A New Life

After James and Lily died that night and Harry was found on the doorstep of number four he was abandoned in the middle of London only to be found by a certain bad-ass gunslinger. And well... just read the bloody story.

Warning; Dark/Manipulative Dumbledore, Weasley Bashing, Dumbledore Bashing. Independent/Bad-ass Harry. Harry/Hermione pairing.

Disclaimer; Harry Potter belongs to Rowling while Rubi Malone belongs to WET and WET belongs to... ah who gives a shit (I can't remember who, can someone please tell me?)

Vernon Dursley was not having a good morning, not only had his wife woken him up at the crack of dawn, he had found out that his freak sister-in-law had gotten her fool self killed and left them with her brat. Well, he and Petunia will have none of it, there will be no freaks in his house as long as he had a say in the matter, no matter what this crackpot Dumble-something-or-other said in his letter.

The little bastard in question was still in the basket he was dropped off in, settled in the back seat, he hadn't cried after he was through with him, a little discipline works a lot better then a little coddling. He decided that an orphanage was too good for one of their lot and London was not crowded at this time of day, he will leave the little wretch in an alley somewhere and that will be that.


Rubi Malone hated London, in fact she hated England for that matter, honestly don't these have any imagination, for fuck's sake the still call pool 'billiards' and instead of baseball they have something even more boring; 'cricket.' Nobody understands cricket, you've got to know what a crumpet is in order to understand cricket. And the less said about the food the better.

She was about to pass by an alley when she felt something, a sixth sense she developed in her years as a bad-ass, bounty-hunting, mercenary started to blare in her head, she carefully reached under her trench-coat that hid her 'accessories' and gripped the handle of her custom-made gun. She quietly stalked down the narrow gap between the buildings, resisting the urge to cover her nose, another thing she hates about the city, the smell.

None of the pedestrians gave her a second glance as they thought she was out-of-sorts walking down a filthy place like that, but she was okay with it, her attention was focused on finding whatever it was that caused her 'spidy-sense' to tingle. Then she heard it, faint but to her trained ears she heard it loud and clear, a quiet, muffled, whimpering noise. She looked in the direction of where it was coming from and spotted a dumpster on the other side of a chain link fence that divided the alley. She smirked, with her monkey like dexterity she jumped onto a garbage can, ran three feet up the wall, then grabbing hold of the top of the fence, flipped vertically over it and landed gracefully on the ground.

The dumpster was rusted and smelled of a dead cat, so the chances of the noise being a rat pretty high. That was until she heard a noise that didn't sound like a rat, curious she tried to open the dumpster lid but then saw it was locked with a padlock. Now the situation was very strange, she took out her gun and aimed it at the padlock, then she remembered that she was in the middle of a city in the daytime, so instead she flipped the gun around and broke off the lock by slamming the butt down hard on it.

She lifted up the lid and she usual, cold, bad-ass demeanor that she was able to hold in any giving situation, broke in shock. In the bottom of the disgusting dumpster was a baby, it couldn't be more then a year old, it had a tuft of jet-black hair, and the blankets it was in were covered in filth. She quickly holstered her gun, bent over and scooped up the infant in her arms, it looked at her in confusion before tiredly leaning on her shoulder, she saw that the child had remarkably green eyes and looked and felt a bit on the small side. She was not the maternal sort so she could critique on the infant's size and behavior, but she did see a letter fall out of the fold of the blanket. She quickly picket it up wondering why someone would simply, and literally toss the baby away. The letter was in green ink on what could only be parchment.

Dear Petunia Dursley;

It is with deepest regret that I have to inform you of the death of your sister and brother-in-law, Lily and James Potter. They were murdered last night on Halloween defending their only son; Harry James Potter, your Nephew. I know that this will be a major inconvenience to you and your family knowing of your mid-evil attitude towards magic, but I need him to be prepared for what is to be his destiny; to fight and die for the Greater Good, to that end you may do whatever you wish to him as long as he stays alive and in your care.

I am fully prepared to pay you with a generous sum of twenty-thousand pounds each year to keep Harry under your charge until he turns eleven, then I shall assume guardianship as his Headmaster, however he will have to return every summer to recharge to Blood-wards that will be set upon you giving him house-room, even if it is only a cupboard.

Sincerely yours:

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

With every line Jade scanned the redder her vision got, the only times when she felt this way was when she was in her berserker mode. That, god-damned-mother-fucking-child-molesting-son-of-a-bitch was willing to sacrifice the life of a child for this 'Greater Good.' As simple as that? As a mercenary she worked in the underground world, and had met her share of strange things, so magic was nothing new to her, a couple of payments she received were from the American Auror office when she killed most wanted wizard felons. Oh yes, she knew about the magical world, and has heard about this Dumbledore, the supposed Leader of the Light. Bullshit, a rapist on death-row is more of a Leader of the Light then this bastard.

