Chapter 1: The Prophecy

King Uther sighed and rubbed his eyes. His head had a slight ache to it that promised a full blown migraine if he didn't find something to calm him soon. Arthur, now three-years-old, had presented a challenge again this evening when the nurse maids had tried to put him down for bed. Arthur had screamed and thrown a fit, demanding a bed time story from his father. The nurse maids had sought Uther in desperation after trying everything they could to coax the little prince to at least attempt sleep. Uther's presence had an immediate calming effect on his son. Despite his demands to see him, his father was an intimidating figure in his eyes. Uther had scolded his son for misbehaving and had ordered him into bed. However, seeing the disappointment in Arthur's eyes he had relented and told Arthur the story of the Pendragon's conquest of the last dragon. Arthur fell asleep before the story ended so Uther gave him a gentle kiss on his head and left. He had a few more things to accomplish before he was free for the evening.

When he was finally finished his impending headache dictated his actions. The library was wondrously empty when Uther arrived. He explored the bookcases at his leisure, searching for a book to help him relax before bed. He was in the back of the library, a place not often visited as evidence by the amount of dust that covered the furniture and books. Uther was looking for a particular story and had yet to find it. The back shelves were his final hope. Thinking he saw the book on the top shelf Uther stretched up to grab it. He lost his footing and crashed into the wall. His grunt of pain almost prevented him from hearing the slight click but he felt the small portion of wall that depressed under his weight. There was a loose panel in the wall next to him. After standing and clearing himself of any injury Uther approached the panel and pulled it from it's place in the wall.

Behind the panel was a book. Cobwebs and dust covered it from years of disuse but it was otherwise unassuming. A simple brown, leather bound book. But no one would hide something unless it was something worth hiding. Uther grabbed the book, dusting it of with his hand and breath. His eyes narrowed as he saw the symbol inscribed on the cover. It was a symbol used by the Druids, a symbol of the old religion. A symbol of magic. Uther opened the book, wanting to know what form of evil magic was written in it's pages. So it came as a surprise when his eyes alighted on a blank page. Uther frowned and flipped through the book, but there was no writing to be found on any part of the book. Uther didn't understand it but decided it was safer to destroy it then understand it.

Uther walked over to the fireplace and was about to toss the book in when something caught his eye. Where there had previously been a blank page, writing was beginning to appear. Uther sat down heavily in a chair near the fireplace and watched as the writing formed. Uther kept reading long after the writing had completely formed. He finally concluded that he had found a prophecy. It spoke of a man they referred to as 'The Once and Future King' who would unite the land of Albion. But he would not be alone in this endeavor. A great sorcerer, Emrys, would help him. Uther slammed the book shut, and rose to his feet. He saw Emrys as an evil being who would control this 'Once and Future King' and force him to allow magic to reign free.

" No great sorcerer will harm any future kings while I still have breath within me. " he seethed, thinking of the sleeping Arthur in his bed.

Uther summoned the guards and gave them his orders, " You will be searching for a sorcerer named Emrys. Find him, capture him, and bring him back for execution. "

" If he should resist, milord? " the head of the guard queried.

Uther fixed him with a level glare that had the knight backing up a pace sub consciously, " If he should resist, kill him. "