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Harry eyed the trespassers with contempt, these clowns think they can just waltz in here and take him? Well, he smirked, they just landed themselves a whole heap of trouble. He kept one of his guns trained on the ancient pedophile while he addressed the crowed. "I don't know how things work in merry ole England, but here we have the right to defend ourselves from trespassers, kidnappers and…" he nodded his head over at Dumbledore, "pedophiles."

Sirius and Remus wanted to rip out the headmaster's throat, this was supposed to be a peaceful negotiation, the two Marauders had no wish to force Harry to do anything but now thanks to Dumbledore the line of communication was broken. "Harry," Remus started, "please w-we didn't know-"

But he was cut off by Molly Weasley and her banshee imitation. "You insolent little brat! How dare attack Albus Dumbledore, he is the Leader of Light he deserves your respect! You will come home with us right now and I will teach you how to be a proper young man, you Colonial Rat!" she ranted before her husband put a hand over her mouth, but it was too late.

"'Colonial Rat'?" Harry cocked his head to the side a dangerous fire in his eyes, "Those are some mighty big words coming from an inbred bigot bitch." He snarled. Remus was now sweating bullets; Molly just had to bring in the animosity between the two nations. Moody held his wand at the ready; American Wizards are known for their shoot first attitude. Their hate for the British, more accurately the English, stems from the fact that their versions of the Founding Fathers were muggleborns that stood in defiance of the occupation in the Colonies after years of being treated like virtual slaves with little to no rights. In the minds of the American Wizards the War of Independence is not over.

Without dropping his guns Harry stood up and took a few steps back, "Well it looks like we have ourselves a standoff." Then something clicked in the boy's mind, "Y'all are here illegally aren't yeah?" the twitch in Dumbledore's eyebrow was conformation enough. "Oh, Dumbdoor, are you in trouble, they will put you under the jail for this; entering the country illegally, trespassing, attempted kidnapping, along with smuggling people into the States. You'll be doing time after your dead."

"Harry, it's for the Greater Good you come back with us." Dumbledore was a little irritated at the deliberate mispronunciation of his name, but he hoped to get the boy to be more open-minded, 'This wouldn't have happened if that fool muggle took the brat in.' he thought, 'When I get Harry back to those muggles I'll bind him there and make sure they break him.'

"How can I say this delicately; I don't give a flying fuck about your 'Greater Good.'"

"Watch your mouth young man or I'll jinx it shut!" Molly screeched.

Dumbledore tried another tactic, "Harry did you know that Ms. Malone is not your real mother?" he smiled sadly as if this is terrible news, "She kidnapped you, she lied to you, we want you to get to know your real family, the people who care."

Harry gave Dumbledore a deadpan look, "She told me everything when I was ten, and for your information; I wasn't kidnapped, I was abandoned in a dumpster, Rubi Malone, my mother saved me."

"WHAT?!" Sirius bellowed, he turned to Dumbledore who looked like a deer caught in the headlights, "HE WAS WHAT?!"

Dumbledore tried to regain his footing, "Harry you should not lie."

"Shows what you know." Harry snarled. "Now I suggest y'all leave before this place turns into one big Dodge City cliché'." He cocked back the hammers on his guns and sets of runes started to glow red along the barrels. Remus's hackles rose up, his inner wolf was telling to scram while Tonks who grew up with plenty of muggle influence including the modern entertainment of video-gaming recognized a charged-up super-shot when she saw it.

Unfortunately Dumbledore was arrogant enough to point his wand and cast a disarming charm at Harry. In a swift move Harry spun around narrowly avoiding the spell and fired both shots at Dumbledore, who raised a powerful shield charm. The explosion resulted from the magically charged bullets impacting the shield was like two grenades going off, the shockwave created a cloud of dust that obscured everyone's view of Harry and Albus. When the dust cleared due to a wave of Dumbledore's wand, there was a massive crater that surrounded Dumbledore, the wizard himself looked like he was dragged through a chimney, the blast was strong enough to break his glasses and his beard lost a few inches and was smoldering.

