I am working on 5 stories at once, and I've got requests piling up and now I'm in a bit of a hurry to finish these since I have a lot of multi chaptered ideas in my head and I can't standbot writing them down. So is it fine is I skip all the battle scenes? do think the py don't have much meaning and pretty much the only battle scene i've got planned is the final one, unfortunately I have a hard time with special moves...

Reiki's Pont of view

Never in my life have I felt so happy to move on to the next round, I never expected to go this far we're so close to the finals, only one more team stands in our way..

We were now stuck in our hotel waiting for the WBBA to tell us who our next opponents are.

"How long are they gonna take" Sora implored, spinning around his chair.

" Sorry, the battle isn't over yet" said Kassy starring at her laptop screen

"These two teams must be strong" I commented

"Either that, or one of them had an intermission cause he got diarrhea..." Sora smirked.

That caused me to laugh, speaking of the dlaptop the laptop just beeped. I stared at the message from the WBBA ArgentinaAna's lost to Canada, that would mean we're suppose to leave for Canada tomorrow, aw great, we just came to Mexico and now we have to go up all the way to Canada.

I read on, only 5 teams stands, team Gan Gan Galaxy, Excalibur, Starbreaker, us and Crecent, the order has already been decided.

Whoever wins this match will face the winner of team Excalibur vs Starbreaker.

That's fine, how strong could these Canadians be?

Unfortunately that's the end, I'll update this sooner and finish it, then I'll move to Ancient Mysteries, and I don't know how long that one could get...