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The newest member of The Forman Family stood happily in the avocado colored kitchen, enjoying all the attention he was getting. His new mother was sitting not far away from him and he was constantly being scratched, on that spot that made his tail happily whip back and forth, by a young man by the name of Michael Kelso.

"Man, Mrs. Forman, you're so lucky that Red got you a dog." Kelso said to the older woman sitting next to him at the round white table.

The smile on Kitty's face grew, "I know. He's just the sweetest isn't he?"

"Yeah." Kelso agreed before pausing and frowning slightly, "You mean the dog, right? Cuz if you mean Red, I'm gonna have to take back that 'yeah.'"

"Yes, I mean Schatzi." Kitty answered as she reached out a hand to pet the top of the pup's head, "Red's sweet too of course, but since Schatzi didn't refer to me as his 'crazy menopausal wife,' he's sweeter than Red."

Kelso wasn't quite sure of what to say. He hadn't heard Red call her that but he was too afraid to correct her. He'd been enjoying the few minutes with normal, non-menopausal, nice, Mrs. Forman; and so he tried to think of a response that would keep her from having a menopausal outburst.

"Yeah…okay." He said still sounding unsure but when he saw her smile back at him he felt much better—and safer—and went back to scratching Schatzi under his chin. His smile got bigger and bigger with each wag of Schatzi's tail.

"You know I always wanted a dog." He shared with her.


"Yeah." Kelso nodded, his chipper tone going down a smidge, "But my dad's allergic."

Kitty watched the young man with sympathetic eyes, "Oh, that's too bad."

"Yeah." he nodded again before his head suddenly back up in such a quick movement it startled Kitty a bit. "Hey Mrs. Forman, you're a nurse right? So you've gotta know like…nurse-y stuff, right?"

"Well yes. That is part of the job description." She said with a little giggle.

"Okay, well can allergies, like appear and then disappear and then come back again?" he questioned with a curious frown on his forehead.

A confused scowl began to make its way onto Kitty's own forehead as she tried to answer the question with the easiest explanation, "Well Michael, there are certain times during the year when some allergies act up worse than usual. There are even some cases where allergies lessen as the person gets older. But I don't think allergies can just disappear and then reappear at random times."

"Yeah, that's what I thought." A concentrated Kelso agreed, "But that's what happened with my dad when we brought home Tiny and dressed him Casey's clothes. He peed on the couch and my dad started sneezing."

Kitty blinked her eyes a few times, trying to comprehend what she had just heard, "Michael, honey, you lost me at 'dressed him in Casey's old clothes.' Who's Tiny?"

"The dog we had when I was a kid." Kelso replied with a large grin, "Man, he was awesome. He was white and grey and so big and fluffy!"

Kitty held in a laugh as she asked, "And you named him Tiny?"

"Yeah." he nodded, "Clever huh?'

A nervous laugh escaped Kitty's lips as she raised her eyebrows a bit, hoping he would take that as her answer.

"Me and Casey found him in the park and since we knew my parents wouldn't let us keep him we hid him in the house." Kelso continued with his story.

"You hid a dog in your house?"

"Yeah, we dressed him up in Casey old clothes and he passed as another kid!"

Kitty nodded now understanding how the two boys had been able to hide a dog in their home without their parents knowing. They'd dressed him as another Kelso kid! Kitty herself could barely keep track of how many there were, she supposed that The Kelso's had to have lost count as well. While she nodded her head, Kelso went on with his tale.

"Yeah and we had 'em fooled and everything. My dad never sneezed once. But then my mom caught Tiny peeing on the couch." He explained before adding, "Think it was the lifting of his left that gave him away. Then my mom started yelling and my dad started sneezing and we had to take Tiny to the pound. He was the closest thing I had to having my own dog. Even if it was for only three weeks."

After getting over the slight shock of hearing that Tiny had been able to pass as another Kelso child for three weeks, Kitty saw the sad puppy dog eyes looking down at her own puppy. Her heart broke for the boy and she instantly wanted to help make him feel better.