She had been on jobs throughout America, Europe, and Asia, whenever those jobs got within wizard territory she had overheard things in the darker circles, whispers and conversations of a less then savory nature. During World War 2, Dumbledore fought head to head with Gellert Grindelwald on the surface, but his methods were highly questionable as no-one knew how he managed to extract information from his most die-hard followers. Also there was evidence of dealings with the Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin, in order to assure an alliance with the Russian wizards. But the most interesting thing was that Dumbledore and Grindelwald where comrades, friends before some sort of disagreement sparked a rivalry between them.

All-in-all Rubi Malone believed Dumbledore to be a bastard-coated-bastard with bastard-cream filling. She looked at the baby, Harry, and just imagined what his future would've been like,growing up in a hateful environment, only to be lied to and used like a sacrificial lamb as he grew-up. A part of her stirred, some strange maternal instinct had awakened in her heart. She carefully extracted the child out of that filthy blanket and tossed it to the floor and shoved the letter into her pocket. 'Fuck the Greater Good bullshit,' she thought to herself, 'If that old goat-sucker thinks he can fuck with people's lives he has got another thing coming.'

As she walked out into the streets of London she failed to notice a ghostly figure with long red hair and green eyes smiling sadly at the pair of them, she bowed her head in farewell, "Thank you."

X-Dumbledore's Office-X

The Headmaster of Hogwarts patted himself on the back for a job well done, the prophecy was in motion, now nothing could stop it, the boy will be raised with those hateful people and come to Hogwarts abused and broken, ready to mold into the perfect weapon ready to give his life for the Greater Good. Of coarse it will be unfortunate for the last heir of the House of Potter to die, but if everything works as it should the Weasley girl, Ginny, be believed her name was will bear his child to continue the line. Molly had been most agreeable, the inheritance will support her family for generations to come, she will groom her daughter to become the perfect wife for the boy. Plus it will help for the girl to have red hair, the classic Oedipus complex. He chuckled at the thought of it.

The phoenix sadly shook his head, bound as he was against his will, he could do nothing to help the child. His birth was felt by all the fey creatures of great power, like the tumbling of a small stone that will create an avalanche, a turn of the tides. Tears that rarely fell from the eyes of the firebird fell freely as it wept for the pain that the boy will suffer. Then he felt it a rumble in the powers-that-be something wonderful has happened. The wind was rejoicing and he could feel the trees in the Forbidden Forest dancing with unsuppressed mirth. And Fawkes could feel his heart lift and he burst out in to song as a wonderful melody of light and wonder coursed through the powers-that-be;

'Oh child of my heart,
Born of a never ending dream.
You were cradled in light,
Bathed in an ever flowing stream.

Flourish and grow,
my mystical world.
Here you will ever belong.
Son of my yearning,
Daughter of hope.
Beautiful child of my song.

Although storms may descend,
Mountain and valley may quake.
For the days that remain,
This is the promise I make.
No shadow fall across this land,
Before the wind and fire I stand,
And you my child will know no harm,
Enfolded in my arms,

Forest of Light

Garden of wonder
Haven of sun
Forest of light
Child of my heart.'

By the end of his song he was surrounded by fire that did not burn him, it radiated joy, hope, life, love, laughter, the summer after the cold of winter everything that the phoenix embodied in its small frame.

The old warlock looked at his 'pet' amused, he had never heard it sing like that ever, even though he couldn't understand it's language he did understand enough to know that something very good has happened. He grinned to himself, his plan must be going perfectly.

Little did he know that his planes, twisted as they were, had inadvertently put the Child-of-Destiny on the path to become the greatest Warrior of the Light the Wizarding World has ever seen. 'Not to mention the greatest bad-ass with no respect for authority.' the phoenix thought smugly, 'Soon, old man you will learn not to fuck with the powers-that-be.' Fawkes looked out the window, ''Purpose will guide him, need shall drive him, the dark will fear him, the light will empower him and only-one shall tame him.' and the one to tame him will have her work cut out for her, good luck Hermione Granger.'

X-Rubi's Hotel Room-X

Rubi was pacing around wringing her hands, she was stumped, on one hand she could just drop the kid off at an orphanage, surely it was a better fate then what the old man had planned for him, at least in the system he had a decent chance of finding a loving family. But on the other hand, she was talking about the most powerful wizard in Europe, little Harry won't be safe for three days before the bastard tracked him down. Quickly she looked back the sleeping baby, thankfully as a girl she had taken babysitting duties so she knew how to handle them well enough. He did look a little bit like her with the black hair and the green eyes, it would be easy to simply take him with her back to Texas. Without adopting him here in London, she could have Ming draw up some documents and have it done on the D.L., that way there won't be a paper-trail for the old manipulator to follow her to America and into her backyard.

She growled and shook her head, she wasn't the motherly type, she enjoys being by herself and a stiff belt, she hates people who exploit her and she does not know where the line between that and the needs of a child is drawn, "Fuck it all to hell!" she kicked her suitcase, causing harry to wake up and start crying.

As if out of reflex, she went over to him and picked him up, bouncing him gently, the boy calmed down and looked at her with those beautiful green eyes, her resolve simply cracked. "Alright, alright, you little bastard, just remember you asked for it, Harry James Malone."

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