Chapter 8

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For Vader, just because he smiled

Luckily he had no problems logging into his COMET at his workstation. With the steady hum of the air ventilator in the background and a steaming cup of coffee by his side, Gohan pulled his files from the bridge case and got to work.

The office was quiet at this early hour. As the lone occupant of the large open-plan layout, there was no senseless office chatter, no ringing telephones, no whirring copiers or competing degrees of hard keystrokes across the cubicles to distract him. He was focused and determined, as he sifted through the long contents of reports.

It would be an hour before he looked away from his screen, his face set in a scowl. There was no working around it, without that evidence, his report was as good as useless.

Damn it! What should I do? What should I do? Think!

The way he saw it, even a first year student with little or no experience would be able to plug holes in it.

What should I do? He chewed the back of his pencil, his eyes narrowed as he tried to think of a possible loop-hole. Damn it! It was already too late to fly over to the site to collect new evidence. Re-construction had begun at the bridge and there was no way anything he found now would be credible. They would argue contamination and have the whole thing thrown out of court. He would. He just had to think of something, and think fast.

If these guys get away with this, it will be my fault.

"Damn dirty bastards, burning down my home," he muttered, reaching for his forgotten mug of coffee. "Crap, now it's cold."

Just as he was thinking about getting up to make a new one, the familiar Ki of one Ms Kirsty D. Leigh reached him long before the clank of her heels could reach his ears. He could feel himself blushing as the familiar scent of her fragrance tickled at his nostrils. He braced himself before he looked up, and sure enough the sight that greeted him as she swayed, clad in a dark tapered skirt and a ruffled beige blouse did not disappoint. She was breathtaking, as usual.

"Thought I'd find you here this morning," were the first words out of that beautiful mouth. "Grasping at straws are we?" she stared meaningfully at all the work he had in front of him.

Gohan gulped, so she knew, about his… mess-up. Just great.

"I have something to show you, come to my station." she commanded, passing past his desk without sparing him another look.

Gohan did trip in his flustered and far from graceful haste to follow after her. He hovered around her work-station, waiting patiently, albeit nervously as she hung her purse, pulled files from a briefcase, arranging them neatly on her desk and finally, as she settled in behind her chair, swiveling to the side as she logged into her computer.

He still waited, as quietly as a thief.

"We all work from home, but it was stupid to take the evidence with you," she spoke while her fingers flew over the keyboard.

Gohan shuffled his feet, what could he say? He was in the wrong and he knew it, it was best to shut-up and let her get this lecture out of her system. Man, what he wouldn't give to be human, 'cause then he'd feel no shame in venting out his frustration on that arsonist after he woke up. It was his fault that his competence had shrunk in Kirsty's eyes.

"I had a word with an acquaintance from Synergy." she said conversationally. "As you know, they were privately recruited by the insurance companies involved to conduct their own investigation in order to protect their interests." The look she gave him said 'If you didn't know that, then you're an even bigger chump that I'd thought.'

"Um yes, I'm aware." he croaked.

"Good. I've persuaded them to turn over their evidence to us since they really have no use for it,"

He gaped, unable to believe what he was hearing. How the hell did she manage to pull that off?

"With the promise to loan out our most promising intern for a spell."

Now he was confused.

"They heard about your knack for solving cold cases. They have something that's stumped them for months and need fresh eyes. Luckily they trust a little in my judgment, so when I assured them you'd deliver, they believed me."

Gohan just stared; this woman… she'd accomplished all that on a Sunday? He could do absolutely nothing as the admiration he already held for her climbed to unimaginable heights.

"I also took the liberty to speak with the prosecutor. He will postpone for a while to give us time to compose ourselves. Here," she pushed a folder towards him. "This is a summary of what Synergy has. Go through it this morning, we'll head over to their lab around lunch time to verify the evidence and run some tests of our own."