"You know Michael," she began to say, "maybe your parents would let you have a dog if you showed them you were responsible enough to take care of one."

"Yeah, I thought about that but that just seems too hard." He said, whining a bit at the end.

"No, no, it'll be easy. All you have to do is make sure you do all your chores at home…" Kitty's words were interrupted by Kelso wrinkling his nose with disgust. "Or by doing well in school…" Another unhappy face came from Kelso, "Oh! Or you could buy a plant!"

The large smile Kitty wore on her face only seemed to confuse Kelso even more.

"I don't know, Mrs. Forman. I mean plants are cool and all but you can't play fetch with them." he paused before adding, "I've tried."

Kitty frowned for a second or two before quickly shaking her head from left to right, "No, no, no Michael. The plant wouldn't take the place of the dog; it would be something to help show your parents that you can take care of a dog. That's what Red and I did when Eric asked us for his first pet." Kitty shared before giving a Kitty laugh at the memory, "We bought him a little fern that he had to take care of all on his own and he did. Oh, it was so cute." she gushed again, "He named it Freddy the Fern."

"Ha ha." Kelso laughed, "Freddy the Fern."

"And he would always make sure Freddy got enough water and enough sunlight. He would even talk to Freddy for hours and hours." Kitty continued, her smile even bigger than before.

"He talked to a plant? Man, that's gonna make an awesome burn!" Kelso cheered happily.

Right away Kitty's smile vanished and she glared at the man-pretty teenager next to her, "At least he didn't play fetch with it."

Slowly Kelso's grin dropped and he lowered his head in shame.

"Oh Eric loved that little fern." Kitty said, her mood suddenly switching back in to the happy one from before.

"So what happened to Freddy?" Kelso curiously and cautiously asked.

"Oh well," Kitty tittered and gave a nervous smiles, "He died when Eric got Flipper—his turtle—and forgot about Freddy."

As Kitty's nervous laughter filled his ears, Kelso began to ponder over the idea that Mrs. Forman had given him. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. After all it was just watering and putting the plant in the sun. It could be worse like, taking out the trash or doing all of his algebra homework.

"Mrs. Forman, you really think if I take care of a plant all by myself, my parents will get me a dog?" He asked, his hopefulness clear in his voice.

Kitty smiled in return, "Anything is possible, sweetie."

When she saw Kelso eagerly nod his head, another quick thought entered Kitty's mind; she was suddenly worried that she had filled him with too much hope and if his parents still refused to get him a dog after he put in so much effort in caring for a little plant, well the poor thing would be crushed.

"Of course if it doesn't work out, you're always welcome to come over here and play with Schatzi whenever you like." She added with a bright smile.

Kelso looked up from the small brown dog with a similar smile on his face. A sudden thought occurred to Kitty and she quickly added, "Under my supervision."

Kelso gave an understanding nod before speaking, "You know Mrs. Forman, you're not only a really hot mom but you're a really smart one too."

"Oh, Michael." She said bashfully.

With a smile still in place, Kelso stood up from his seat and handed Schatzi over to Kitty, "Thanks, Mrs. Forman. I'll see you later."

Puzzled, Kitty watched Kelso scratch Schatzi behind the ear once more before heading over to the kitchen's sliding door.

"Where're you going, dear?"

Kelso spun around and replied, "To the pet store. I wanna see if I can find a cool plant. Like the one that The Addams Family has!" he said with a dopey grin, "Oo or a cactus!"

Filled with excitement Kelso threw open the door and marched out to the driveway. Meanwhile, Kitty was filled with a very different kind of feeling. Michael Kelso was going to buy a cactus? Oh, that would not end well!

Hurriedly, Kitty got up from her chair and with Schatzi still in her arms she ran over to the still open door.

"Michael, honey, forget what I said about buying a plant." She called out to him "What about a nice pet rock instead?"

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