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Warning: This story will involve scenes of a sensitive nature! I wouldn't recommend reading if you are prone to panic attacks! This maybe fiction, but it draws on real events.

Present Day: 12th June 2012

My life as a soldier's wife, it was not glamorous, it wasn't a life I would recommend anyone enter into lightly. Loving a soldier isn't easy, because when you enter into a relationship with one, you just don't enter it with him, you take on his job also. You will always come second to the job and that is hard lump to swallow.

I didn't choose this, I chose him and that is the difference. I accepted him for who he was, not the job he did. His job scares me to the point that we end up fighting more often than not. But I would never leave him, because no soldier would admit it, but they need the support more than we do. To come home to someone who loves them after seeing the horrors of war.

But I didn't expect to be sat here today, holding his hand as tightly as I could. When he was deployed, every knock at the door left a lump in my throat, scared to answer the door to find the M.O.D bereavement officers stood at the door to inform me he had died in combat. Or a phone call from an unknown number, both scared and excited at the same time.

That it could be him calling you from the war zone or someone calling to tell you to expect him home early in a box. This life was nail biting, you sat on the edge of your seat, every moment, of every day waiting and wondering for six months, sometimes nine.

Anyone who thought this was easy and was glamorous to be a wife or girlfriend of a soldier are wrong, it's neither of them. But if I could go back five years, would I change anything? The answer will always be...

…. No ….

I wouldn't change my life, we may have married early and to everyone else for the wrong reasons. But to me, to him, it was the right reasons, the right decisions, because now, as I grip the hand of the man I love more than anything in the world. All I could do was will him to wake up.

You see, Caius, Sargent Caius Walker, of the 2nd battalion, the parachute regiment, was shot in action last week and was sent back home, back home to me. I had hard decisions to make a head of me, to either give up hope or keep fighting. But if the army had taught me anything, fighting for love was always worth it in the end.

I am Bella Swan and this is my story...