Mount and Blade-

The Warband of Wolves

By Indogma

Inspired by the Mount and Blade Series, primarily the game: Mount and Blade: Warband.

Out of the Khanate

It had been a few hours since the sun had risen, and the Wolves were making good time in the plains of the Khanate. Roland, riding at the head of the troop was riding along side with his friend Count Henderson of Suno, who was riding one of the spares horses that the Wolves had in their care. It had been but a few hours since the count's rescue form the city of Tulga, and Roland was still wide awake form all the excitement of almost getting caught.

The troop had long since turned north after passing the village of Bulugur, and was now heading for the Naleg castle and the pass which it guarded. As soon as they were past that, they were free from the fear of being caught. They could swing around the Veagirs' controlled land and head for Swadia. It was easy.

Roland and Henderson were deep in quiet conversation, mostly about the world they once knew. "No," said Henderson, "the one thing I miss the most, believe or not, is coffee. I have not had a good warm cup of joe in a long time. I'm craving it." Roland laughed. It was hard to forget that the two of them were some of the lucky few that survived traveling from one world to another. Buy yet they did, often. Only when they saw each other were they reminded of that fact.

As they the pass became visible in the distance, Roland then had the men stop. He saw the pass, but something looked off about it. He pulled out his binoculars and looked at pass. It was covered in a dark mass that seemed to be moving. But as watch it was, he could not be sure. He had a hunch, but he need to be sure. "Deshavi! I need you up here." The dark archer rode up to the side of Roland, "Here use these and tell me what you see."

She then looked through them, at first confused on how to use them, but soon she was able to use them effectively. "It's the Khanate, sir! They are laying siege to Naleg Castle!" she said handing the binoculars to Roland, who looked through them again and then handed them to Henderson. "She's right," Henderson said. "I see the purple banners, alright. They must have just declared war against the Vaegirs."

Roland then stared hard at the pass; it was suppose to be was their escape route. "What do we do now, Captain?" asked Deshavi. Roland then weighed his options, the pass was not an option, and the other passes castle was in Khanate control. North was blocked, but what about west? No, the west would now be full of patrols looking for them, plus it was the most concentrated of the Khanate villages. More chances of being spotted. That left the south—since the east was impassable— and the desert. Roland quickly looked behind him and looked at Haydee. She then looked at Roland with confusion in her face, then he came to a realization why Roland looked at her and a worried looked came over her face. She then looked at Roland with a concerned look. He gave a slow nod, confirming her fears. On the brink of tears Haydee then spurred her horse and then rode back to the end of the Wolves.

"Deshavi, have the men prepare to march south. To the Sarrdak Desert. I'll go talk with Haydee." He then spurred his horse to give chase to Haydee.

He had caught up to her at the very end of the line of Wolves. She had since stopped her horse, and had her eye closed. More out of anger then sadness. She heard Roland ride up beside her and opened her eye but did not look at him. "You said we would not have to go through the desert."

"Don't make me into a liar, Haydee." Said Roland coolly, "I said we probably wouldn't have to go through the desert. Well, looks like plans have changed. I did not foresee this."

"No," said Haydee in anger, "but you should have! You always predict everything, done to the minutest detail…" then tears began to fill her eye, "why… couldn't you predict this?" Roland said nothing, but instead rode closer to her and took her in his arms and placed her head on his shoulder. She began to sob, "I'm scared," she said, "I'm terrified that I will remember… I will relive what happened to me… and cause it again."

"Hey," said Roland softly, "I promise nothing will happen. We will be fine." "Hardeth promised me that… and he died for it." "Well I am not Hardeth…" said Roland, "and I will make sure nothing happens, ok?" Haydee sniffed hard, and nodded. "Good," said Roland, "Now chin up, we will be fine," he said smiling. Haydee nodded but still frowned, and both of them returned to the troop, and prepared to move south.

