Title: A Magical Christmas Present

Author Penname: addicted-to-romione-bedward

Rating: M

Summary: A Love Bargain outtake. Jasper's Christmas present for his husband makes Edward's fantasy come true. ToysforTots entry.

Warnings: Slash. Foursome.

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Jazz and I were driving home after Leah had another false alarm.

She was close to term, and every time she got contractions, she called us panicked. I wondered how the other couples she had helped kept up with her calling at every goddamn hour, saying she was sure that this time she was in labor. When we got to the hospital, they said to go home and relax because it wasn't time yet.

"I was hoping for an uneventful Christmas," I mumbled as we stumbled inside our house.

"It could be our last uneventful Christmas, babe. Once the baby joins us, it will be anything but eventless," Jasper, the voice of reason, reminded me.

I flopped on my back on the bed and kicked off my shoes. "Super. I'm looking forward to sleepless nights and baby vomit." I truly wanted to experience that, but in that moment I was pissed at Leah and anything would set me off.

"I have the best plan of how to spend Christmas," Jasper whispered and flopped on top of me, nipping at my jaw.

"Mhmm… If it involves us naked and horizontal, I'm in," I whispered back, pressing my lips to his.

"Horizontal, vertical, diagonal…" He chuckled.

"Sounds delicious. Let's sleep so we have energy to try all that tomorrow," I said eagerly.

After a quick shower, we slipped in our pajamas and crawled under the blanket, snuggling close. Even with the heater on, it was chilly. And I loved any chance to snuggle with Jazz.

In the morning, I woke up alone, but to the strong, potent smell of freshly brewed coffee. I couldn't wait to get to the kitchen and start our marathon of sorts.

When I reached the kitchen, I was shocked to see we had guests.

What the fuck are they doing here at eight on Christmas morning?

I wanted to scream and push them out of the house, but decided to act like a good host and hope they'd leave soon.

Seth was at the table, pouring juice in four glasses, while Riley was hopping around Jazz, mostly staying in his way.

"Good morning!" I said as cheerfully as I could.

"Oh, and he's awake!" Riley exclaimed, rushing to me, kissing my cheeks.

Damn, I'd always kept a ray of hope that Jazz would indulge my crazy fantasy. Ever since I first saw Riley, I knew deep inside that I'd want more – if just for one night.

"Hi, Riley." I kissed his cheek. "Seth." I nodded to him as I made my way to Jasper. He was smirking at me, leaning against the counter. "Hi, there."

"Hi, yourself." He grinned and grabbed my hair, pressing his lips to mine. I groaned into his mouth, forgetting about our audience. When someone cleared their throat, I jumped, startled.

"Sorry to interrupt, but some of us are hungry," Riley said cheekily, making me scowl at him.

After I stole another kiss from Jazz, I helped him plate our breakfast.

"So what are you guys doing here so early?" I asked, taking my seat.

"We can go if you don't want us here," Seth answered, shooting Riley a smile. "But we thought it would be nice to have Christmas breakfast with our friends."

Something was up. Definitely.

Jasper was trying to conceal a grin behind his hand.

Riley was broadly smiling at me, his eyes alight.

Seth was looking rather amused.

"Hold on. What's going on here?" They'd been complotting against me.

Jazz cleared his throat and took my hand. "Babe, this is your Christmas present."


I frowned, not getting it.

"They – we are," he repeated, going to stand between Riley and Seth.

"Holy fucking shit!" I shouted, standing, almost making the table topple over. "Are you serious?" I checked, not wanting to get my hopes up…along with something else.

"Totally!" Riley almost squealed.

"I've lost my appetite for food," I declared, keeping my eyes on my prey – Riley. I didn't have to tell him with words to follow me, we simply left the kitchen together. I could hear laughter from behind, but I didn't turn. I was busy undressing my friend.

He pushed me against the wall, attacking my neck while his hands ripped the pajama top off me. His hands started roaming my naked chest, paying extra attention to my nipples, which pebbled under his touch.

Holy shit!

"I've been dreaming of this ever since Jailbait introduced us," Riley murmured in my ear, nipping at my lobe.

"Really?" I breathed out. "Me too!"

"Oh, no! They started without us!" I heard Jazz exclaim, but was too far gone to process his words. Only when three sets of arms guided me to our bedroom, did I realize they were joining us.

