I'm Not Done Loving You:

Callie sat in the rocking chair staring down at the face of her daughter. Usually, this would be one of the happiest days of her life. Usually, nothing at all could get her down right now. Usually, Arizona would be by her side when things were hard. The problem is that Arizona was in surgery and Callie was desperately waiting for an update. Since her fiancé was wheeled out of the delivery room into an OR, she had basically been a zombie. The only reason she had even cracked a smile is because her daughter was gorgeous and it was hard not to feel some happiness about becoming a mother.

"Excuse me, Dr. Torres," one of the residents said coming into the room.

She looked up hopefully wanting to know what was going on, "How is she?"

"Dr. Montgomery is still in surgery, but she says it is going well. Thinks she will be done within the hour. She wanted me to tell you that Dr. Robbins is in good hands and not to worry."

"Thanks, but there is no way I can come close to not worrying right now."

"I understand Dr. Torres, but Dr. Montgomery has seen this type of complication all the time and you know she's the best."

Callie started to cry again, "I know, she's just my life."

"I'm sorry Dr. Torres, I'm sure everything will be okay."

The resident left the room to head back to surgery and Barbara came back with food.

"Callie, I got pizza from your favorite place and coffee."

"Thank you, but I can't eat right now."

"Callie, you need to take care of yourself. I know you have not eaten since the labor started and you must be hungry."

"How can I eat while her life is still in danger?"

"Arizona will be okay. We can't give up hope and since she can't be here to take care of you, I will."

Callie just stared at the food still.

"Calliope Torres, you will eat this pizza and drink your coffee. Seriously, you don't wanna mess with me."

Callie knew Barbara was serious and even though she was upset, she was hungry. The broken woman quietly ate the food brought for her. When she was finishing, Addison came in.

"Callie, Arizona is in recovery now. She's stable."

"Dios Mio. Thank you Addie, thank you," Callie said rushing to pull her into a hug.

"It's my pleasure. She lost a lot of blood and we were a little worried at first, but everything is fine. We stopped the bleeding and were able to repair everything just fine. There is a chance though that she won't be able to carry another child though."

"I'm just glad she is alive. I couldn't bare to lose her. Thank you so much, I owe you."

"Just doing my job. Do you want to see her?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Don't worry, I'll watch her," Barbara said gesturing towards the baby in her arms.

"Thank you," Callie said moving over to give the baby a kiss.

Coming into the recovery room, Callie let out a sigh of relief when she saw her blonde laying on the bed. She grabbed Arizona's hand and kissed it as she sat next to her.

"Oh sweetheart! I was so scared. I'm so glad you are okay, I love you."

She sat with her for about a half hour until the nurse came over and said they were going to move her back to a room. About an hour after that, she still had not woken up and Callie was getting worried.

"Shouldn't she be waking up by now?" she asked Addison who had come to check in and get some baby time.
"Sometimes it takes time. She should be waking up anytime now. Stop worrying, I told you she is stable and will be fine."

"I know, I just need to talk to her. That's the only way I will stop freaking out."

"I understand, I really do, but you have to be patient. On another note, this baby is seriously the cutest little angel I have ever seen."

Callie smiled watching Addison rock her daughter, "Yeah, she's perfect."

"She totally looks like a Sofia."

"Yeah I think so too. I hope Arizona agrees so we can officially name her."

Callie quickly whipped around when she heard a slight cough and felt a little movement in the hand she was holding.

"Arizona? Arizona can you hear me?"

Her eyelids started fluttering open and she croaked out, "b—baby?"

"It's a girl. She's healthy and beautiful."

"Mmm" Arizona mumbled as she fully opened her eyes.

"Arizona, I was so scared. I thought I lost you."

"You can't get rid of me that easy," Arizona joked and it was clear she was still herself.

"I never want to be rid of you. I love you."

Addison brought the baby over and placed her in Callie's arms, "I'll give you some time alone."

"Thanks Addie."

"Baby girl, meet your Mama," she said as she turned back to Arizona and moved onto the side of the bed.

"Oh Calliope, she is gorgeous."

"What do you think about a name? I waited for you to decide."

"That's sweet. I think she looks like a Sofia, no doubt."

Callie smiled, "I think the same thing. So we are going with that name?"

"Sofia Michelle Robbins-Torres, let's make it official."

"I love you little Sofia," Callie said kissing her head, "And I love you Sofia's Mama."

"I love you too Calliope," she said clearly trying to hide how tired she was after the birth and the surgery.

"You must be exhausted babe, you should sleep."

"I don't want to miss a single moment."

"You need rest. We will be here when you wake up."


Callie and Sofia were in the rocker when Arizona opened her eyes again. She didn't let Callie know she was awake yet because she just wanted to watch.

"That's right Sofia, you have the best mommies in the world. We have had some rough times, but we love each other so, so much. And we love you even more. I can't wait for you to get to know your Mama. She's the most amazing woman you will ever meet and you are going to have her wrapped around your little finger. She even has these wheelie sneaks that I hate, but secretly love. Don't tell her I said that."

Arizona couldn't help but let out a little chuckle, which made Callie's head snap up.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to hear you admit you like my wheelie sneaks and say how much you love me."

"Well it's all true, but I still think you should get rid of the sneaks for your safety."

"Never!" Arizona protested.

Callie moved towards Arizona's bed. She handed over the baby and moved onto the bed next to her fiancé. With her arms around Arizona, they watched the sleeping little girl. After about 5 minutes she noticed that Arizona was starting to cry softly.

"Baby, what's wrong? Are we hurting you?"

"No, no I'm fine. I just, I just can't believe I almost missed out on this."

"Well you didn't, Addison says you will be okay."

"That's not what I meant. I almost walked away from you and our daughter because I was stubborn and stupid. I almost lost this by choice."

"Arizona, that is all in the past. It doesn't matter now because you are here now."

"What am I supposed to tell her?"

"Tell who?"

"Sofia, when we are telling her stories about when I was pregnant and all that. How am I supposed to tell my daughter that I didn't always want her?"

"That is not something you ever have to say. We will figure it out. You can always just tell her that you were unsure about being a Mama, but let her know how much you love her and that you have been there her entire life. That is what matters."

"Yeah, I-I guess," she sniffled.

"Arizona look at me. We all make mistakes and we are moving on from them. You love our daughter and will make an amazing mother, that is what counts."

"What did I do to deserve you?"

"You're amazing that's what."

Arizona smiled, "I love you."

"Love you too."