With Harry

It was a good thing Harry knew how to tesseract (1) or that would have turned nasty, Harry smirked to himself as he stood atop the water tower looking down at the Order group.

"Amazing what a little Geometry can to when applied to Arithmancy." He muttered, the word or term tesseract refers to a geographical shape that resembles the fourth dimension; space. Tesser for short.

"Hmmm." Harry rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "Just how did they get in America?" he muttered, "Stupid budget cuts, if they want to save money pass a law on having more then one car." Just because Harry is an American raised citizen doesn't make him a patriot, he despises politicians and thinks America is in need to take a long hard look at itself. But he did love this land, especially this little corner that looked like an abandoned airport, junkyard and several gas-stations all rolled in one. So one could understand why he is P.O.B.A.R. (Pissed-Off-Beyond-All-Reason)

His cell phone rang, a mariachi solo tune, grunting Harry picked up, "Yeah?... Hey Jake s'up?... Oh, sorry to hear that… hey if it's any consolation she did not know what she had…" Harry saw one of the Order members, the gnarled one point in his direction how the hell could he see him so easily? "Uh Jake now is a bad time call yeah later." Harry hung up as he dodged a red spell from the redhead bigot.

With the Order.

Molly fired the stunning spell before Sirius could stop her, but it was Remus who bound her with ropes and tied her to a rusty shell of a jeep. "You stupid bitch!" Sirius was once again being restrained but this time by Author and Shacklebolt, Tonks had sneaked away his wand for safety measures. Moody glared at the woman with his normal eye while his other eye started to spin around to locate Harry in the junkyard, it is a good place to hide. The thing that interested him however was the nonchalant way Harry was talking on his muggle communication device while keeping an eye on them like they weren't a threat. At first he took it as a sign of arrogance but when Molly tried to stun him, the boy's reaction was beyond his expectations; he did not panic but avoided the spell just by stepping to the side then he proceeded to disappear, those kinds of reflexes are the kind you see when someone has been trained.

"Impressive," Moody muttered, "most impressive." Tonks nearly fainted, getting a compliment out of Moody was on par with Sirius and Snape getting along, it doesn't happen. "He has constant vigilance."

Shacklebolt, the less experienced Auror was none the less a calm and collected individual, he was silently apposed to coming here en mass as he had no idea what the boy's reaction would be but he knew a calm head was needed. He had heard that the American's have a deep seated grudge for the English wizards, in more particular the Ministry and their old-fashioned lust for power and control. It was not something that he was proud of, hell the law of equal rights for wizards with black skin was passed when he was wondering if he could get into Hogwarts, their Ministry was seriously behind the times. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he let Sirius break his grip and run for Dumbledore in a mad rush.

"What the hell were you thinking Albus!" Sirius grabbed the old man by the folds of his robes and slamming him against an old shipping container glared at his with such ferocity that his animal side was showing. "You fucking geezer, I finally found him and now you fucking chase him away!"

"Will you for Christ's sake keep your voice down!? The devil is trying to sleep?" Harry appeared next to Dumbledore with one of his revolvers aimed at his head at point-blank range. "Any of you get cute and I ventilate him, comprende?" the Order members were stunned this boy got the drop on them, more particularly on Dumbledore. But this time he had a Chinese sword in his right hand, quite a beautiful piece to, and something told Sirius that he knew how to use it.

"Harry my boy-"

"I'm talking now, gramps." Harry snarled, "You know for a guy I just met you really love to push my buttons, you waltz in here like little princesses to the Queen's Ball, try to kidnap me, insult my mother and attack me. What I can not figure is how you all got over the borders, please enlighten me."

Sirius had to admit that Harry's got nerve, and brains, he would have to meet his 'mother' one day, scratch that he's got to meet her.

