into the house with Donna following close behind.

"Noah and Emma I have told not to run in the house" Ruth yelled as the twin ran in.

"Yes Mamme" they said in unison.

"Good, Now go upstairs and get clean up for Dinner" Ruth said.

"Yes Mamme" the twins said as they ran up the stairs.

Ruth shock her head then turn to Donna "Hello Dear, How was your day?"

"It was fine Mum" Donna said as she hung up her coat and remove her shoe.

"Any new clients?" Ruth asked as they walked back the kitchen.

"We received an interesting phone called today from a possible client." Donna answers.

"What office would they be run for Dear?" Ruth asked as put the finishing touch on dinner.

"President of the United States" Donna replied while grabbing a bottle of water out of the frigid.