Mount and Blade-

The Warband of Wolves

By Indogma

Inspired by the Mount and Blade Series, primarily the game: Mount and Blade: Warband.

Deshavi: The Bandit's Bride

Roland and the rest of his men were marching along the northern plains, Heading north, playing carrier again for King Graveth, to one of the Kingdom of the Nords's lord, Jarl Gundur. It cold dreary and damp, with a think fog that blanked everything in grey, reducing visibility down to a mile. Roland felt the bitter cold when his chain mail brushed against his neck; it lasted only for a moment. Roland then felt the warmth return to his neck, thanks to his wool undershirt. Never had he been never more thankful for that scratchy shirt then now. Ymira had suggested he by one before heading north to the Nords. And Roland eventual gave in and bought one. "I'll have to thank her later," he thought.

As they passed through the village of Ryibelet, Roland noticed a lone figure on the plains, just on the edge of the fog. From what he could tell, the figure was staggering and having trouble staying on its feet. Stopping the troop he then waited for Jeremus and Ymira to ride up, (both now had a horse). They watched the figure struggle to walk, Roland looked and them and said, "I think we should help him…"

"It could be a trap," Observed Jeremus.

"Jeremus, Ymira," ordered Roland, "Stay up here and keep an eye on me… if it's a trap do what you can to keep me out of trouble," then he looked at his men, "you four of you follow me." The he spurred his horse forward followed by four other men.

Ymira then looked at Jeremus and said, "Is that wise?" "It doesn't matter to him," replied Jeremus smiling.

As he approached the figure, he saw it stumble and fall to the ground. It struggled to get back up, and gave up and fell to the ground again. When Roland and the others had reached it, the figure had stopped moving. And was face down in the wet grass. Roland dismounted from his horse and approached the figure. To his surprise, he found it to be lighter then expected. He discovered the figure was a young woman, no more then twenty years old. She had dark skin and was covered for head to toe with cuts and bruises. In his arms, he noticed her clothing was a tunic made out of thin rags, she was trembling from being wet from the rain and her soaked clothes. One her face she had a fresh cut, just above her right eyebrow, and it continued to bleed. "Get Jeremus!" He said to one of his men.

The young woman regained her mind in the presence of warmth. She thought it to be a dream, or the embrace of death. She pulled her arms closer to her body, and felt a think fabric over her body, creating a warm nestling feeling to her. When she brought her arms to her chest, she felt something foreign. Expecting her tunic of rags; she then felt the texture of wool instead. Snapping her eyes open, she then saw the welcoming yet alarming sight of a fire. Being reminded a horrible memory, she quickly got up and looked around her surroundings. She was in a foreign place.

She was in a camp at night surrounded by men in armor and armed. Fearing for her life she then got up and grabbed the closest thing to a weapon she could see. She saw a small butcher's cleaver and readied it to be used. When she stood up, all of the men looked at her, concerned she a wild fury in her eyes. "Oh, your up." Someone said behind her. She spun around and saw Roland behind her with a plate of cheese and meat, with a flagon of liquid. "I have some food if you'd like…" he said stepping forward. He took one step and the girl made a threatening gesture towards him. Roland then retreated.

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw some of his men moves slowly toward her, hoping to take her unaware of them, he motioned them to back off, and they did. Then he smiled calmly, placed the flagon on the plate and reached at the leather that held his sword and it's sheath on his belt. "I do not want to hurt you… and I will disarm if you will… does that seem fair?" The girl looked confused by his offer, and became more confused when she saw Roland undo his sword and throw it off to the side. Slowly, because of that gesture, she then lowered hers. "Thank you," he said. Then he placed the food in between them, and backed a way a little, sitting about two feet away from the plate.

The girl then walked up to the plate and began to examine the contents. And first she was distrusting of the food, thinking it was poisoned, then as the food passed through her mouth her rate of intake increased and she began to shove the food into her mouth. The she took the flagon and drank the contents; it was a cold and bitter liquid but it tasted sweeter then any honey to her. We she was finished she looked at the man who gave her the food. He was smiling.