As noon came and went the wolves had made haste to the south, away form the Khanate's armies to the north. Roland had asked Haydee to remain close to him making sure she was all right. The Wolves were hugging the cliffs that elevated the lands to the east of the Khanate, hoping not to be seen by anyone.

By the after late afternoon, the Wolves could see the village of Dugan in the distance; and now they knew they were almost there. The then darted to the western mountains and begun to hug them, hoping to stay out the vision of the castle just behind the village, Asugan Castle.

As they headed south, Deshavi rode up to Roland and informed him that a band of Khanate riders were behind them heading directly for them. Roland then had the men pick up the pace, and the Wolves then made a break for it for the desert. Within the hour they could see the beginnings of the sea of sand and felt relieved. But behind then the Khanate men were still chasing them. Now they appeared to have more men with them.

As the Wolves began to touch the sand they slowed down, thinking they had won. When they looked back, they saw their pursuers were not giving up and still running after them with full strength. The Wolves then needed to get beyond the first castle in the desert, Sharwa Castle. As they went into the desert, night began to fall on them. When the sun had set, visibility became so poor they could not see the Khanate chasers any more.

Then to their left of the Wolves they could see the Sharwa Castle lit up with torches in the distance. They decided they head for it. As they approached the castle, they then saw a cloud of dust behind them behind a dune in the distance. They needed to hurry. When they reached the castle, a guard then called out to them, "Halt who goes there?" "Roland and the Wolves of Calradia!" Shouted Roland back at the guards, "We seek shelter for the night." There was a moment of unnerving silence. Then the gate slowly began to open and a guard came out. "I expect you can pay for logging tonight?" "That depends if you can provide them. I will pay once we then are inside, not a daners before or after." The guard then looked at Roland and stared blankly at him. The he sighed and signaled the gate to be raised. When it raised to the top of the gate the guard then motioned then through the gate. As soon as the Wolves were in the castle the gates closed. Roland then quickly spoke to the guard.

"Guard, there is 500 daners to you if you the gates shut for the rest of the night," he said bribing the guard. Then a voice came from the walls, "Sir! Khanates outside the walls! They want in!" The guard then looked and Roland suspiciously. "Friends of yours?" Then he went out of the castle to meet them. A silence fell over the castle, and every Wolf held his or her breath. Then the Khanate riders rode off into the desert and the guard returned.

"What did they want," asked Roland. As if he didn't know. "They wanted us to turn you and you men over to them. I told then they had no authority over us and to get lost. They threatened to siege the castle but I merely told them that the Wolves would help us in the case of a siege. Then they backed off, and decided to return home." The he turned to Roland, "you didn't by chance do something to upset the Khanate now, did you?" "Who me?" said Roland jokingly.

"How much do we owe you?" Roland asked. "500 to me and 30 for the night." Roland nodded and counted out the money for him. "Right the court yard is yours of the night, don't do anything stupid and we will not have any trouble. Understand?" Roland agreed and the guard then went up on the wall again and to gate house.

Roland then took a breath and relaxed, then he leaned his back against the wall and slowly slip down to the ground. "By the numbers we made it." Roland looked and saw Henderson beside him crouching right beside him. "You know for a second, I thought you just winging it!"

"You'd be right," admitted Roland.

Henderson laughed. "Well now, it's smooth sailing now huh?"

Then Roland caught a glimpse of Haydee in the mass of wolves in the yard. "No Henderson. We are not out of the woods yet…" said Roland. The he got up, walked over into the yard and started to bark orders at the Wolves and assigning tasks to them for the night. Leaving Henderson alone sitting beside the wall. It was the first time he truly saw Roland leading his men. And he was impressed. He let a chuckle leave his mouth before he felt exhausted. Leaning his head against the stonewall, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

-End Notes

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

They have finally released an official trailer for the game! And while it is sort of low grade I could care less! It's a new M&B game. And the name sounds epic! Bannerlord, *drool*. Honestly I have not been this excited for a sequel since Phoenix Wright, which by the way, they are making another one! Both trailers are on youtube if you want to see them!