!Before you read!

Just a little warning. This story is like an after story to the one I wrote in The Perfect Pair Chronicles; Dark Secret. There may be some things that might either catch you off guard or you might not know about.

Hope you enjoy the story :]


"Stop…" the hands kept touching him. The darkness that filled the small club room and the rain that was pounding outside, all so familiar and yet the fear only increasing every time, every night. His panting getting heavier and heavier; the hands roaming his body. He felt disgusted, degraded and wrong. He clenched his eyes shut and waited as the hand slipped into his pants and the lips pressed against his neck.

He felt another presence, dark and ominous.


He opened his eyes and looked at the shadow that stood behind the man who was touching him. Suddenly, his body became tense as he saw nothing but icy blue eyes smiling at him and then the gaze shifted to the man on him. The eyes weren't smiling, they were fierce, angry, and dark and all he felt in his body was fear.

The blood squirted everywhere, splattering on him, painting him red. He looked down at the body in shock and opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out.


The shadow with the bright blue eyes loomed over him and walked through him. He felt it. He felt the presence that had just vanished run through his veins and blood. The dark aura just filled him with hate and craving for more of what was against the law, murder.

"You will always live with the need to seek, to quench, the thirst of the thrill. Nothing is more thrilling than watching light die out. Do not fear what deep down inside, you accept." Then laughter.

"Fuji!" the light brown haired adult shot up into a sitting position, nearly scaring his partner half to death. "Are you okay?" he heard as he tried to regain his composure.

Fuji panted and slowly nodded. He felt warm hands touch both sides of his face and he stared into those hazel eyes that he so very much loved. He smiled softly as he looked into them and closed his eyes to the touch of the wonderful warmth that he felt.

"You look scared. Another nightmare?" Fuji smiled softly and nodded. He felt lips against his forehead and softly chuckled. "I'm here." He heard against his ear as his partner brought him into an embrace.

The scent of his lover making him drunk with calm and he closed his eyes again, wrapping his arms around the other's neck and laying down with him in his arms. "I know you are, Tezuka." Fuji whispered softly, happiness in his voice and a reassuring tone cloaking his tongue. But deep down inside he knew there was something he had to fight, something he couldn't tell Tezuka.

He smiled as Tezuka began leaving a trail of butterfly kisses all over his neck until he found his lips. He couldn't possibly tell Tezuka about the dreams, the nightmare and definitely not the shadow that always appeared and slaughtered Takeda every night. He would definitely be worried. Not just worried but scared. His dreams weren't just ordinary dreams. It felt like, a calling or a wake-up call to whatever happened that night 6 years ago.

Tezuka brought a hand to cup Fuji's face and smiled as he pulled away. "I love you. I'll always protect you." Fuji smiled at such kind words and pecked his lover once again on the lips before cuddling with him. It was only 4 in the morning. He had work and so did Tezuka. So whatever they wished they could do tonight would have to unfortunately wait. Tezuka wrapped his arms around Fuji as they both fell into sleep's arms.

Morning came and the birds were chirping, singing a lullaby to those who were awake. Fuji stretched out and felt a familiar warmth next to him. He groggily opened his eyes to find an empty bed. He smiled softly and sat up; hearing the water in the shower running he stood up and removed his night shirt along with his pajamas and headed into the bathroom.

"Morning love." he said raising his voice, enough to hear over the running water. He stepped into the shower and smiled at Tezuka who had his hair spiked up with shampoo. Fuji stuck his hand into the water and washed away the shampoo that slowly climbed its way down Tezuka's face.

"Morning Syuusuke." Tezuka said and brought him closer for a morning kiss. Fuji chuckled and began his morning shower with his lover.

6 years had passed since junior high, high school and now, college. 6 years since the incident, and these dreams were only just occurring. Since Fuji has been having them he's had such anger built up and it all makes sense for him now. Every night it was like the shadow was the trying to get him to commit another crime. Not because it wants him to, but because he wants to. Lately, people haven't been climbing up his favorite branch and it was really starting to aggravate how much people can be so useless.