"It's not important how we got here, my boy-" Dumbledore was cut off by the sound of a gunshot, Harry didn't shot him but the blast was so close to the old man's ear that sound really was deafening chances are that he lost a chunk of his hearing. The so-called leader of light fell to his knees clutching his ears a look of pain twisting his face.

"Give me a straight answer," he looked at the assembled crowed and pointed his sword at the gnarled looking fellow. "you, how did you all find me?"

Moody cautiously regarded the boy before him he knew that tone, he had heard it before from himself when he got very serious, as much as he resented the boy for most likely deafening Dumbledore he could not help but respect him, how he took control of the situation so efficiently. Personally Moody would like to learn how the boy apparated without the telltale *crack*, it would be most useful when ambushing Death Eaters."Dung here," he jerked his thumb over at a man who Harry didn't see before, dressed in ratty cloths and a filthy looking wool coat, to Harry he looked like the stereotypical English street thief, "has a drinking buddy that's a mutual acquaintance of yours, he had a photo of you at an automobile show."

"Milo." Harry growled, the next time he sees that big-mouth Irishman he is going to rip-off his mutton chops. "Damn asshole, can't keep his fat mouth shut."

Moody continued, "As to how we got over here, Dumbledore used his phoenix to transport us here from the motherland."

"A fire-bird? This lying, manipulative, sack of shit has a fire-bird?" he gestured his gun at the old man, something is wrong here very wrong indeed, fire-birds or phoenixes, are free spirits, they would only ally themselves with holy men, like sages, hermits, seers or healers, but this guy? Harry looked at the headmaster who is still clutching his ears, his robes are defiantly finery, he had money to throw around and he tried to kidnap a boy, this was no candidate for a phoenix bond.

With a flourish he brought his dao sword to Dumbledore's throat, forcing him to rise to his feet. "Leave this place, return and I will kill you." He then proceeded to use his magic to lift the old man into the air and throw him to the Order members. Remus proceeded to untie the red-head banshee from the post but kept her gagged, the young auror Tonks along with Shacklebolt and Moody grudgingly accepted that Harry has the upper hand. And he was right what they are doing is illegal, if they proceeded they would cause an international incident between two countries caught in a stare-down. Author felt like a fifth wheel as he hardly done anything but look at the plane parts around him and almost tinker with a rusted jeep that caught his interest.

Remus and Sirius looked very reluctant to leave especially Sirius, who had just found his godson only for Dumbledore to make an enemy out of him, he was brokenhearted, and he hoped that he would find a reincarnation of his dead friend or at least of Lily. Harry is little more than a stranger to him, nothing in common with his birth parents aside from the physical features.

One thing did strike the Marauders as odd though, how did Harry know Albus on sight? Sirius stopped and turned his head to look at his godson curiously; Harry returned the gaze with a wolf-like grin while he shouldered his dao sword and walked to the dog animagus.

"Sorry things turned out like this Harry." Harry waved off the apology.

"Honestly, I'm surprised it turned out as good as it did, thought he'd be more of a challenge." His eyes flickered over at the retreading forms of the Order members including Dumbledore. The sun-dried dust of the desert got kicked up in a gust of wind causing Sirius to cough.

"You get used to it, just got to time your breathing is all." Harry said after he slipped an envelope inside Sirius's pocket which didn't go unnoticed by the animagus, Harry mouthed 'later' to his godfather with a twinkle in his eye that sparked a bit of hope in the English wizard, maybe there is a little bit of James in him.

(1)-Unlike apparating, which the European wizards favor, tesseracting, allows one to literally bend the fabric of space. It is a bitch to learn and can be unpredictable but unlike apparating, which is to shove one-self through a wormwhole at the risk of dismemberment, he could tesseract while driving a car and bring it with him as it does not require one to turn on his heel.

I hope that wasn't too disappointing ya'll, but I didn't want to reveal how powerful Harry is to Dumbledore just yet. As for one of you (You know who you are) Harry won't meet Hermione for a while but we will meet her in the next chapter which will introduce my version of a Hermione who never met Harry.

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