by: 25rhieannerain

DISCLAIMER: Like I said in the other story, if Alec was mine, I wouldn't be writing a love story about him and Max. He'll go straight to my bedroom, and maybe we'll have some "tickle wars" there or something.

A/N: Have A LOT of Dark Angel M/A stories swimming in my head at night. This is just one of the many ones I've managed to pen down and since I haven't received any reviews for the first DA fic I posted here yet, I figured I should post this, see if hurt!Alec elicits more interest from readers and maybe I'd discontinue the other one. Nothing special, nothing original, nothing exciting - just some macabre plot-bunny that oozed inside my brain a few months ago.


Max wasn't sure how it happened...

She was doing just fine, beating the crap out of four burly men (who were no doubt active members of the "gotta-kill-them-freaks" fan club) who thought they got the balls to take out a tired, incredibly pissed female transgenic who wanted nothing more than to walk in peace and clear her head.

She had just bashed a tattooed guy's skull with her Cro-Magnon one when Alec – her smart slash dumb Alec, materialized out of nowhere, blurring in a millisecond right in front of her, arms outstretched as if attempting to envelop her in an embrace.

And then she heard it – the horrifying, surreal sound of Alec growling in pain as an 8-inch sharp metal sliced through his back and sprung out of his left chest, leaving a gleam of agony in his usually bright emerald eyes as they widened in shock. And then, with equal cruelty, the object was withdrawn from his broken flesh with a twist.

"Alec!" Max shouted harshly, seizing his shoulders instantly as his knees gave way.

Currently stunned by his feat, the bald man who had plunged a dagger through Alec's back started backing away slowly, but before he could even contemplate the consequences of what he had just done, the female freak was already on her feet, cocking a gun which she had eased off the fallen man's jacket. He turned around, hoping his three companions would be able to back him up, but all three of them were dead to the world at the moment.

A single shot was fired and a bullet grazed the sleeve of the man's jacket, leaving a tiny patch of blood in its wake. The freak didn't want to kill him in cold blood, even after what he did to her friend. That shot had been a cue, and he did exactly what her gaze told him to – he ran like hell and didn't look back.

Sensing that no one was threatening their lives anymore, Max collapsed back to where she had left Alec lying on the ground - taking in his state. It had only been minutes but already the X5 was lying on a pool of his blood – his face drained of colour, his breathing laboured. The blade missed his heart by an inch or two, but the wounds were massive enough that every blood it pumped went out both ways.

"Hey, Hey, Alec, you hear me? What the hell have you done you idiot?" Max bellowed as she slightly tapped Alec's left cheek with her fingers, her voice strong and vulnerable at the same time.

"I got myself... stabbed in the back... for... you, M-Maxie. That's w-what I've done." Alec stuttered in between jagged breaths and hard swallows, a dampened version of his perpetual smart-aleck smirk lingering in his blood-coated lips.

"You moron! Idiot! What have you done?" she repeated, still unable to fathom the fact that Alec had just used his body as a shield to protect her. She pulled her hand away from his cheek then and began to press his chest and his back with both hands in a pathetic attempt to staunch the rapid bleeding.

"Well I... just wanted to know what's... worse, being... stabbed in the back figuratively or... literally. Turns out both hurt... like a bitch."

"Okay... okay," Max stammered, tucking a stray hair in her ear. "Just ... don't talk, all right? Save your breath. I'll call for help."

Hands trembling as if she was about to have a seizure, Max fumbled for her phone. When she finally got a hold of it, she quickly punched Mole's number. The trembling of her hands abated slightly when Mole answered right after the first ring.

"Talk to me." Mole breathed, words coming out as if an object was wedged between his teeth – most probably his ever-present cigar.

"It's me. Listen, Alec's badly hurt. We're a bit far from Command and he won't be able to walk. Send us help ASAP, you hear? Our GPS's are on, you should be able to track us right away. Send us help, and please hurry!" Max ordered without even pausing, the tone of her voice ranging from urgency to worry to despair.

"What? What the hell happe—"

"Just do it and stop asking, all right? He's... dying." she cut him off mid-sentence even as she winced at her own choice of word, not wanting this call to turn into a full-blown argument when Alec was running out of time... running out of blood... and especially not when all of this had been her fault - when she rashly stormed out of Command in the middle of the night all because a cocky female X5 shattered her psyche by questioning the strength and effectiveness of her leadership.

"All right, I'll send help ASAP." Mole assured before clicking his phone shut.

"I'm not dying... Maxie. You're such a... worry-wart." Alec whimpered even as dark blotches clouded his vision.

"Yeah, that's right. You're not dying. Help's on the way. You just gotta hang in there, all right?" Max reassured both of them as she shrugged out of her jacket, endeavouring to press it on the wound on Alec's back which was bleeding more profusely than the one in his chest.

"God, Alec, what have you done?" she said in a breathy whisper, not even aware that this had been the third time he'd ask him the same question.

"I saved you from... having to deal with a... lop-sided... ugh... chest... for... the rest... of your life, M-max. Logan would be... turned-off, you know?" he stammered with a smile, trying with all his might to hide the excruciating pain that breathing and talking required by acting like a smart-ass, by acting like he would when he told Max his favourite 'I'm always all right' mantra, by acting like the typical Alec would.

Max would've spanked the back of Alec's head for that remark, but right now, peeling her hands off his injured chest was the last mistake she wanted to do tonight. Right now, Alec was a faucet, pouring out crimson red... pouring out an ounce of his life every passing minute. Spanking would have to wait; he had to be in perfect condition for the "Wrath of Hurricane Max". There's going to be a time for it.

Of course, there's going to be waiting... conditioning... time. The ultimate pain-in-the-ass isn't going to die on me, not now. Not after all we've been through.


"Don't... don't talk, Alec. Please, save your breath."

Damn it, where the hell is that rescue?


"Sshh.. don't talk now, Alec, please? I know you love to talk. But you gotta love your own life better than talking in the meantime, okay?" Max cajoled, attempting a weak smile.

Alec nodded minutely, and then, "Th-thanks."

"For what?" she raised an eyebrow, coaxing him to fill in the blanks even when she'd just told him to save his breath.

"You do... care for me... after all. You don't... want this daily... pain-in-the-ass... to die."

"Of course I care! Why do you think I kept saving your ass in the past?"

"Yeah... That's why I... figured I needed to... do the... ass-saving thing... for... a change. To... settle the score."

"Wait a sec!" Max hollered, her voice sounding incredulous "So you followed me all the way in the streets because you thought I needed saving?"

Alec nodded rather feebly. He was weaker now than he had been awhile ago, probably weaker than he had ever been in his 20 years of life. Max had never seen him so vulnerable like this, and it broke her heart to see him like this.

Most of all, it broke her heart to think that her juvenile behaviour was the reason why Alec was fighting for his dear life right now.

As if feeling the guilt gnawing on Max's insides like it was his own, Alec raised a trembling hand and placed it on top of the hand that was pressing the wound on his chest. Almost instantly, Max snapped out of her reverie; her eyes now staring intently at the green-gold emerald orbs that were currently being eclipsed by very long eyelashes.

"You can't die, Alec. I"

"I don't want to die... Max. Still... have to... live... to love you."


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