Gohan took the folder, pulling out the contents one by one. He gave them each a quick scan, just to have an idea of what he'd have to work with. He could feel his blood heating up at the contents. He really didn't know what to say, this was better than the miracle he'd hoped for. With this, all was not lost, with this… he grinned at the piece of paper, he couldn't help it, this was great. This woman… he literally had to hold himself back from hoisting her out of that chair and spinning her round and round in glee. He was just that happy.

"Well?" she pushed up the rim of her glasses and stared at him.

He cleared his throat, "Um… I don't know what to say, thank you Kirsty. I really appreciate this."

With a stale expression, the structural engineer regarded him coolly. "Don't look so pleased Son, it's nothing personal. As one of the supervisors, it's my job to fix you interns' cock-ups."

Gohan cringed, a hot wave of embarrassment flushing him on the spot. He honestly didn't know where to look.

"That's it then," she turned back to her screen. "They'll be calling you in upstairs when they arrive. You're in for an ear-full so be prepared."

Again, he didn't know what to say. "Alright, I'll try to be." he settled for that, but his voice betrayed his nervousness.

The fires may not be his fault, but if he hadn't breached the rules, the situation wouldn't be nearly as serious. There was nothing he could say in his defense with regards to that, luckily thanks to Kirsty he was still able to fix it. He would just have to apologize for the huge inconvenience to the organization and the prosecution and hope that his hard work in the past would be enough to let him get off with just a slap on his wrist. He really didn't want to lose this internship.

"Don't make that pitiful face, they're not stupid enough to let a good asset slip through their fingers. You'll be chewed-up, deservedly so," she pursed. "But, you'll be fine. Now get out of my face, you have work to do."

"Um, right, right." He clutched the folder and turned to leave.

"Oh, and Son,"

"Uh, yes?" he halted, turning back nervously as he braced himself for another verbal punch.

"About your home, I know it must be hard."


"I have a decent couch in my apartment; you're welcome to use it for a while."

And just like that, the folder from Synergy fell right through his hands, the contents spilling and scattering all over the place.

Pounding, that's what it was: intense pounding in his head.

He opened his eyes immediately fixing to cower at an invisible enemy. The last thing he remembered was trying to flee the scene when some unnaturally strong lady beast had come out of nowhere, laying it on him so hard and so fast he hadn't been able to raise one hand in self defence. And Kami knew he was no chump, he'd made it all the way into the finals of some small-time Martial Arts tournaments in his day, he definitely knew how to handle himself. But that lady beast… he shuddered just thinking about it, his body wanting to cave in on itself at the memory of that ordeal.

He was in the hospital he realized after a quick scan of his surroundings. The room was quiet and deserted. Good.

This was his chance to make up for lost time. The young intern was taken care of, and since he was the primary expert there was no need to take care of anyone else from his organization. All that remained was the prosecutor and whatever evidence he might have stashed in his office or house. He couldn't afford to get stalled here, not before he'd proved himself on this job.

He swung his legs from the bed and touched the cold tiled floor with his bare feet. It was only then he realized that several cords were moving with him. Quickly, he ripped out the IV from his arm, wondering momentarily what the purpose of the cord coming from his chest area was.

That chest area - boy did it hurt. Worse than the pounding in his head, and definitely worse than the time he'd gotten pinned trying to help that bus of old citizens years ago.

He squinted at the shooting pain down his back as he moved, feeling a little light headed, but he'd been in worse conditions. Ok, here goes nothing, he braced himself as he delicately removed the patch from his chest.


The monitor betrayed him with a loud noise and in a panic he landed a quick karate chop, cracking and shutting up the noisy machine. But man, that just about zapped every ounce of energy he had left.

Shit, he saw blood seeping from his foot. Not knowing what to use, he ripped part of the sheet from the bed and wrapped it quickly around the wound. Hobbling out of the room was not as easy as he'd anticipated, but he was getting out of this place no matter what.

Suddenly he heard a mad rush of footsteps coming from outside his door. He froze; what to do? Where to hide? On instinct he fell into a fighting stance, ready to put to sleep any nurse or doctor intent on getting in his way.

