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Chapter 1 - Waiting

5.10.08, 2:49 PM

"Time waits for no one" is my favorite quote. I mean, it seems kind of obvious. Of course time doesn't wait. It moves without our interference. But when I was seventeen, something happened that made me realize the true meaning of the quote.

In a chemistry lab at my old high school, I found a walnut-shaped object. I didn't know what it really was or what it was for, but through a lot of mistakes and trials, I found that it gave me the ability to leap through time. Not travel. "Travel" sounds like you have complete control. You travel to one place, and you can travel to another, right? But you can't do that in time. If you travel to one place, another can be changed or disappear altogether. The entire events of the future will alter because you changed what happened in the past. That's why we call it leaps. One small alteration can severely reshape the future. In other words, a step can become a leap.


"Huh?" I nearly fall off of my stool.

Auntie Witch settles down in the couch behind me, pushing some books and papers aside. She looks at me carefully, smiles slightly, and says, "You know, when you're restoring a painting, you have to pay attention to it."

I readjust myself in front of my easel and continue to work on the painting before me. "Right. Sorry, I spaced out for a few seconds there."

She sighs and says, "More like a few minutes. Are you okay?" I don't say anything. She feels guilty. She told me to pursue him, which I did, but she doesn't know that. He told me that he'd wait for me, which I believe completely, but she doesn't know that either. Although I want to tell her it's alright, I don't think I can open my mouth without spilling everything out. Everything that began with him.

Mamiya Chiaki. He came from the future to see this painting, and I promised that I'd make sure this painting will last for him to see it in his original time era. That's why I started helping my aunt in the museum. Little things at first. She wouldn't let me jump on this painting restoration, so I worked up to it. I then chose art instead of science in high school. I'm going to an arts college now, and it's all worked out pretty well for me.

People may think that I shouldn't get so worked up about some guy from the past if my life is good now. I don't really worry about him constantly; just... on random days, it hits me harder than others. You see, we fell for each other, and then he left. He went back to his time. He had to.

I miss him more than I've missed anything in my life. It sounds stupid to say this, but I've never felt like this before. Granted, I haven't really liked any other guys previous to Chiaki and I'm kind of oblivious to all that lovey-dovey stuff, but Chiaki just makes me feel safe and happy. Sometimes, I feel like maybe even though he was born in another time, he belongs here, with me.

I don't have time to let my thoughts wander. I should concentrate on restoring this painting; who knows what will happen in the next minute or so. As the saying goes, time waits for no one.

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