My dick grew steel hard at the thought of sharing this with our friends.

"Is this okay?" Jazz asked, cupping my cheek.

"Yep. Why are you still dressed, love? You too, Seth!" I was eager to start this. I'd been waiting for too many years.

"Whoa! When you said he fantasized about it, you weren't kidding," Seth commented. "But I know all about it. Rile kept whining and pestering me to ask you two."

"You're telling me that we could have done this years ago?" I almost shouted in surprise. "We can make the most of it now," I added, reassuring myself. Then, I yanked Riley closer and smashed my lips to his.

He tasted delicious.

I couldn't get enough.

I worked his jeans quickly, while he untied my bottoms and pushed them down.

"Oh, naughty, naughty," he hummed appreciatively when he saw no underwear in the way. I never slept in underwear - too many clothes in the way in case Jasper woke aroused in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning. Nothing better than good morning sex.

A guttural groan made us turn our attention to our partners. They were kissing and I waited to feel jealous, but all I could feel was desire to be there too, to kiss both of them, to touch them. Before I could act on my thought, Riley grabbed my cheeks and shoved his tongue down my throat.

The air in the room grew thicker, permeated with the scent of lust, sex and desire.

I took a few steps back, until the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed. I fell on it with Riley on top of me. His erection pressed against my thigh, making me impatient. I started pushing at his jeans and boxers until they were at his ankles.

Holy fuck!

He was beautiful.

Long, thin, perfect.

"Are you going to stare at Riley Junior or touch him? He loves to be stroked and sucked," Riley told me, chuckling.

I smirked, glancing at his face. "Come here." I waved him closer to my head. "Grab the headboard and let me make you feel good," I advised.

He listened to me, guiding his rod into my opened mouth. Fuuuck! He tasted spicy, and filled my mouth so good.

While I worked him with my tongue and hands, I felt Jasper parting my legs. The bed dipped as he kneeled. A pillow lifted my ass off the bed, before I felt Jasper's delicious tongue on my rosebud.

The man knew how to use his tongue.

I groaned around Riley's dick, making him buck his hips. Luckily, I had become a pro at deep-throating, all thanks to Jazz.

When a warm hand wrapped around my own dick, I jumped, not recognizing the large hand. It was most likely Seth. He stroked up and down, twisting his wrist when he reached the head, rubbing the precum with his thumb.

"Would you like to have all of us, darlin'?" Jazz whispered, licking under my balls. "Hmm? Just say the word. It's your present."

"Can I?" I begged, after departing from Riley's rod with a loud pop. "Please."

Warmness engulfed me at the thought of being filled by two dicks while I filled an ass. Oh, God! My eyes rolled back in my head and my hips bucked up.

"Someone's eager," Seth commented. "He's ready to burst."

"We have one rule, babe. No one besides us fucks our asses. Rile and Seth don't mind," Jasper explained.

"Good. Your ass is mine," I told him, grabbing his hand and squeezing.

With that settled, we returned to what we were previously doing. Rile kept my head steady while he started fucking my mouth slowly. Jazz inserted two lubed fingers inside me, stretching me further. Seth rolled a condom over my dick, before lubing it up.

My balls were so drawn up, the coil in my stomach so tight, I was sure I wouldn't last too long. Pity. I'd been waiting for this for too long to have it last only a couple minutes.

"Don't worry, Ed. We're staying the whole day," Riley murmured, stroking my cheek. I doubled my efforts on him, while blindly seeking the bed for lube. Someone put the bottle in my hand and I quickly poured some on Riley's ass before I started rubbing around his hole. Slowly, I slipped a finger inside, just as Jazz thrust deep inside me. He earned a deep groan from me, which turned into a loud moan when Seth sat on my painfully hard dick.

So full.

So good.

The best experience so far.

I had two fingers inside Riley when I felt two foreign fingers joining mine. I was about to take mine out, afraid we'd hurt him, but someone stilled my hand.

"He can take it," Seth assured me.

He was right.

From my position, I could see Riley's face, pleasure written all over it. We pumped our fingers slowly in and out of him, in a counter rhythm.

Jasper picked up pace, slamming into me. That seemed to make Seth bounce harder on top of me.