To his horror, when the door burst open, the lady beast from last night stood in the threshold looking even more ferocious. At her side were two men dressed in uniform.

Oh fuck.

Oh, this was priceless, this was too priceless! Gohan grinned as his fingers flew over his keyboard. To think of the time he'd wasted stressing about it last night and this morning. Heh heh… his report would be even more damaging to those unscrupulous hinge guys at this rate, the findings from the preliminary work of the Synergy team were golden. He was extremely lucky to have these at his fingertips, they were almost as good as his.

Almost, heh

Man, he could just kiss Kirsty for…

No! he recoiled in horror, he did not just think that! How could he even think about another woman when he had Kata? This morning too, when she'd walked into the office, he'd revelled in that sweet fragrance that always graced the office when she was around, he'd admired how beautiful she'd looked in her outfit. What was wrong with him? Kata was unrivalled in his eyes and yet, he still found Kirsty that normal? Or was he just as bad as Lime's ex?

He cringed, just thinking about that two-timing loser.

No! I would never two-time Kata or Kirsty!

Having lost his earlier concentration, he was now made aware of the background noise that filled the office. Worriedly, he wondered about his fate. He'd been hard at work for hours now and they'd still not called him in upstairs. Not that he was in a hurry to get chewed-out, but it would have been nice to get it over and done with so he'd stop stressing.

Amongst the ringing phones, the shuffle of movement and the hum of traffic outside, a distinct wolf-whistle rang annoyingly in his ears. He knew exactly where it was coming from. He turned around, not surprised to find the majority of his fellow interns gathered in Anre's cubicle in the corner. They were crowded behind him, staring at whatever Anre had open on his screen. There was much whistling, snickering and laughing to be heard– clearly another celebrity gawking session. It seemed to be a regular Monday ritual for them.

"Hot! Hot! Hot!" a voice he didn't recognize exclaimed excitedly.

"Aww man, I live in the wrong city!" now that voice he knew. It belonged to the hyper Anre. "Just look at her friend's cleavage in that golden dress, not fair." he complained. "Satan City's clearly hogging all the hotties."

"Give it a rest Anre, like you could afford Reserves even if you lived in Satan City, keep dreaming chump!" they laughed at him.

Reserves? Gohan wondered why the name sounded faintly familiar. Ah well, if it was the gathering place of the rich and famous in Satan City, he'd probably overheard Anre and co. mention it before.

"Oh, sweet Kami! Check-out her behind in this pic! Zoom in idiot!" another voice he recognized urged. Gohan was surprised; Mosa had always given him the impression of being somewhat shy.

"Guys, we really ought to stop being so lame and make a plan to terrorize Satan City one of these weekends,"

A snicker, "Oh yes Ms Satan, arrest me please."

"Man the Champ sure has it all ey? If I had a daughter as hot as that, I'd lock her up and throw away the key!"

"Idiot! What does the Champ care if his daughter's hot? It's not like he can bang her."

"Anre, you're so nasty man, shut your mouth and enlarge the blonde's cleavage. I wanna see more of Ms Goldielocks."

They laughed.

Gohan decided he'd heard enough; it was a frequent thing after all. They were always making crude remarks about any celebrities gracing the gossip pages of the day. Funny, he had no idea that Hercule had a daughter, but given the father, he didn't see how any offspring of his could be attractive.

He snickered, picturing a female Hercule with large biceps, red lipstick and a huge fro. Curiously, he launched his internet browser to look it up, she couldn't possibly be as bad as he imagined if his colleagues were lusting after her. But then his phone starting ringing and by the time he was done with the conversation he had long forgotten about looking up pictures of Hercule's daughter.

It was the Fire Mountain Inspector - the arsonist was awake, and he wasn't talking.

She scowled; this was the last thing she needed. She'd been on her merry way to Blue City when she'd got the call from the chief.

Figures that she now found herself surrounded. It was supposed to be a routine thing: she'd fly to the scene, beat someone up, case closed. That's how it had always been.

