Sebastian sighed loudly as he walked downstairs his parents had just texted him about some family emergency. Truth be told he didn't get along with his parents. His dad, Alex, was hardly ever there always busy working cases and he never really felt close to him at all and his mother, Cindy, seemed so distant from him it's like she couldn't stand to be alone with him or near him he felt like an outsider in his own home how pathetic is that?

When Sebastian walked into the living room he saw his dad sitting the couch and his mom sitting on the seat beside him. His mother looked sad almost and his dad was looking at him like he had done something horrible.

Oh shit, Sebastian thought, What did I do what have I done wrong that they could have possibly found out well there was the blackmailing Finn thing and the slushie incident damn the slushie incident but I mean I don't have much to worry about me and Blaine are dating now just play it cool.

"What's up?" Sebastian asked trying not show his anxiety.

"Sit down". Alex said his voice firm and edgy like he could break out yelling at any second.

Crap this isn't good he is pissed, Sebastian thought as he sat down on the loveseat in front of the couch trying not to have a panic attack.

"I'd repeat myself but then I'd sound like a moron". Sebastian stated.

"Uck". Alex made a gagging like noise and turned his head away in disgust.

Well that's new, Sebastian thought grimily. His dad usually wasn't so open about his disgust for Sebastian but Sebastian knew he did either way. His mother looked grim her lips in a straight line.

"Sebastian I- we have something to tell you". Cindy said softly her expression now of pity.

"No". Alex countered his voice had a tense edge. "You have something to tell him because you lied because you are slut". Alex said through gritted teeth his entire body tense with angry. Cindy face with grim again her lips pursed together obviously tense as well his mom was a beautiful lady with brown hair and green eyes just like his she was in 38. His dad was very handsome had bright blonde hair and electric blue eyes he was 37.

"I had an affair a while back and I got pregnant with you". Cindy said softly.

"Summary, your not my son thank God because you're a selfish manipulative bastard you're just like you're real father". Alex said with a mocking smile.

Sebastian surprisingly felt nothing he never felt no emotional tie to Alex so it didn't bother him in fact it relieved him it meant his dad didn't hate him.

"So who is my dad?" Sebastian asked not really thrown that much off. Cindy looked at him not thrown off guard by his nonchalant attidue. Just like his father, Cindy thought. Like asshole like asshole, Alex thought bitterly.

"His name is Gregory House".