I writhed under them, taking my mouth off Riley to shout and curse. He took matters in his own hands, rocking against our fingers. The sound of him stroking his saliva coated dick so close to me, along with the sounds of skin slapping skin from Jazz and Seth, made my body seize up, toes curled as I exploded into the condom.

While I was still on Cloud Nine, Riley spurted all over my face before falling to the side, breathing heavily.

I had a clear view of Seth and Jazz. My husband was still moving harshly inside me, seeking his release, his hand wrapped around Seth's erection, their lips pressed together.

"They're hot, right?" Riley whispered. He was so close I could feel his breath on my neck, which made me shiver.

"Yeah," I answered, stretching my neck to kiss him. "Oh, fuck!" I grunted when Seth's ass constricted around my deflated dick, his cum splashing on my chest. "Jazz!" I moaned, urging him to come already. I wasn't sure my body could take more.

Me saying his name seemed to be all he needed, because his cock grew inside me before spilling. I'd never grow tired of feeling him cum deep inside my ass.

We lay, sprawled on the bed, talking and laughing. I'd never felt so good.

Some time later, we heated the food our parents sent us, then sat around the table, naked, eating and chatting.

It was the best Christmas brunch so far.

Jazz kept stroking my calf with his toes, leaning to kiss me every now and then, while Seth and Rile seemed to be in their own world.

"Thank you so much," I confessed my gratitude to Jasper. "How can I repay you? My present pales in comparison to yours."

"What did you get me?" He shot me a wide grin.

"Uh, why don't I show you after we finish eating?"

He nodded, but I could see him eating a little faster.

Seth offered to wash the dishes, but I dismissed him, telling him that they can stay unwashed for a day. We had plenty.

We moved to the living room, next to the tree. There were more presents under it than the last time I checked – but that was last night, when I stowed mine near the ones Jazz had put there. It was our tradition to open the presents in the morning. We got sidetracked this morning.

"Can we share first?" Riley wondered, almost bouncing in place.

I shrugged, which made him dive for a square, blue box. "It's for both of you from both of us," he explained, winking.

I took it from him and opened it carefully. Jazz gasped when he saw the contents.

The box had a variety of toys: plugs, dildos, vibrators, two cock rings, and something I'd only seen but never touched – nipple clamps.

"Cool, huh? We can try them." Riley beamed at us.

"Uh, thanks." I had no idea what else to say.

Jasper offered them our present – a very decent one at that. We rented the most expensive gay club in Seattle just for them and their ten year anniversary.

"Oh, wow!" Riley squealed and tackled me to the floor, smashing my head to the ground.

"Ow, dude!" I groaned. "I'm glad you like it," I added, chuckling.

"Can't you tell?" He ground his hips into my thigh. I could definitely feel how happy he was.

"Let us finish unwrapping the presents," I told him, reluctantly pushing him off me.

"Can I have my present now?" Jazz asked excitedly. "I can't wait much longer."

"Okay, but keep in mind that it's nothing compared to yours," I repeated, glancing at Riley and grinning at him. He'd helped me choose the present for Jazz, assuring me my man would look "hot as hell" in that piece of clothing.

I watched apprehensively as Jasper opened the wrapping I'd worked for an hour on. "Holy shit!" His wide, blue eyes met mine. Then he was standing, hastily slipping into the leather chaps I got him.

Hot as hell didn't begin to cover how he looked. He was smokin' hot.

I couldn't wait any longer, straddling his lap and crashing my lips to his. Our cocks rubbed together making us moan. To make everything better, Seth and Riley joined us, one on each side. We were all kissing. If Riley's lips weren't on mine, they were on Jasper's; the same went with Seth.

This second round seemed to be much hotter than the first, I couldn't wait to see how everything unfolded.

We kept kissing until my lips went numb. At times, I was kissing Jasper and Riley at the same time – nothing better than feeling their tongues rubbing against mine while Seth twisted my nipple.

"Want to test them?" Seth breathed in my ear, licking the shell.


That was my intelligent reply when I saw the clamps.

"What about this?" Riley butted in from my other side, holding a large, black plug.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I shouted, my body on fire.

"This should help you," Jasper murmured, locking a cock ring at the base of my dick. "Lucky they got one that can be added even if you're hard."

"Inhale and keep the breath in. It may hurt a little," Seth warned me.

