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Prologue: My Story

My name is Kaitin Williams, strange name, huh. Most people just call me Kate, Kat, or Kay, and a lot of people I knew called me Kaidin because my parents misspelled my name on my enrollment forms in kindergarten. I have strawberry-blonde, almost red hair and hazel eyes. In school I'm your typical "good-girl." I've been a straight A student since preschool, I've never missed or have ever been late for a day of school, I've always followed the rules, you get the gist and I love to learn, even if that requires interrogating people and saying things I might never actually say. My best friend is "Anonymous" on a website now, pathetic huh. They're the only person I feel safe talking to since the move. I hadn't seen my parents since 7th grade until last year, and when I did finally see them they had some "wonderful" news for me. They had decided, without asking me, that (because they were never there for me anyway) it would be okay to send me to some weird town where my aunt lives to live by myself in an apartment and go to a new high school. When they told me this I all but exploded with anger. I didn't want to leave my friends, my town, my boyfriend, never to be seen again, but I had no choice in the matter and I knew it. I avoided the move for almost a month, but I knew it would happen anyway. After nearly a month of avoidance, I was forced into my new apartment in an unfamiliar town surrounded by boxes of my things and getting ready for my first day at Sweet Amoris High. At least my aunt does live nearby, even though she is weird. She's the last part of my old life that I still have. And I still have my computer.

KW: Tomorrow's my first day. Wish me luck.

Anonymous: Good Luck...