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"Where's Donna?" the petite brunette questioned the second she stepped into the basement.

Eric Forman looked up from his spot on the beat up old sofa, "And hello to you too, munchkin."

"Yeah, yeah hello flying monkey." Jackie greeted while scanning the room for her lumberjack friend.

"Flying monkey? That's actually a new one." He said with an approving grin.

Jackie, however never noticed the smile and it was debatable whether she'd even heard his words or not.

"Where's Donna?" she asked again causing Eric's grin to fall an inch or two.

"She's at work." he informed and then turned his attention back to the television.

"Oh." Jackie said in an almost disappointed tone but it swiftly changed to a happier one when she asked her next question, "Where's Fez?"

"I'm not completely sure. He was here a few minutes ago, we were watching the Charlie's Angels marathon but after the third episode he ran out of here like they were giving away free candy outside. But he wasn't smiling. In fact he kinda looked like he was in pain." Eric explained to Jackie, "So if I had to guess I'd say he…"

"Eww!" Jackie exclaimed, having figured out what Eric was going to say before he'd even said it. She shook her, hoping to erase the image, "What about Michael? Where…"

"Jackie, are you going to ask me where all of our friends are?" Eric interrupted her question with his own.

Jackie shook her head again, "No. I know Steven's at work so I don't need to ask about him."

"So that means," he started to come to a realization, "It's just you and me. Oh what joy."

The tone Eric used for his last statement showed how 'happy' he was to be left alone with the former cheerleader.

"Yeah." Jackie agreed in a matching tone as she flopped onto the other side of the couch.

"Why were you looking for them anyways?"

"I wanted to go out to eat lunch and needed someone to go with me." she stated, staring straight ahead at the commercial playing on the TV.

Eric frowned, "Go by yourself."

"I can't do that!" Jackie said, sounding as if Eric had made the most outrageous statement ever—like saying she could wear white after Labor Day! "Pretty girls do not eat lunch alone." She paused "Where's your mom?"

"At the store."

"Oh. Well, what about your dad?" she asked.

"He's at…wait a minute!" he exclaimed as he noticed what she was doing, "You would rather go out to lunch with my parents than go out to lunch with me?"

Jackie shrugged her shoulders, "Well yeah. If I went to lunch with your mom or dad there would be a chance of them paying. Or at least them paying for themselves."

"Hey!" he began to protest, "I would pay for…you know…the tip."

After giving another shrug, Jackie turned her attention back to the TV. For several seconds she and Eric sat on the sofa in silence, both having their arms crossed over the chests and their eyes fixated on the glowing TV screen. Suddenly Jackie swung her head to look at Eric; she eyed him up and down at least two times before speaking up.

"You wanna go to lunch?"

"Really?" Eric asked, tilting his head slightly.

Jackie looked confused, "What?"

"You're really asking me if I want to go to lunch with you. After the fact that you made me your last choice. Actually not even your last choice!" he started to rant, lifting an accusing finger in the air, "I'm like that kid in gym class that always gets picked last. You didn't choose me, you're stuck with me!"

Jackie thought over his words for a bit, "If it makes you feel better, you weren't really my last choice. I asked you before even thinking about asking your skank of a sister."

"That actually does make me feel a little better." He admitted with a smirk.

"So will you come to lunch with me?" Jackie asked, sounding more hopeful than she would have liked.

"I don't know." Eric replied, sounding like he really wasn't too sure on the decision, "I'm still hurt that I was your second to last choice. Plus Gilligan's Island is about to start."

"We can go to that new geeky pizza arcade place that just opened." She offered.

"It's not like they're gonna get off the island anyways!" Eric concluded before jumping off the cushion and heading for the basement door with a smiley, skipping Jackie at his heels.

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