Apparently today, these guys didn't get that memo.

They were the normal thugs she was used to taking down. They were brutes for the most part. And like brutes, they didn't quite have the mental capacity to know they were royally screwed. But she did have to give them credit. They had managed to lure her here into this situation, hinting there was some intelligence amongst them. They were even armed with various blunt objects, such as baseball bats, two-by-fours, and clubs. Each one looked as if they wanted to beat her black and blue.

That was totally not happening.

Slowly they crept up on her. Crouching herself, Videl scanned each thug, trying to get a read on them. They were all trying to get within swinging distance so that she couldn't beat them first. She was gonna have to change that. There had been a guy edging his way up to her from behind. If she had been that guy, she would have already struck since he had a very nice shot at her blind side. He would have to go first, mostly because her instinct to never let an opponent attack from behind was screaming at her.

With a glance at the other thugs, she knew just how to do it.

Leaning backwards, Videl jumped into the air, planting her hands on the ground and swinging her lower body through the air, performing a backflip. As her feet reached the peak of her flip, she brought her knees into her chest. Bending her elbow, she then pushed off the ground with as much force as she could, launching herself towards her targeted opponent. Thrusting her legs down, she slammed both of her feet into the thugs face, sending him flying off the ground and crashing into the wall behind him. As Videl landed back on the ground, the thug crumpled to a heap, unconscious.

For a moment, the other thugs were stunned by the action. Then as one, they all yelled out war cries as they charged, drawing back their weapons to swing at her.

Instantly, Videl dashed at them, staying low to the ground. One of the closest ones swung at her, bending down to hit her, which caused Videl to leap high into the air, flying over the man's head. Extending one of her legs out, she planted her foot in the face of the thug behind the first man, knocking him off his feet and slamming the back of his head into the ground. That was another one down.

Bending her arm out, her elbow extended, she shot back towards her first attacker, ramming her elbow into his back, causing the man to give a cry of pain. Not hesitating, she drew back a fist and fired it at the back of his head, landing the blow and causing the man to stumble forward. It wasn't a knockout blow, but he would be seeing stars for several moments.

By this point, two of the other thugs had closed in on her, already swinging clubs at her. On instinct, Videl leapt away from them, their swings missing her.

Taking a good look at her remaining opponents, Videl knew she needed to take out another one soon, before the man currently seeing stars recovered and joined back in. This called for one of her father's special moves, one of which that had been passed down the line of every Satan from the family's inception. Her father had entrusted her the technique when she had hit puberty and told her to only use it if someone got "fresh with her."

Dashing at the men again, she summoned all the strength she could and forced it into her leg. Drawing it back, she then swung it at one of the men, shouting "Satan Kick!"

The blow rang true as her foot slammed right into the man's groin, causing him to drop his weapon and give out a high-pitched cry. The Satan Kick had worked again.

Quickly, Videl went with a follow-up punch, slugging the man in the face and forcing him to fly into the man next to him. That would tie up that guy for a moment, allowing Videl to face the only other non-injured guy left.

That man proved to have the brains that the rest of the men didn't. One look at her, then to her foot, then back to her face and the man dropped his baseball bat and ran off. Though Videl wasn't one to let a man escape, she still had two men to take down. Surely the police department could get that guy's name out of his friends here. She had to be quick about things; she had a lunch-date to keep.

Not giving any more thought to him, Videl turned her sights to the other two standing men, one of which was pushing her last victim off of him and to the ground. That left an opening for the Satan girl as she rushed him and threw a barrage of punches into his midsection, knocking the wind out of the guy. With a vicious uppercut, she knocked him out, the man collapsing to the ground.

It was then she caught sight of something from the corner of her eyes. She only managed to turn her head in time to see a metal baseball bat swinging at her. However, instead of going for her head, he went in low and slammed into her shin. Immediately, Videl felt a jolt of pain shoot up her leg, followed by a sickening crack. With a cry, she tumbled backwards, landing on her back as she grabbed her leg.