Tezuka stood in front of the mirror and fixed his tie. Fuji chuckled and patted Tezuka's chest, liking the suit that he had got him for work. He had a good sense in fashion thanks to his sister and all those years of torturing Yuuta in the mall as a kid.

Despite them being in their last year in college they each managed to get jobs at such a young age. Tezuka was a detective and Fuji being a young well-known photographer. Each got what they wanted, except Tezuka which Fuji didn't approve so much when he decided to let Tennis go. A few years after high school had just ended…

"No. I don't like it. How do you think this makes me look? Makes ME feel?" Fuji yelled.

"Fuji, this is the only way we can assure we both have a clean break. What would happen if one day, Takeda's case is opened again? There were a lot of questions left unanswered at that "crime" scene Fuji. I already have connections through my grandfather; I can get in and keep us both safe, keep you safe."

"That does not mean it's our only option out of a mess I did. What happened to your dream of becoming a professional player? What happened to that Tezuka?"

"That dream was long gone after I reinjured myself at the nationals, you know that." Tezuka held onto his left elbow and gave it a squeeze.

"You don't know that. You cowered down after the doctors told you that it was risky to play again!" Fuji was beginning to like the argument, the yelling, the adrenaline and the pain. He sighed and brought a hand to his forehead out of frustration and something else he couldn't quite figure out.

"That's why I made my main priority, you." Tezuka smiled and took Fuji's free hand. "Please, I'm doing this for both of us. Regardless, it was always Tennis or this." Fuji looked at him. His heart beat off the charts. He wanted to punch Tezuka, maybe just a small slap to the face. What was he thinking? How could he throw away everything he ever dreamed of for him? "You're everything to me now." Fuji's heart beat lessened and returned to normal. The anger long gone and the will to hit him, gone as well.

Fuji looked away and closed his eyes. He sighed and let go of Tezuka's hand. "Alright. Do whatever makes you happiest, Tezuka. If this job makes you happy, then I accept it." Tezuka smiled and placed his lips gently against Fuji's nape. Fuji brought his hand up and ran his fingers through Tezuka's ever so messy hair. "God I would have loved to see you on TV. Maybe in front of an audience against the best."

"I will be against the best. And I will be on TV, just not exactly an athlete but a hero." Fuji smirked at Tezuka's brave words and turned to face his hero.

"You have any meetings today?" Fuji asked throwing on some casual clothes and looked into the mirror, his eyes observing his lover's reflection. Tezuka grabbed his silver watch and put it on.

"No, not today. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be home in time for dinner." Fuji smiled and walked over to his closet, picking up a black duffle bag on the closet's floor. It was heavy for a duffle bag but he got used it after carrying it around.

"Maybe I'll make your favorite." Fuji placed the bag gently on the bed and looked at Tezuka who was now facing him.

"That would be great; I'll buy some wine and popcorn on the way back then. Celebrate our first night together in a while." Fuji opened his mouth and Tezuka interrupted him, "aside, from the sex part." Fuji smiled and looked away slightly blushing. His heart skipped a beat. He felt wrong for not telling Tezuka about what was really happening to him.

"Hey, you know I kind of have to tell you something." He whispered enough for Tezuka to hear. His lover walked over to him and looked into his eyes, waiting.

"What's wrong?" Fuji looked into those hazel eyes that were protected by those silver rimmed glasses and couldn't find the strength to create the words that he needed to say. He just couldn't tell him. Tezuka fought so hard to keep him safe and now it was really him he needed to be cautious about but maybe he had to know. Fuji licked his lips and readied himself mentally for what Tezuka was about to find out.

I've decided to make this story out of The Perfect Pair Chronicles because I think that if I don't do this I won't continue with new creations and scenarios for these two. That's my main reason for not writing lately, this story has taken a lot out of me it's the first time I've dedicated myself to a story so I hope that'll benefit me.

Anywho, let me know what you guys think. It's always nice to hear what others have to say. Hugs are given.