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While Don was frantically trying not to panic (with not much success) Jo was getting frustrated at her crime scene. Not only did some genius use a fire hose on the ENTIRE crime scene, she was also stuck with the most inconsiderate, annoying and just plain idiot officer imaginable.

The SOB was ticked off because what he had hoped to be an open and shut case turned out to be murder causing his shift to go into overtime which meant he will miss out on the date with that hot girl he met a couple of weeks ago. Jo's harsh voice pulled the officer right back to reality, a reality in which he cringed inwardly at the look he got from Jo Danville.

"I'm sure this unfortunate young girl didn't mean to ruin your plans tonight, getting murder and all. But please go irritate someone else with your sulking so that I can work and get some justice for this poor girl." Jo spat the words while secretly hoping the guy would have another go. As she looked at the retreating figure she heard a faint chuckle and looked at Sid just in time to see him trying to hide a smile.


"Just glad I'm not on your bad side, it's all. Well I'm done here, see you in a couple of hours," Sid said while waving an assistant over to help transport the body, "oh and Jo, don't be too hard on the uni's they are only human."

Jo couldn't help but smile at Sid's words, "fine, no promises though." After a couple of minutes Sid was gone and Jo started processing the scene. She was photographing something near the wall of the alley when she felt her phone vibrate. She took it out and saw Don's number flash across the screen but when she answered it, only silence greeted her.

"The signals aren't too good here sweetie," Jo spun around to look at the source of the voice to find an old lady smiling at her. Jo smiled her thanks and made a mental note to call Don back later she went on with her work not paying attention as the lady walked away and transformed back into the young woman under the wig…..

Danny looked at the scene in front of him and couldn't help but envy Lindsay at home. He had a lot of ground to cover as his scene stretched a good couple of miles in every direction a person could think of. To top it off – it was central park. Luckily he had Adam to help him out. Still it was a tedious process which took them what felt like forever.

Suddenly his phone rang and he fished it out of his pocket. Just as he answered it, his battery gave up the fight and died. "Damn, forgot to charge the thing." Danny said to Adam.

"Who was it?" Adam said reaching for his own phone in his pocket only to find it with no bars.

"Don, I wonder what he wanted. Wasn't he and Mac going to interview that suspect across town?" when he didn't get a response, Danny turned around to find Adam holding his phone up with a frown on his face. "Adam, yo Adam!" Danny shouted to get Adam's attention; he turned around and looked at Danny.

"It's not a blind spot. Why don't I have a signal?" Adam turned to Danny perplexed.

"Maybe the tower is off. Look, how about we finish this scene and get back to the lab and you can play your magic on your computers and find out?"

"Yeah, sure, ok." Adam was still frowning but took the camera and went about his business collecting and documenting evidence.

Danny looked at the spot where the body was, and spotted something on the ground. He picked it up with his gloved hand forgetting about the phone call he got from Don, he was focused on the evidence in his hand and the feeling that this day was going to get much, much worse…

Phillip looked at the detective picking up the evidence and smiled. His phone rang and he answered,

"Yeah," he listened for a while and his smile grew into a full blown grin, "excellent, excellent. Get our guest ready, I will be there soon." He looked back at the scene below him and whispered, "go about your business Messer and have fun, I'm going to have mine making your life miserable." With that he turned around, went to his car and drove off.

The trip to consciousness was long and slow, but he was getting there. The first thing he tried to do was rub his face but he couldn't lift his hand. After a minute or two of panic, he dug deep and took a deep breath. Mac opened his eyes but realised the room he was in was completely dark. He was sitting in a chair and his hands and feet were tied tightly to a chair. His feet were bare and his shirt was missing. He didn't have a gag at least. Mac tried to look around but he couldn't see a thing.

Not long after he woke up, a light went on. The spotlight was shining right in his face, blinding him. Before he could say or do anything a hand grabbed him around his throat choking him while another hand sprayed him with pepper spray. While he was choking and sputtering, Mac was untied and dragged to another room. This room was too bright and it burnt his already sensitive eyes.

Barely a minute later he was strapped to a chair that felt similar to a dentist's chair. His hands were splayed out and each finger tied down individually on both hands. His knees were strapped and there was a broad leather strap across his chest. The same hand that choked him earlier appeared again but this time it held a cable tie that went around Mac's neck and tied tightly, effectively cutting off his ability to speak. This left him glaring at the men around him through half open eyes.

Suddenly he heard laughter coming from the door and a man came walking into the room. He was a heavy set man with salt and pepper hair. His face had hard lines on them which, with his grey eyes, made him look evil.

"Hi, detective," this guy was a little too happy, "I was so glad that I got you instead of someone else, I know that Messer respects you a lot. Unfortunately, while I have my fun, you won't be." He picked up his phone and made a phone call.

"Mrs Messer, I can't get a hold of your husband so I will give you my message. I want you to listen and not interrupt me. Taylor will pay for your husband's actions. Listen carefully, Mrs Messer, the next thing you will hear will show you how serious we are." At this point the man held the phone close to Mac's mouth and nodded to one of the other men in the room. Goon 1 (as Mac named the man) picked up a small hammer from a table in the corner and moved to Mac's hand. Try as he might, Mac couldn't get his breathing under control, he tried to move away but couldn't do that either. The hammer came down, once, twice by the third time a groan escaped his mouth causing Lindsay to scream his name. When he was done with Mac's one hand, he moved over to the next one, and after another couple of hits, Mac couldn't stop the scream that bubbled up in his throat.

He heard evil laughter and Lindsay screaming his name through a blaze of pain, after hit number ten everything went black, and Mac passed out cold…..

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