"Thank you…" she said. "Oh, it was not a problem," he said. "My name is Roland, what is yours?" The girl looked at him, unsure what his motives were. She could not believe that he did this out of the bottom of his heart, yet he did seem sincere. "Deshavi…" she said.

"Well, Deshavi…" begun Roland, "You had us worried. For a second we thought you might have died on us, what being exposed to the cold like you were in those rages, and that wound to your head didn't help either." Deshavi then touched her head and felt a bandage go around her entire forehead and around the back of her head. It was the first time she noticed it. The she remembered the cold, and looked down as to why she was not cold. She was wearing a dress, it was light green with a brown belt.

Roland saw that she noticed the dress, "Ah that's one of Ymira's dresses. She agreed to loan her one of hers. She also had to get you out of those rags, as you were…" then he became embarrassed, "naked underneath those rags."

"Ymira? Who is that? Your wife?" Roland chuckled, "Ahaha, nonono. I guess you could say, she is one of us." "Us?" "Well, we are group of mercenaries. We travel around and do odd jobs here and there." Do you hunt bandit's?" Deshavi asked with aggression. "Why yes, I guess we can, why?" Deshavi then stood up and declared, "Then Roland, I have a job for you and your men!"

Later the next morning, Roland and the rest of the men were following Deshavi through a think forest of trees. As Deshavi explained the night before:

She was forced to marry a drunkard of a man at a young age in order to provide her family with a little coin. The forced marriage was unhappy and miserable for Deshavi, then bandits came a raided the little farm that he owned and burnt it to the ground, taking everything he own, including his life. They saw some use of her, and kept her as their plaything; using her and her body for their own desires. She was in that state for about half a year until one of the bandits fell in love with her. Taking pity on her he then taught her how to shoot a bow and use a pole to defend herself, and soon she proofed herself better then many of the men in the camp. When the chief died in a raid, Deshavi helped the man who trained her to become the bandit chief. When he became the chief, he took her as his wife upseting all of the other bandits.

Less then a week ago, they decided to act and mutiny against him and her. They took her first and tied her up, expecting her to revert back to her role after they were finished with their chief. Then they took him, dragged him in front of her and killed him. His last words were, "Don't cry for me, Deshavi…" When he was dead, they tied her up and placed her aside. She was left alone until the bandit chief decided he wanted to use her. But when he tired to subdue her, she was able to knock him out with a small rock she had on her person. Before he was rendered unconscious, he got a swing in, and cut Deshavi about the eye, which is where she got the wound.

After handling the chief, she then snuck out of the came and ran from them until she collapsed, which is when Roland found her. Now she had "hired" Roland and his men to help her take her revenge on the bandits. Roland was unsure how she expected to pay them, but he didn't mind working for free, as long as he got ride of the bandits.

Sighing deeply, Roland looked at Deshavi as they walked through the think brush. Her eyes were fixed on the path ahead; she was determined to take her revenge. She presently had taken off Ymira's dress and was wearing one of the men's extra padded leather. It was a scene the night before, after hiring Roland she preceded to take off the dress inform of Roland and the rest of the men declaring: "I cannot wear this anymore! I hate dresses!" Roland had to stop her, and had Ymira come over to help her find something she would wear. She eventually settled with on of the crossbow men's leather armor. Apparently while in the company of the bandits, she had become accustomed to armor, and now wouldn't wear anything but that. She also requested a sword and a bow with arrows, which they obliged her with.

Now she was leading them trough the forest. Roland was surprised how well she could see in the forest and how well she could track. He assumed she also learned those skills from the bandits.

As they got to the outskirts of camp, Roland and the others surround the camp and prepared to attack. The camp was dead quiet, but Roland could tell of them were there, they all slept outside by a bonfire, except for the chief who head a tent to himself.

