Gasp. New story? What what. :D I hope you guys like this one. It's a bit different from Before Him, All Shall Scatter but I hope you guys like it none the less. This is going to be VERY AU, and more than likely OOC, so…yeah. You've been warned. And, I'm not putting BHASS on the back burner, this is just a story to keep the creativity flowing for when I'm stuck on the other. :3 And vice versa. Okay; that's enough for an Author's Note, I think. Happy reading. :3

:Make This Night Worth My Time:

The dull gray sky left a rather bland shadow over everything; L was completely not amused with anything right now, though. It could have been a very beautiful and shinning day outside and he could have cared less. He was sitting in the back of his adopted father's Bentley with his knees to his chest and one earphone in his ear while the other dangled near the cushion. The loud bass drop from Skrillex's "First of the Year (Equinox)" could be heard in the sharp silence that the situation produced.

Watari, L's now father, looked in the rearview mirror and sighed softly. He scratched his mustache gently, slightly unsure of how to even strike up a conversation at this point. The white haired male focused his eyes back onto the road before saying anything. "I'm sorry, L, but we had to leave. Once everyone found out about your…condition, they didn't want to risk having another episode like BB."

L's eyes cut to Watari and his face was blank but his eyes could have been lethal if the phrase if looks could kill were in play. He pressed his thumb to his bottom lip before speaking. "I had lived there for over 16 years. Beyond had only been there for 5 months. How is it truly likely that I would have done anything remotely close to what he did? I didn't even leave my room over 95 percent of the time unless I was forced. The logic is truly flawed and invalid."

Watari didn't really know how to answer that. He twitched his top lip slightly, about to say something but decided it was best to stay quiet. L was far too smart to get misled by kind words and a pat on the back. The elderly man did think that it was wrong of Roger for what had happened, but it truly wasn't his place to stand in the place of judgment for he also understood where Roger had been coming from. L having a striking resemblance to BB probably didn't make the matters any better for the adolescent either…

L popped his shoulders against the cushioned back seat and forced down a sigh. The roads and very green hills were all starting to look the same. He hated the country side more than anything. When he did venture out into the "real world" he was able to vanish into large crowds and blend in so that no one would bother him. Now, in the small towns, he would be easily noticed and poked at for being different, new, and eccentric. Oh what a joy that would be.

The car slowed as it took a gravel path up a hill. The bounce the car took as it ran over the rough rock almost knocked L off balance, making the scowl surface to his face. Today really couldn't get much worse. The duo stopped in front of a house that was three stories and a deep magenta color. The house was very Victorian and had an incredibly spacious and wide stoop, and large open windows covering the front of the house. It looked perfect for viewing the sunset.

L got out of the car and shoved his iPod and headphones into his pocket and his hands. He looked up at the house and his eyes scanned over the third story, already claiming that he would have the third floor to himself. He liked the seclusion of it. He looked around, seeing a flash of light against the windows and looked behind him for a source of light. The sun was still hidden behind the clouds and if it had peaked through, it would have shown against the back of the house due to the early hour.

He shrugged, not giving the odd light much more thought. Watari looked at him and then to the house. "What do you think, L?"

L looked at the elderly mentor and let a soft sigh from his lips. This was polite as he could be given his current state of mental unbridled rage. "Your feelings would get hurt and you would be confused for days if I told you everything that I am thinking right now, Watari."

Watari just kind of looked at L in understanding for a moment before picking up a suitcase at his feet. He must have stowed it in the trunk, L thought lazily. The pair walked up to the front door and found it unlocked. L just assumed it was unlocked so they could get in without the key and the actual keys lay dormant on a counter somewhere.

"Why did we more out to the middle of nowhere?" L's voice was dull, not showing a single drip of emotion.

"Because Roger thought that the fresh air would do you some good, L. You should thank him for purchasing the house and refurbishing it. He has done a lot for you, you know." Watari winced slightly at the onslaught of murderous words that would arouse from the younger male's mouth now that he had touched that particular subject.

"Giving me a home and then snatching it away and then damning me to be mentally incompetent as well as comparing me to complete lunatic that murdered several people before eating at their flesh? Yes, I do have so much to thank him for." L could even taste the venom on his tongue as the words left from between his lips.

The elderly man walked into the home at that, knowing he shouldn't and more than likely couldn't argue with L on this subject; especially with the wounds still so fresh. He sat the suitcase down by the very expensive looking black couch before turning to the still very heated teenager. "Am I safe to assume that you want the third floor to yourself?"

L nodded.

"Alright, you may. But I must warn you, it is probably very dusty. In our haste, Roger didn't have time for anyone to clean or go restore the top floor. He does deem it safe to live in though." Watari tried to make light of his colleague's name.

"How gracious of him." L's voice was more bitter than hateful.

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