"I got you now, you skinny bitch," the thug grunted at her, slowly approaching her as he tapped the bat in his hand.

An enraged expression covered the girl's face. If he thought a hurt leg was going to give him an advantage, he was sorely mistaken. However, she wasn't going to let her anger get the better of her. Not right now anyways. Lying there, she let the guy walk closer to her, letting him feel more and more confident of his advantage.

Standing over her, he lifted the bat high over his head. "I'm so going to enjoy this," he said wickedly, a mad gleam in his eye.

That was when Videl raised her hands to the centre of her face, spreading out her fingers, she didn't have time to ponder whether she was doing it right or not, at the first tingling she projected whatever it was she was feeling and ran with it. "Solar Flare!" she cried out, blinding her over eager opponent. As he froze in horror, Videl didn't hesitate, and she lashed out with her good leg, sweeping the thug's legs out from under him.

A comical look appeared on his face as he fell backwards, a cry of surprise coming from his lips as he landed on his ass.

She'd already pushed herself onto her feet, her injured leg screaming at her as she did so. Jumping up, she landed on top of the guy and grabbed him by his shirt collar. Pulling his head up, she punched him hard in the face, forcing his head back into the ground. The clanging of his bat against the ground told her he had dropped his weapon.

Pulling his head back up, she then said "You bastard, I had plans for lunch, now I have to go to the hospital. This is for ruining my day."

A loud scream echoed soon after.

The ride to Synergy in Kirsty's car was more than just a little uncomfortable. She didn't speak, so he didn't dare.

He kept his eyes on the piece of paper he held in his hand – a list of everything he wanted to ask as well as a list of tests he wanted performed. He wanted to bring up the subject of him being 'loaned-out,' but a quick glance at her stoic face from the corner of his eyes was enough to kill his confidence.

He sighed, returning back to his list – not that he hadn't memorized it by now. His eyes were glued to patterns of the ink but his thoughts strayed to the arsonist and the conversation he'd had with the Inspector. He frowned. It had been too much to hope that the guy would wake up and confess to his part in the two fires.


He jumped. He hadn't been counting on hearing her voice. "N-No," he squeaked, willing himself to get a grip.

She didn't say anything else, making him even more uncomfortable than he'd been. Luckily his phone did him the favor of breaking the new silence.

Oh shit!

How could he have forgotten to call and cancel? It was Kata's number flashing on his screen, and he'd clean forgot to call her and cancel their lunch date. Just thinking about how angry she was going to be at being 'stood-up,' it was almost enough to make him ignore the call.

"Hello," he picked up, a familiar sense of dread creeping up on him.

"I'm so sorry, I can't make it," was the first thing she said.

Eh? Could it be that his luck finally turning around? He could hardly believe it. "That's okay, things are a bit crazy with work today."

"You sound so disappointed." she teased, her voice tinted with a faint crackle from the less than perfect connection.

"Heh," he chuckled, his eyes long removed from the list in his hands. His eyes were focused outside his window, though his brain did not register any of the skyscrapers, flashing billboards and satellite dishes that blurred by. "I am, of course I'm very disappointed, but I'm so swamped with work that I was worried we wouldn't have enough time. What about tomorrow?" he asked hopefully. He'd still have a lot of work to do, but he'd definitely plan his day better.

"Err… I don't think I'll be able to this week but we'll see,"

All week? He shifted uncomfortably in the chair. "The whole week? Is anything wrong?" Now he was worried, did she not want to see him anymore?

"Just an insignificant incident involving my leg, I'm about to go in for an x-ray so I can't talk for long. Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't coming."

He straightened up in an instant. "X-rays? What happened? Are you okay? Where are you?" he blurted one question after another, senses on full alert as he scanned the planet for her Ki.

"I'm fine, just a run-in with some crooks swinging bats."

His fingers curled into a fist, crushing the flimsy to-do list inside them while his eardrums thundered with his pulse. Swinging bats? Someone swung a bat at her?

