Their feet were pounding on the pavement with Mac in the lead and Don following behind. Mac had a head start because Don took the wrong corner and ended up colliding with an old lady. Don was running full speed ahead and didn't notice the trolley before it was too late. The impact sent him to the ground with a loud curse and it took him a while to get up. As he looked up he saw Mac following the suspect into an alley. Don got up and jogged to the alley because running would have hurt too much. In any ways Mac could definitely handle himself – no doubt about that.

As Don came around the corner, however, he didn't see Mac anywhere. He called out to him without reply. Don didn't like this one bit and walked around the dumpster hoping and praying that he wouldn't find Mac laying there. But nothing.

"Where the hell is he?" Don wonders aloud. He takes out his phone and dials the familiar number. As he waits for Mac to answer he hears Mac's ringtone. From inside the dumpster. Don moves to open the lid and with an apprehensive feeling he opens the lid and there laid down l=neatly is Mac's phone, gun, wallet and shield. "What the ...?" the rest of his sentence is drowned out by the sound of a car speeding away. Don ran to the end of the alley and look out into the street – in time to see the car speed around the corner. "Damn, this isn't good!" Don reaches for his radio and calls it in. Then tries to phone someone from the team – with shaking fingers he dials Jo only to get a busy signal. Next he tries Danny, he hears him answer but then nothing. Who else can he phone? Sheldon is in Las Vegas with a seminar about bugs and Lindsay has the day off. Reluctantly he phones Lindsay and she answers with a cheerful "Hi, Flack, you do know I'm off don't you?"

"Yeah, Linds, I know. But listen I need help. Mac is missing and I can't get hold of anyone else."

"Oh shit, give me the address and I'll be right there. Luckily Lucy is still at school."

"Thanks, "Don gave her the address "see you soon."

After Lindsay hung up he turns around to secure the scene. "Mac where the hell are you?"

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