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This outtake is set in the future - at the end of their Senior year.


Graduation was a week away and no one seemed to care about school anymore. Not even the teachers, thus our English teacher's interest in what we would do once we graduated.

He was talking with the students in the front rows, thankfully. I wasn't going to participate. I was busy.

Jazz was playing on his phone, muttering when he missed a shot. Served him right for trying to win against those stupid birds.

I continued to write on my long list of stuff to take away to college. Mom kept pestering me to do it, and being too bored in this class I started writing it.

I was in the middle of writing my books when Jasper put his phone on the desk, huffing annoyed. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't look.

"What the hell are you doing there?"

"Writing my list," I answered distracted, my thoughts on what should I take. I didn't want to forget the important stuff.

"Can't it wait till you get home? I'm bored?" he whined, slouching on his seat.

"Sorry, Jazz, but you know that I'll be busy doing homework with Bella when I get home."

"Right." He sighed loudly and put his head on his arms on the table. "Wake me up when this ends."

"Kay," I answered, scribbling away.

I donned the ones in front as I focused on my list so when I felt a hand on my thigh, close to my crotch, I jumped so badly my knee knocked the desk. Jasper started snickering as everyone turned to look at me.


I rubbed my knee, giving everyone the stink eye.

What the fuck is your problem? Never seen anyone have an accident?

It wasn't helping that Jasper kept laughing behind his hand.

He was in an awfully good mood, but then again Alice didn't have problems at school. Mom and Dad didn't have patience with Bella and the alphabet so I was the one getting white hairs by trying to make her learn it. She didn't write well, but that was Dad's job. At least, he did that. He gave her lessons and she wasn't allowed to play or watch TV unless she wrote a dozen times each word. It always ended up in tears and with her in my room. That was mainly the reason I had to help her with school work.

It wasn't my fault I had a heart unlike my parents. Though, I remember they used to do the same to me.

Kids were complicated.

"You're worried about B?" Jasper whispered.

I was so easy to read.

"Are you ignoring me? I didn't know you'd react like that," he apologized.

"Jazz, I'm busy, please. I need to finish this. Mom wants to see the list so she should know what to buy in case I need anything," I pleaded him.

"We're not leaving for another month."

"I know, but you know how crazy Mom is," I reminded him just as the bell rang.

We made our way to our next class and it was just as boring as the previous ones. Fucking hate the end of school year.

"Do you want me to help B? Where does she have problems?"

"Jazz…everything is an enigma for her. I understand my parents, really, because if I lose my patience then they'd probably lost it when I was in school… Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, but I want to help. Dad helps Alice. He's the most patient person in the world, you know?" he asked, grinning.

"I can ship her to your place and have your dad do it," I said thoughtfully. "Do you think he'd help? Fuck." I grabbed my hair. "We're going to college and…"

"Don't worry, babe. B's smart. She'll get it. I bet she's just fucking with you."

"For my sanity's sake, I hope that's just a sick joke."

"When Alice is bored of her homework, she starts writing really slowly, almost painting the letters or numbers. She takes a break then everything's cool."

I nodded. "Yeah…"

We were on our way to the cafeteria when Jazz caught my hand and slowed down.

"What?" I asked curiously. I was hungry.

He squeezed my hand and leaned to kiss my cheek. "It's been some time…"

My eyes widened. "You wanna skip?" I asked shocked.

"We have one hour…" He winked and tugged me after him.

"I'm hungry," I whined.

My subconscious glared at me. Are you denying sex?

I'm hungry. Hunger comes before sex.

"I'll feed you soon, don't worry, darlin'," Jasper said softly, licking his lips.

"What?" I choked on my spit.

"I'll give you a hint. It's big and tasty."

"Jazz!" I shouted surprised. "Here?" I squeaked when he tugged me to the lockers area of the gym.

No one was there considering it was lunch time. Hopefully, no one would come any time soon.

Jasper pressed his finger to my lips and locked the door behind us. The sound of the lock turning made my stomach tighten and dick lengthen. I remembered that homecoming night and how wonderful it had been.

The thought that we could get caught turned me on more. Who knew about my exhibitionist side?

Jazz started kissing my neck, licking at my Adam's apple while my hands went to his ass and I squeezed. I wished we had supplies. We had to start carrying condoms and lube around.

"Why the long face?" he murmured in my ear, licking it.

"We can't go too far," I mumbled.

"That's what you think," he teased, continuing to lick my ear and making me moan loudly.

"You have…stuff?"

"Of course I have. I wouldn't have brought you here just for a blow job."

"Did I tell that I love you?" I asked excited.

"Not today." He laughed, kissing my cheek a few times.

"Then I'm telling you now. I love you so fucking much, Jazz." I stuck my fingers in his blond locks and brought his face closer then kissed his lips. I sucked on his tongue until I heard the clink of his buckle as he opened it.

