Hey guys, this is my 2nd story (I have problems with the first one - no ispiration and stuff) but I LOVE Spartacus so I tried. Please let me know what you think :) xoxo

Oh and I own nothing but my own characters!

It was one of those days when the weather couldn't decide between rain and sun. My Dad was able to get some days off of work and Mum, of course, thought it would be a good idea to just leave to a warmer place to forget about the problems and the stress here at home. Well basically a great idea, I mean holidays are always good, but why had she planned our departure should be at the exact same weekend when my friends, and supposedly myself as well, wanted to party on a festival? Oh and negative point number two: Joe was going with them. God, sometimes I think fate just hates me. But since life sucks anyway you have to embrace it. That's not from me, it's from my so called best friend Kayla. Crazy little bitch. Oh I guess I haven't introduced myself yet. Drum roll please; my name is Caitlin and this is my story.

„Come on, guys, hurry up! We don't want to be late for our flight, do we?"

Mum was already sitting in the cap while Dad and I put the last of HER suitcases into the trunk. It was a huge and heavy thing. I bet she packed her winter clothes as well in there. Just in case. That's always her excuse.

"If you had helped we would be done by now", muttered Dad under his breath.

"I heard that!"

"Yeah those things she hears but always asking to repeat a sentence", I couldn't help myself.

"I heard that, too! And now get in. I can't wait for the sun, Italian culture and some Roman history."

Dad climbed into the front of the car, next to the driver and gave him the directions. I took the place next to Mum.

"Mum, do you know that those Romans you fancy so much were some really nasty bastards?"

"Cat, please watch your tongue. And don't give me this attitude. Please, not now when we finally have some holidays. You know that your Dad had suffered a lot these past few weeks. I want us to be a family that relaxes and enjoys time abroad."

I looked at her and rolled my eyes.

"Sure thing. I just hope this city has good cell coverage."

"Please, Cat …"

"Okay, yes, I know… I won't be texting too much. I promise." And with that I turned to look out the window, watching the neighborhood and my home town flying by.

I know my Dad had a really rough time at work and even with his health recently. My parents owned a coffee shop in our little town and it wasn't running that good. I mean they had regular costumers and they were fully booked on event days, weekends and bank holidays. But the problem was that during the week they had fewer customers. And then there were these arguments with the rest of the family. All this stress and the fights, they made him sick and he had to go to the hospital. Of course the business went crazy at this time and I had to help out a lot and missed out of my studies and my sport. But I did it with joy and all my heart. I wanted my Dad to get well again very soon. He just needed some rest. Well, a lot of rest. That was the time when Mum organized these holidays. So I agreed to be with them. I'd do anything for my parents but to miss the chance to finally hook up with Joe … Man that sucked.

The whole ride to the airport went well and quickly. We arrived an hour before departure and had enough time to check in and to have a snack. Of course Mum introduced us to our destination with detailed information she read in her travel guide. She always bought these books before every major holiday.

"Capua was one of the famous cities of the Roman Empire and suffered a lot during the Third Servile War. This was the time of Spartacus by the way. I bet we will see some great monuments built by the Romans… "

"Actually built by their slaves, Mum."
"Oh you can be such a pain in the arse, my love, do you know that?" She nudged me lightly.

"Sorry, Mommy can't help it."

"And what do you think?"Mum asked Dad who was looking out of the cafes window.

"Well, I hope they have a lot of places in the shadow near the pool that I can enjoy a nice cool drink without getting too red." He grinned and winked at me.

"That is out of the question! We will explore the Roman legacy together!"

"How about arriving for starts?" I finished my salad and pointed at the destination board. "Look, our Gate is open. Let's take off to the sky!"

I jumped over a fallen tree and looked back. Through the noise of the wind in my ears I could hear his beating footsteps on the ground. I turned my head forward again, just in time to avoid face-contact with another tree. My heart was pounding fast in my chest and with every breath a shooting pain ran through my lungs. Sweat was running down my face and neck onto my back and breasts. I knew I had crossed the limits of my strength a long time ago but I also knew if I stopped he would catch me and do unspeakable things to me. Only after that I had a chance that he would kill me quickly. And this chance was a very slim one. He was closing up on me now. I could literately feel his hot breath on my neck. And then it happened: My right foot got caught in a root and I fell hard on the ground, face first. God I hate trees! Every part of my body hurt and the fall knocked all the remaining air out of my mangled lungs. I needed too long to recover and soon I felt big strong hands around my waist that lifted me off the ground. I couldn't scream but I tried to fight him off. I was too young to die in these woods and I was determined to not leave this place unnoticed. I flailed and bit and kicked every part of my attacker with as much strength as I had left. Suddenly both of us got knocked to the ground and this monster landed right on top of me. With that and a little help of a rock I was finished. The last bit of energy my body had, vanished into thin air and my vision blurred slowly into dark. I felt a warm and sticky liquid over my arms and chest. After a minute or so the weight was lifted from my numb body and the last thing I saw was a man crouching next to me saying my name.

"Cat, wake up! Cat, please!" Mum was shaking me as I awoke with a start.

"Cat, it's alright. My, you're sweating. What have you been dreaming, honey?" She was calling for the flight attendant and gave me some tissues. As I absorbed that I had a really bad nightmare I tried to get back to reality. I had fallen asleep listening to music soon after flying over Vienna.

