Eric slammed his front door behind him, the harsh sound echoing in the empty house. How dare she, he thought to himself, how dare that little nymph bitch. To him, his actions where perfectly acceptable, after everything that happened in the past two years since Sookie had began to see the werewolf, he didn't feel as if he was out of bounds to react in such a harsh way. She just waltzed into their lives, became best friends with Pam, and damn near stole his makers heart. He had every right to be angry. She had to be up to something, there was no doubt in his mind about that.

He sat in his office and thought, she was dangerous, she had to be. Everything in his brain was screaming it at him. He saw it in her eyes tonight, felt it in her words, she was angry and angry women are dangerous. I wouldn't have even been able to hurt her, his mind reasoned, she had no right to kick me out of her house like that. The only thing he could do is wait, he knew that either his progeny or his maker would have heard from the long haired women and sooner or later, one of them would be there to argue his actions. Even if there was nothing to argue. Even if he had every right to act the way he did.

After an hour of waiting, he called Pam. He made the first move, but she didn't pick up. The club was almost at capacity and she wanted nothing more then to call her maker and demand he get his ass down to his thrown and do his job of looking pretty for tourists and fang-bangers. But she couldn't find a moment to herself to do so.

"Godric?" She called into the club, usually he would be with Eric, or Violet, or standing on the roof and watching the humans. But he was waiting for his progeny to arrive. He knew he had gone to see Violet, he was waiting for him to return with any kind of news, but he hadn't yet. So when he approached Pam at her station at the front of the club, he had hoped she had heard from her Maker. "Eric called, but I can't take my eye off of these humans..." she let the statement hang in the air, let Godric draw his own conclusions and move to the back room to call Eric himself.

It took four rings before the blonde haired man answered his call. His worry was masked by over confidence. "Have you spoken to her?" he asked his maker, allowing a hint of fear to flow into the question. But Godric explained that no, he hadn't and Eric could tell him all about it later, but he was needed at the bar. The question wasn't what scared Godric, it was the way he asked it that had him worried about how the meeting went.

Eric was there, sitting on his thrown, by the time Godric reemerged from the office, and he took his a seat next to the man while he looked out to the crowd, frowning in boredom at the fang-bangers who offered themselves to him. Neither Vampire spoke, neither uttered her name.

At that moment, sitting in front of the tree, Violet spoke of the man who had made it's leaves tremble. "It's okay, he can't hurt you" she said, her voice soft and carried off by the wind. "I haven't let anything hurt you yet, have I?" her eyes danced as the branches shook above her.

"You can come out," she tried for what seemed like the thousandth time in the past week, "we can dance and sing and pick flowers." She was using everything that she knew might sway the decision. Even if she didn't fully understand the fear of Vampires, they had never had any issues with them before, no wars where ever fought with Vampires, only Fairies. The nosy little mind readers they are, she thought while placing her hand onto the tree.

She sighed and decided to start again, at the very beginning, "my name is Violet. I am over 130-years-old. My ancestors where hand meridians for Artemis and I am the third in the line. I have a satyr by the name of Godric. Please come out and tell me about yourself?" She had said the lines so many times since she bought the property that they where beginning to get repetitive. She placed her hand on the bark and closed her eyes, silently praying to Artemis herself for this nymph to come from hiding.

Which may be why she jumped when she felt the nimble fingers of another on her own. It may also explain why she held her breathe when they fell perfectly into the spaces between her own and held on while a young women who looked no more then fifteen stepped out of the tree and kneeling in front of her. "Hello Violet," the girl started with a smile playing on her lips.

"I am Lillian. I turn 100 when my leaves turn. I am fourth in line from the stream nymph's of Sweden. My satyr died protecting my sisters and I, and I have not heard your satyr's song." Violet let her hand fall from the young nymph's grasp as she finished and wrapped her arms around the girls shoulders.

Lillian had straight blond hair, not as long as Violet's, but long enough to shield her naked body from view in the position she was in. Her eyes where a bright blue, the color of the sky at noon. She was small, Violet could tell, not able to develop completely before it was decided she should be married, she was stuck forever in a body of a young girl.

"There is so much to do for you in this time. Let's go get you some tea and I can tell you about the world as it is now."

Pam was laughing at her Maker as he told the story of that night's events before dawn. Godric had not reacted, seemingly passive to the entire situation. "Then she followed me while I was being thrown from her house" Eric continued, watching the expressions of the only two beings he trusted, "talking to me like she held some kind of power over me." The statement made his progeny snort in laughter once again.

"Well she did have the power at that time, didn't she?" She asked through her laughter, earning a glare from the much older vampire.

He didn't respond, only continued the story—leaving out the part where she question ho Godric would react. He finally caught the ancient Vampires eye when the story was finished, he didn't look angry or surprised. Nothing gave away the anger mixed with pride he currently felt toward his own child at the moment.

"I can understand her reasoning behind the issue of my heart." He was ignoring the rest of the story, focusing solely on the reason Eric had gone to her in the first place. Godric didn't want to jump onto either side before hearing her version of the same events first. He liked her theory, liked the idea that he may be the only vampire who ever gets to feel his heart beat. He wanted to go to her now, feel her heart beat against his chest while he sinks his fangs into her neck.

He missed her. Missed the songs she would hum and softly sing while she tended to her plants. Missed the way her body moved on the dance floor of the club. Missed her green eyes slipping closed while he played for her.

"Are you not angry with me?" Eric sounded like a child who had been caught with it's hand in the cookie jar; worried and anxious. Godric simply smiled, no sign of such emotion in his eyes while he placed his hand on the younger Vampire's shoulder.

"I will reserve my anger until I speak with her. Tomorrow night." He then offered for Pam to join him, deciding that Eric tagging along may not end in favor of the Vampires. And noting that he may be bored enough to destroy some things if he where to be stuck at outside while they where in.

"What if she doesn't want to see any of us now?" Godric frowned at the woman, not simply for thinking of her long time friend in such a petty light but also because he was worried how she would react to him.

"She would not be rude enough to turn us away if we stopped by after sunset" he decided after a long pause. He knew that she wouldn't, she was to kind for her own good. It's why she had let Eric into her house without one of his usual companions. And why she told him the theory she had. Unless pushed to roughly, Violet Wood could not be rude to anyone.

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