"Edward," he moaned. "Please…"

I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth without much thought. I hollowed my cheeks and started sucking vigorously, cupping his balls with my hand, licking and slightly nipping at his purple head when I reached it making him moan loudly.

"Shh!" I hissed before taking him down my throat. His hands went into my hair and I stilled my head knowing what he wanted. Slowly, he started moving his hips and before long, he was fucking my mouth, but I wasn't good either. I kept teasing him with my tongue, with my lips tightening around his head, with my hands going closer to his ass.

"Get up and lose the pants," Jazz commanded huskily. "Now!"

I scrambled up and quickly did as he told me. My pants and boxers pooled at my ankles and before I could take them off, he turned me to face the door before one of his fingers went to my hole. My back arched and I groaned as he slipped inside making my balls tighten and stomach clench. A second finger joined the first and my palms slapped against the door as I pushed my ass further toward his fingers.

"Someone's greedy today," Jazz joked.

"Fuck me," I whined. "Please."

"And really needy."

His fingers disappeared and the sound of foil ripping made my head spin.



Together again after days of nothing.

"Spread your legs further," he requested.

"I can't more…" I mumbled, trying to open my legs further, ending up bending at the waist and showing him my ass. He laughed and cupped my cheeks, massaging them roughly then slapping them lightly. I moaned loudly, letting my head fall onto the door.

The head of his dick teased my hole until my eyes crossed and I thought I'd lose my shit there. Eventually, he slipped inside and we both sighed in the amazing feeling. He was where he belonged. Inside me.

With one hand splayed on my lower back and one on my shoulder, Jasper started moving. He kept gaining speed and I clawed at the door, trying in vain to keep the loud sounds from escaping my throat. Anyone could hear us, but fuck…so good.

"Do you trust me?" Jazz asked quietly.

"You know that," I answered moaning and looking at him over my shoulder.

"Take your sneakers and pants off." I quickly did as told; toeing my sneakers off then toeing my pants off my ankles. "Now," Jasper whispered in my ear, straightening my back so it was pressed to his chest. "You mentioned wanting to try this some time ago…"

"Anything," I pleaded him.

He chuckled and gripped my waist tighter then one arm wrapped around me and the other went under my right thigh.

I let out an embarrassing squeak and tried to grip on something. What was he doing?

Then I was…in the air for the lack of a better word. And FUCK! It felt a thousand times better when he entered me. The angle sent his tip right into my gland.

I remembered wanting to do this after we watched it on a short clip, but I thought he wouldn't do it. Ever. This proved how much stronger than me he was.

"Good?" Jazz whispered in my ear.

"Fucking perfect!" I whimpered. I gripped on his arm with one hand while the other went to my bouncing dick. "Harder, Jazz. I'm so close."

He rearranged me in his arms and the small jump I did propelled him deeper inside me almost sending me over the edge. He kept moving his hips faster and faster until the coil deep in my stomach sprang and I shot my load in my palm. My head fell against his shoulder and I tried kissing him from that awkward angle.

Jazz cupped my cheek, letting go of my thigh making both of us moan when he slipped out of me. Not yet. I didn't want to lose the connection just yet so I turned in his arms and after telling him with my eyes what I wanted to do, I jumped in his arms, grabbing his dick and guiding it back. He gave a strained chuckle and cupped my ass, moving hard and fast inside me.

So fucking good.

I kissed him deeply; tangling my tongue with his as I met him thrust my thrust. Suddenly he stilled and burrowed his face in my neck. His dick jerked inside me as he found release. I kept kissing him until he came down from the high.

"Fuck, Edward. Sometimes I don't even recognize you," he said amused.

"In a good way?" I asked worried.

"Damn good way, babe. You're amazing."

He helped me down and I ducked my head, feeling my blush spreading all over my face.

"Aw, don't get shy on me," he cooed and bent to peck my lips. "I love you."

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I gulped thickly and met his eyes. They were a deep blue – like never before.

"I love you too, Jazz."

We grinned stupidly at each other and as we were fastening our belts, the door handle rattled and our eyes met, wide with panic.

Jazz unlocked it quietly, while I rushed to what was usually my locker and started looking through the stuff there.

The door opened and Coach stepped inside looking suspiciously at us, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't you have Gym last class?" he asked.

"We do, but I lost something. I didn't think anyone would be here," I lied lamely.

"Yeah, and I came looking for him…"

Coach narrowed his eyes at us, glancing at the trash bin then at us again. "You can still catch ten minutes of lunch."

I could feel his speculative eyes on us as we departed from the Gym. Without thinking, I reached for Jasper's hand and linked our fingers as we walked to the cafeteria.

"I'm going to miss high school," he said between chuckles.

"But think of all the fun we could have in college!"

"Did your dad agree on the apartment thing?" he asked quietly.

"Not yet. But he will, don't worry." I grinned at him and stole a kiss before going into the cafeteria.