"Here, love, drink this. I told you this music you are listening to is not good for you."
"Thanks. And it's not the music. It must have been this strange sandwich-thing they gave us earlier." That brought me in an angry look of the flight attendant. I drank the water and, just out of a curiosity, checked my iPod. I took another sip of my water and nearly choked on it as I looked at the screen.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Mum looked still worried.

"Are you alright?" Dad asked looking up from his book.

"Yeah, sure. No worries." I bravely smiled at them both and they attended their books again. But I continued staring at the screen of my iPod that showed the playlist of the OST of the movie "The Eagle". But it wasn't the first time I listened to the songs with old German tunes. I never had weird dreams like this one before. Why now? And what was the meaning of it? Maybe I will get killed in some kind of forest by a fast running giant. Who was I kidding; I didn't even believe in meanings of dreams.

The remaining hours on the plane went on without any other weird situation. I kept listening to music, although I had changed the playlist just in case, and my parents were deeply lost in their literature of choice. As the seat got more and more uncomfortable the captain of the plane announced our arrival and asked us to prepare for landing. I looked out the tiny window and saw the small airport of Capua within the beautiful and typical Italian landscape. After a gentle landing the captain instructed us to leave the plane and wait for a bus to bring us to the main hall.

From this moment on the general chaos began. Everyone wanted to be the first to step on Italian ground so we waited patiently until we had enough space to collect our bags. I followed my parents to the exit and when I lifted my gaze from the ground I got glared by the radiant sun so I had to shield my eyes to not fall down the stairs in front of everybody. Slowly I made my way downstairs. I felt the heat and a light breeze. At first I thought the heat would kill me but it was different. The air was warm but not heavy. It wasn't hard to breath and the sunshine felt so good on my pale skin that I even got goosebumps. Of course Mum took what felt like a thousand photos of me coming down the stupid stairs. Somehow it makes me smile every time she does these kinds of things. So I grinned into the camera as I stepped on the ground of Capua airport. Suddenly I heard a man screaming my name followed by battle cries. I felt a sharp pain running from the left to the right side of my stomach and it was like I lost my life force with every single drop of blood that left my body through this deadly wound. My vision blurred and I heard me screaming a strange name.

"My god, Caitlin, what is just wrong with you," My Mum was wagging her thin scarf in front of my face. I could feel every pair of eyes resting on me. I opened my own and sat up as I touched my forehead.

"I'm sorry, Mum but I don't have any idea what just happened." I shook my head a few times.

"Well you came down the stairs and at the last step you just fainted. Oh and who the hell is Gannicus?" That came from a bold man with rich love handles in wife beater, shorts and tennis socks.

"Ganni-who? I have no idea. I'm confused …" I looked from face to face that was surrounding me.

"Come on guys, give her some space and time to breath. We should get to the main hall and its shadow anyway." My Dad stepped next to me and lifted my right arm around his neck so I could walk with his help to the bus that was already waiting for us. "Come on, honey. Let's go get you to our hotel."
"Dad, I just fainted and not died or something. I think I can manage walking by myself."
"But you screamed like you were in horrible pain. I will help you until we can be sure you are fine. Here drink this."
"But Dad…!"

"End of discussion!" He looked me in the eyes and handed me a bottle of water. Of course he was concerned. We both were very close, sometimes to the detriment of Mum. So I smiled at him and drank most of the water just to prove I was fine.

Our hotel was one of a kind. Absolutely gorgeous architecture, super nice personal and the food: I was in heaven. When we arrived we checked in and discovered every little corner in our rooms. Fortunately Mum thought about booking a single room for moi. It was right next to my parents' but I still appreciated it. After getting ready we or better I attacked the massive buffet for an early dinner. And when I say massive I mean H.U.G.E. Believe me, you would have loved it. After my forth course Mum watched me carefully:
"Cat, that's your forth course. Do you want to keep eating until you die?"

"No, Mum, of course not. I just love Italian food and this especially." And with that I put a spoonful into my mouth. I grinned at them.

"O con't bliev u gus oa olradi mon." (I can't believe you guys are already done)

"Honey, please don't talk with this whole chicken in your mouth, ok? It doesn't look nice and people have already started to stare."

"Ond?" Dad chuckled as I tried speaking and chewing at the same time.

"Cat … And of course you two are agreeing. Again."

"Ah, darling, come on. Just enjoy us being together. But Cat, your Mum is right." He winked at me. I made the poor attempt to wink back but I'm useless. It always looks like I had something in my eye or if I had a seizure. That wasn't nice to look at.

After what felt like hours of eating Mum and Dad went to their room to relax and for sorting their things I guess. I took a walk around the hotel and its garden since the sun was just setting and it was still quite warm. This was the sort of warmth I like. Not too hot, a light breeze was going so the air around me didn't feel like a huge weight. I followed the way through the garden enjoying the last sunlight on my skin. I stopped when I felt the warmth on my face and with eyes closed I spread my arms like they were wings and then something strange happened: Suddenly I felt rough and warm hands on my cheeks. One caressed my jaw line. The other started wandering down my neck along my shoulder to my hip and stopped there grabbing me firmly. I felt a thump lightly touching my lips and then a manly voice muttered something huskily into my right ear:

"Eyes are missing what they are used to see. Arms are empty and cold as well as the chest. Where are you, my heart? Where in the world, that keeps me from finding the one, my one?"