It hurt. Like fuck.


I gasped, feeling my eyes watering.

"Can you take it?" he asked, worried.

The pain dulled after a moment so I nodded. He clipped the other one on my other nipple, but my body didn't have time to relax. Riley shoved three fingers in my ass, stretching me. Jasper licked around the clamps, scratching his blunt nails over my ribs.

His fingers joined Riley's. I never thought I could take more than three or four, but apparently I was taking six. It felt so fucking good. I was grateful for the cock ring and the clamps – they kept my orgasm at bay.

"He's ready, Rile," I heard Jazz saying.

The tip of the huge plug bumped against my hole, then slowly made its way inside. I wasn't sure I could take it, but when Jazz leaned me forward, the larger part seemed to be sucked in by my body. I hissed and wriggled as it was a little uncomfortable.


As I sat up, I felt so damn good. The plug sat deep inside me, rubbing deliciously against my gland.

I caught sight of Seth preparing Jasper for me. Riley turned my head to him and kissed me deeply.

"You look so fucking gorgeous, hun."

I blushed, nipping on his lower lip.

"Babe, I need you," Jazz whined, planting himself in front of me, ass up.

"Bend over the couch," I instructed him, getting up.

"Kinky," I heard Riley commenting.

God, Jasper's ass looked amazing in those chaps. I wanted to pink it, but refrained. Some other time – when we were alone.

As soon as he grabbed the back of the couch, I dove inside him. Seth had done an amazing job at stretching my man. As I started moving, the couch moved along, making us laugh.

On our left, Riley started sucking Seth's cock with obscene slurping and moaning. No wonder Seth was always happy, having such a horny boyfriend. Not that I was complaining; Jazz and I had a healthy relationship.

I almost moaned in protest when I saw Seth pushing Riley away. Was he crazy? He was doing some fucking hot shit there!

"I need Jasper. Would you like it?" Seth asked quietly, but I could see the lust in his eyes.

"I'm not done with him," I answered, holding my husband closer to my chest.

"I can stay in front of him. I won't interrupt you," Seth insisted, making my balls draw up.

"Holy shit! Yes! Are you okay with that, love?" I checked, kissing Jasper's shoulder.

"What about Riley?" Jazz asked with a long moan as I nailed his prostate.

"Don't worry 'bout me. I'll be busy." Rile winked, sitting Indian style behind the couch, resting his back against it. Seth took his place between Riley and Jazz.

"Fucking hot," I grunted, digging my nails in Jasper's hips.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Riley joked, just as Seth guided his dick into his mouth.

"I'm stretched," Seth told Jasper over his shoulder, handing him a condom.

In no time, we were all moving as one. Riley was moaning the loudest of all. I guided the little train. When I pushed harder into Jasper, he pushed equally hard into Seth, who slid deeper in Riley's mouth.

A part of me was sad I hadn't been quick enough to tape this experience. I would have cherished it, but as it was, I'd have the memories.

The room filled with the smell of sex, the sound of skin slapping against skin, and loud grunting noises from all of us.

As I approached my release, I gripped Jasper tighter, quickening my rhythm. He came first, triggering both mine and Seth's orgasms with his. Riley's loud moans grabbed my attention. He was spanking the monkey – his hand a blur on his hard dick.

"Round Two down. I'm ready for number three," I announced to them, beaming.

"Babe, I'm spent. I need a nap."

I scowled at Jasper, turning to look at our friends who looked equally exhausted. Damn. Nap it was.

Once in our bedroom, I asked who'd help me take the plug out, but all of them shouted that wasn't leaving me until there was something else to fill my hole. Way to make me sleep with a hard on. Fuckers.

I snuggled into Jasper, while Riley draped his arm over my waist, falling asleep immediately. I knew he was asleep because of the sounds coming from him. I totally understood Jasper if I was half as loud as Riley.

"Thank God, I'm not the only one enduring a broken tractor every night," Jasper mumbled, making me poke him.

"He snores only when he's really tired," Seth said from behind Riley.

"Ed snores all the time, in any position," Jazz told him as if I wasn't there. "Fuck, he was so tired once he fell asleep standing. Remember, babe? We were at a party. Everyone stared oddly at him."

"Shut up, Jazz," I grumbled.