"…which was nothing a little Solar Flare couldn't fix," she chuckled. "Feel proud, you taught me well."

There was noise, too much noise in his head, in his heart and he couldn't seem to quiet it with this damn engine humming in his ears as well. How could this happen? "Which hospital Videl? I'm coming over." He stated in a voice he seldom had cause to use.

She laughed. "So you do know how to use my real name."

"Which hospital?" he said more sternly. "I'm coming over."

"And where would that leave the work you have to get done, hmm?"

"How can I possibly concentrate on work when you've been attacked? I-"

"I was not attacked," she cut in calmly. "I was merely assisting the police, this is no big deal. It's probably not even fractured."

He inhaled sharply, he knew how fragile the human body was, and a clash with a swinging bat was... "Which hospital?" he repeated. He already had her Ki pinpointed, and thankfully it seemed calm and even.

She growled. "It doesn't matter, even if you abandoned your responsibilities to come chasing after me, by the time you got to Satan City I'd have finished here and gone home. So you see, there's really no point."

He rubbed the inner corners of his eyes. This playing human game was quickly becoming tiresome. The sooner she knew about him the better, assuming she wouldn't run in the opposite direction of course. He should be able to fly over there to see to her without fuss or headache of how he would explain himself. But she didn't know about him yet, so he had to force himself to play by the acceptable laws of physics, well at least pretend to. "Fine," he relented. "I'll come see you straight after work. What's your address?"

"M-My address?" she squeaked.

"Enough chit-chat Son, we're here." Kirsty's voice slipped in, making him tense up as he realized that he'd completely forgotten himself.

He coughed, feeling embarrassed to have been talking to Videl in Kirsty's presence. Dropping his voice as low as he could, he spoke with his mouth within kissing distance of his phone. "I'm sorry Videl," he more or less whispered. "I'm going into a meeting now. Please text me your address." And like a child about to be scolded, he hung up trying to rescue to crushed paper in his hand.

Kirsty's eyes were as disapproving as ever. "Girlfriend?" she enquired coolly as she unbuckled her seatbelt, long legs slipping gracefully out the car.

Gohan followed their movement involuntarily until he caught himself. He swallowed, unlatching his own belt as he followed suit. "Something like that," he flushed as he matched her long strides.

Is she?

Erasa cracked her neck and flexed her fingers, a small frown on her face. At this rate she wouldn't be able to submit her manuscript on time, and it was all thanks to her best friend. How in the world did Videl expect her to concentrate on her writing while she was lying in the next room with that hideous leg!

She huffed, abandoning her computer. She wasn't getting anywhere with her writing today. She pushed her chair back and walked barefooted into her tiny kitchen, sticking her head in the fridge in search of something to nibble on.

"Ms V!" she called out. "Want a drink?"

"Sure," came the voice from the bedroom. "What you got?"

"Nothing fit enough for the Champ's stupid brat that's for sure. So you'll just have to settle for grape soda."

"What's your problem now Erasa? Why am I suddenly a brat?"

Erasa grabbed two cans of soda, shut the door and walked into her cozy bedroom. "Catch," she tossed one at her best-friend.

Videl was sitting on the bed, propped up in front of two large continental pillows. She was dressed very simply, a white fitted t-shirt with denim shorts. Her hair was tied up messily at the back of her head; a few loose locks tucked behind her ear. She cradled a print-out on her thighs, her eyes focused on the task at hand. Her reflexes didn't fail her though, for as soon as the soda can came hurtling in her direction, she caught it without turning her head. "Well?" she asked her friend, still not bothering to look up at Erasa. "Tell me why I'm such a brat," she asked absentmindedly.

"Because!" huffed Erasa. "Because you're so... you're so... not sexy!"

Videl rolled her eyes, "You're still on about that? How can I look sexy when my leg is bruised and swollen, not to mention stuck in that?" she pointed at said leg.

