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Pov: Isabella Marie Masen

I wish you knew how I remember your first deployment.


"Bella! Come on I can't be late! You knew this day was coming so stop trying to stall." Yes, true I knew this day was coming, but who wants it to. I mean come on my husband is deploying. I have a newborn and a mother in law that hates my guts.

The last thing I was truly thinking about is my husband leaving me for god knows how long. But I love my husband more than anything, so I put on a brave face. Left our bedroom and walked straight to the car. Edward was driving his Volvo for the last time. Then I was to drive our car back home, and drive it while he was away.

The first deployment was always the hardest for me. Before Edward got on the plane he bent down so we eye to eye and said. "I love you more than my own life Isabella Marie Masen. So you better take care of yourself and our little angel. I am not asking you! I am ordering you to stay strong, and remember I will always come back to you and find you baby girl." With his words all I could do was nod my head, and pull out the letter I wrote for him. Tell him I love him, and to read the letter on the plane.

With that I turn and walk straight back to the car. When I got I put the baby in the car seat, got in the front seat and started sobbing.

End Flashback

Being captured and not knowing if I'll never see you again. Makes me wish even harder for you to find me. I wish you knew that I'm trying to so hard to hold on to each memory we've had and made together.

My love, I wish you knew that every letter I wrote for you before you left for deployment came from the heart. I wish that you knew how hard my life is without you. But I especially wish that you knew how I wish to be without you no longer.

If you do not come for me in three days I hope you know that I love you and our children more than my own life. I wish you to know that this isn't goodbye. It's a see you later.

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