Eventually, we all fell asleep.

I woke up to someone dry-humping my ass and hands on my sensitive nipples. Good thing we had taken the clamps off before going to bed.

"Rile," I moaned, pushing back.

"You're awake!" he whispered excitedly in my ear. "I've been awake for half an hour now and all of you were sleeping deeply."

"Sorry," I murmured, turning to him. He smiled and pecked my lips. "I'll miss this," I whispered sadly.

"If they allow us, I can greet you like this always."

I beamed at him, kissing him deeply. I had to make the most of it. "What time is it?"

"It's evening. Not sure the exact hour."

"I'm kinda hungry," I told him.

"Me fucking too." His eyes were on my semi.

"Food," I said sternly.

"Meat." He nodded enthusiastically.

Trying to make as little sounds as possible, we left the bed and room. We grabbed some cookies from the kitchen and munched on them while talking about the wonderful day we just had.

"Did you plan this?" I asked, leaning against the counter.

"It was Jasper's idea. I asked three times just to be sure. You're married, after all." He shrugged.

"Yeah, I thought that my fantasy would remain that – a fantasy. But I've got to say that I fucking love him."

"I hope you're talking about me," Jasper's roughened by sleep voice said from behind me.

"Always you, baby," I confessed, opening my arms.

"Mhmm." He snuggled against my chest. "Warm, naked hubby, a cookie and our best friend naked as well. Best way to wake up," he commented, kissing my shoulder.

"What's next?" I wondered, offering him the cookie I was eating.

"I want to try something. I know you want it, but I'm not promising you it will actually happen. It all depends on you," Jasper said seriously, staring in my eyes.

"I'm curious," I replied.

"You know about the cat," Riley joked.

Jazz froze and whipped his head to Riley, then to me, horror in his eyes. "Puffy! I forgot about the cat!" He pushed away from me, rushing out of the room.

"You should tell him to have a psycho exam. He's crazy," Riley muttered, taking another cookie.

"Hey! You're talking about my husband!" I tried to sound upset, but I had a broad smile on my face.

He returned laughing. "She's snuggled with Seth. I'll put some food here for her in case she gets hungry."

"What?" Riley gasped, mock-scandalized. "He's cheating on me with a cat?"

Our laughing woke Seth, who appeared in the kitchen looking rumpled.

After all of us had at least three cookies – I was instructed to send compliments to Mom – we moved to the living room, where I learned about their plan.

Round Three, probably the last one, consisted in one of my dirtiest fantasies. DD – double dick in my ass.

"What about your rule?" I stared at Jazz, surprised but eager to try this.

"We'll make an exception if you want it."

"I'm in." I nodded. "But I want Riley and you. No offense, Seth," I added quickly, glancing at him.

"None taken. As long as you allow me to suck you."

"Sounds good."

Jasper sat on the couch. I straddled his hips, leaning my ass up so Riley could take the plug out. He then applied more lube, helped Jasper inside me before he slowly pressed the head of his dick to my already stretched hole. It burned a little but I gritted my teeth, waiting for the pleasure to come. I gripped Jasper's shoulders as Riley pushed in deeper.

"Darlin'?" Jazz stroked my cheek. "Wait, Rile. Stop. Babe, are you okay?"

I nodded, biting my lip. "Don't stop," I begged Riley.

Once they were both inside me, they gave me a few moments to adjust before they started moving.

Holy fucking shit.

"So fucking full!" I yelled, throwing my head back against Riley's shoulder. "More!"

Seth couldn't find a good angle to suck my dick, so he went behind his boyfriend. I knew when he started fucking him because Riley's grip on me tightened and he started moving faster.

"Fuck! No!" I hissed when Jazz slipped out.

He chuckled as our hands met on his dick, ready to help him back inside me.

"It feels fucking wonderful being inside you and rubbing against Riley's cock. Heaven."

Their hands were all over my body as they started moving faster, harder, at the same time. No one needed to touch my dick, as it erupted in steams of cum all over mine and Jasper's chests. They kept moving until they came undone.

A part of me was sad to put an end to the best Christmas present anyone could wish for, but I knew that I'd always have our friends – no matter what way.

I was happy we had such a tight bond that we could still be friends and look each other in the eye, even after this magical day.

Nothing could come between our friendship.

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