He then looked at Deshavi, who had her bow out and was ready, and said, "Are you sure you want to help?" "I have a score to settle with these men," she replied, "I wouldn't miss this fight for all the gold in the land." "Fair enough," said Roland. He then motioned his men to move forward. Slowly he and his men moved up toward the clearing were the camp was, weapons drawn and from tree to tree. When the troop got to the edge of the tree line. He then had the archers ready themselves. When they were ready, Roland and a few men started throwing rocks at the bandits still asleep. It took several tries for one of the rocks to hit a bandit hard enough to stir him from his slumber. When he got up he say Roland standing beside a tree, and shouted, "Oi, wake up blokes! We got a straggler here!" With all the men waking up, they saw Roland and sneered. When they all were up, they began to slowly advanced toward him.

"Now!" Shouted Roland, and Deshavi and the crossbow men appeared from there covered and fired a volley into the cluster of bandits. After the volley, the rest of Roland's men jumped out of the cover of the trees and charged at the diminished bandits.

While the trap had been sprung, Roland then took off in the direction of the chief's tent. Sword ready, he entered the tent and saw the chief, undisturbed from the fighting, asleep on a cot. Looking around he saw a table on the other side of the tent. On the top of it, was a complete heavy set of plate armor, walking over to it, Roland then examined it more closely.

The armor was of fine grade steel, and had little wear and rust on it, showing it was brand new. "Who'd he have to kill to get this?" He thought. Grabbing the gauntlets of the suit, he then put them on and tried them out. They fit perfectly on his hands, like it was made for him.

From behind him, came a heavy breathing followed by a deep threatening, "Those are mine!" Roland swung around and saw the bandit chief with his ax already to strike, not having any time to block it, Roland quickly dodged it, and the bandit swung his ax are on the table, sinking deep into the plate armor. "My armor!" he shouted furiously. He then turned and said to Roland, ""Yer dead!" and began to swing savagely at Roland.

Roland then ran out to the tent, and the chief was right behind him. Roland was doing his utmost to stop the swings and blocked what he could, and whatever he couldn't block, he dodged, until he tripped and fell on the ground. And it looked like the chief was going to win.

Then an arrow came flying from nowhere, and struck the bandit chief in the upper right arm, which caused him to drop the ax. Another arrow flew and stuck the bandit's right leg, crying in pain, the bandit fell on his knees. Looking for the source of the arrows, he saw it was Deshavi. When the chief saw her, he began to glow with rage, "You…" he said fighting back the pain.

"Hello," she said bitterly. Then she lowered her bow and drew her sword, "For Calbert!" In one swift movement… she had cut off the bandit leader's head, and the body now fell to the ground.

Roland then got up and said, "A bit much, don't you think?" Deshavi then looked at Roland, "That was merciful compared to what he deserved." Roland shook his head, but dropped the subject.

"Sir!" Roland turned and it was one of the men, "all bandits have been dispatched, sir!" "Very good, gather what loot you can and let's return to the horses."

After taking what they could from the camp, Roland was able to collect 600 daners, plus some clubs and cheap axes that he could sell. They also discovered, a stock of ale and flax that the bandit's raided from merchants heading north into the Nords. "We can sell the ale and flax at a very good price in Thir." Commented Ymira. Unfortunately the plate armor was beyond salvageable, after the bandit hit it with his ax. So in the end all Roland got were the gauntlets of the set.

When the men had made it to the plains and out of the forest, Deshavi turned and looked at Roland. She was smiling, "thank you…" she said. It was the first time, he had seen her smile; it was pretty. "It was my pleasure," said Roland. "So what will you do with yourself?" Asked Roland.

Deshavi looked at Roland an said, "well I did hire you didn't I, and I have yet to pay you. So I believe the only fair way to repay my debt is through my body." Roland then became embarrassed and blushed, "W-wait! What do you mean by that?"

"I mean sir, I will join you and your men and pay off my debt by fighting with you," Roland began to regain his composure, "I am good with a bow and can manage myself in a fight. Plus I can see a sheep three miles away and track him from five. That is, if you will have me."

Roland smiled, she would be a great addition to the group, "Of course we will have you," he said extending his hand. She took it firmly and he said, "Welcome aboard."

-End notes

Deshavi, Naked?

First I want to apologize to anyone if I offended them with this origin story, I felt as though I was writing a manga/anime, or even a porno with all of the references of getting naked. I hope this doesn't bump up the age rating…