Erasa stared at it, frowning at it as she shook her head in disapproval. Her friend's leg was wrapped neatly in white bandages around the calf, but there was evidence of all the bruising and swelling going on underneath. It was obvious from exposed skin of her ankle and foot. She had the leg supported in a bright blue fibreglass splint which just irritated her because there was nothing attractive about it. She supposed a removable splint was better than a full on cast, but... she had seen her friend in this condition before and whereas in the past, having Videl Satan immobilized like this for a few weeks was worrying, she had accepted it with resigned patience because of who her friend was. These types of injuries, and others... were just part of her life. And Kami knew she'd come to know the walls of Satan Hospital very well on account of Videl's constant ins and outs. However this time... she didn't have it in her to be resigned or patient. She was thoroughly exasperated with her best friend.

"You idiot!" she scolded yet again. "You should have thought about that before you allowed yourself to get nailed in the leg in the first place! What will Cloud guy say when he gets here and sees you in this sorry state? Really Videl, did you really have to take that call today?"

"He can think whatever he likes, this is part of who I am Erasa, you don't honestly expect me to postpone putting away criminals just because I'm seeing someone, do you?"

"I do!"

Videl laughed, "Why doesn't that surprise me?" she said dryly, eyes turning back to her print-out. "Stop stressing about useless things and come tell me what you think about these two apartments. You think he'll like them?"

"I don't think he'll care Videl! You should be more concerned about what he'll think about you. Let me fix up your hair and your face a bit at least, being injured doesn't mean you have to look so unsightly."

"I look fine!"

"The poor guy just lost his home, but he's still driving more than an hour out of his way to come and see you after a long day of work mind-you, he deserves more than just fine. He deserves sexy!"

Videl growled, "You are so annoying! Why did I even come here in the first place?" she grumbled.

"Because you begged me to, you ungrateful cow. And if you don't let me fix you up I'll kick you out and then you'll have no place to hide."

"I'm not hiding, I just..."

"Yeah, yeah, you don't want him to know where you live 'cause if he sees that enormous mansion, he'll definitely know what you really are. I get it. Still, he's not gonna be fooled you know, it's obvious that this is my apartment not yours."

"I know. I'll just tell him that I'm crashing here for a while because my very compassionate best friend wants to take care of me."

Erasa rolled her eyes. "So I'm playing nurse am I?" she grinned. "You should have told me earlier. I have a nurse's costume lying around somewhere. Shall I slip it on?" she pouted, fluttering her eyelashes. "Oh Mr Cloud Guy," she began in what Videl called her 'blonde voice'. "Please, take off your shirt and let Nurse Erasa take your temperature."

Videl glared, "Go ahead, if you have a death wish."

Erasa giggled. "Aww, you're cute when you're jealous. If only Sharpener were here to see it, he'll never believe it otherwise. And speaking about our handsome blonde friend, isn't it time you guys made up?"

Videl merely lowered her eyes back to her property list, pretending she hadn't even heard her mention Sharpener's name. Ah well, she was nothing if not stubborn. "I know you heard me Ms Vindictive. I really think it's time that you guys-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence. Her eyes lit up instead. "Doorbell!" she squealed excitedly, grinning in Videl's direction. Oh, now she'd get to meet this so called Cloud guy. Videl had really sang his praises, 'he's so handsome Erasa, so perfect Erasa.'

Yeah right, if he was so perfect, then why didn't he have a flock of girls chasing after him hmm? When it came to these matters, Videl was just too damn sheltered for her own good. The poor girl just probably mistook an average guy for Mr. Perfect. Still, average or not, she was dying, just dying to get a look at him.

High on all the ways she'd be able to tease her best friend about her boyfriend after today, she practically floated to the door on a cloud of blissful giggles. Hurriedly, she unlatched the safety then flung the door open.

"Um, you must be Erasa. I'm Gohan, nice to meet you."

It took her awhile to scrape her jaw from the floor. Okay, so maybe Videl did know the definition of attractive.


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