AN: Sorry, this chapter is pretty short. Class is now in two and a half hours. I just need to finished the second plot point and this was it. Enjoy.

Blaine was so excited for his date with Kurt that he woke up early. That had never happened and he wasn't sure what to do with the extra twenty minutes. He ended up working on his book. Breakfast was served at eight as usual but he took extra time to eat. Rachel saw the change and smiled. Kurt was already getting Blaine off his schedule, something she thought to be a very good sign. Perhaps Kurt could help him.

"So, you nervous?"

"Yes," he said bluntly. "I don't go on dates often. What should I talk about? Or will he provide the topics?"

Rachel laughed at her clueless brother. "You'll both talk about things. And you can pretty much talk about anything you want to. Work, music, movies, food, your hobbies, leave no topic undiscussed. But don't think you have to talk about everything on the first date. There will be many more to come so you'll have plenty of time to get around to everything."

Blaine blushed at the prospect of a second date. "That assuming if today goes well. It might not."

"Oh, don't worry so much." She waved off his concern. "Kurt's already enamored with you. The date will be amazing. You have nothing to worry about."

Noon came faster than Blaine expected. He had just finished gelling back his hair when Kurt was knocking on the door. 'Here we go,' he thought to himself. He walked to the door and opened it slowly. Kurt looked amazing. His own clothes suited him much better than Tony's. He wore tight white jeans and a long blue sweater. His hair was perfectly swept and sprayed in place. And his smile was captivating.

"You look great." Kurt complimented taking in Blaine's gelled hair. Yesterday it was merely combed neatly. He wore the same brand of pants and shoes as yesterday but with a different shirt and sweater combination. "Ready to go?"

"Yes, let's go." He called out to Rachel before leaving. "I'll be back in a few hours!"

"Have fun!" She called back.

"Do you have a car?" Blaine asked.

"No, but Rachel has been kind enough to give me a set of keys for her car. She lets me use it for emergencies and special occasions. I think this counts." He smiled at Blaine. "It beats taking the subway, even with the traffic. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't enjoy the underground at all. It's not the cleanest of places. It's definitely not the most orderly."

"I appreciate all the effort." Blaine said. "I know I'm a lot more work than most people."

"Yeah well, most people are boring." Kurt winked. "And besides, I happen to think you're more than work the extra effort." This comment caused Blaine's entire face to flush. They reached the car and slowly made their way to the restaurant Kurt had picked out.

Upon arriving Blaine was a little worried. The place wasn't as clean as he had hoped. It was by no means disgusting but he had slightly higher standards than most. Kurt saw Blaine's uneasiness and quickly tried to comfort him. "I called ahead and explained about our needs. They were kind enough to steam clean a booth for us. And they set aside dishes and silverware. It's all been cleaned three extra times."

Blaine just stared at Kurt. 'Is he real?' He couldn't believe someone so kind and thoughtful had simply fallen into his life so easily. He thought over Kurt's words. 'Our needs. Not my needs.' He smiled. "Thank you." He said quietly.

Kurt simply smiled, very satisfied with himself for pleasing Blaine. "It was no problem. They were incredibly nice about the whole thing. I'll be tipping exceptionally well I think." He said with a nod.

The date went exceedingly well. It was filled with funny work stories on Kurt's part and random bursts of historical knowledge on Blaine's. They chatted about music and discussed their favorite movies. The food was great and Blaine couldn't remember the last time he actually enjoyed going out to eat.

On the way back to the car Kurt decided to be bold and grabbed Blaine's hand. Blaine looked down. "Don't worry, I sanitized." He gave a small unsure smile.

Blaine held the hand tighter. "I… wouldn't mind if you didn't." He said meeting Kurt's eye.

Kurt's smile got bigger. "Yeah, you would," he said with a smirk. "But thanks for saying it. That was sweet." Blaine blushed. They continued on their way to the car. After getting in, Blaine rejoined their hands between the seats. Kurt decided he only needed one hand to steer.

The ride back seemed shorter. They walked hand in hand back to Rachel's door and stood just outside. They weren't sure if Rachel would be watching or not but they tried to ignore that. "Well, I had a wonderful time." Kurt said.

"I did, too," Blaine agreed. "Maybe we can do it again?" He wasn't sure if Kurt wanted to go on a second date or not. They seemed to hit it off but he often misread people.

"I would love to." Kurt smiled. "Lunch again? We can stay in this time. My place? Same time?"

"That sounds perfect." Blaine couldn't help but smile back at Kurt. The boy's happiness was infectious. "I'll see you tonight as well, right?"

"Are you going to the show again?"

"Of course, you two were too good to only see once. I think I might go every night that I'm here. Might as well make good use of my vacation."

"I guess I'll see you tonight then. And don't forget, dessert's on me." He grinned before lifting Blaine's hand and kissing it. "Bye Blaine."

"Bye Kurt." Things could be any better.