Hey guys, this is the Chapter 5's lemon about GrayxJuvia! Enjoy!

"G-Gray-sama! P-put Juvia down!" Juvia struggles. Don't know why, time seems to pass so fast, They were at the guild just then, and now they already arrived at Gray's apartment, sleeping in his bed with Gray on top. They didn't go to Juvia's place because her place is in the Fairy Hills, and who wants to do 'that' in there? -_-

Anyway, Juvia tries to struggles but no use, Gray hugs her tight, tight enough that she can't even struggle anymore. "Sheesh Juvia~ You really should stay still, you know? 'Cause it'll be damn hard to do this..!" He caresses Juvia's chest a little bit, and goes up to kiss her pasionately.

"U-Uhng~! G-Gray-sama..." Juvia moans. "What? You don't need to hold yourself when you want to moan you know? Just moan already!" He smirks, pulling away from Juvia's mouth and said, "..Anyway, I want to hear that sexy voice from you.." He smirks.

Just after he smirked, he suddenly attacks Juvia's groin, and that makes the water mage arched her back against the bed. Wh-why does Gray-sama—YAH!—has to be so—UHN~!—fast about this!—AH! AH! Juvia thought.

Gray keep on stroking her panties until he found something. "Huh? What's this? Hey Juvia! I found something behind your panties, it's hard, and it's as big as a green peas, do ye' have any idea what that is?" Gray ask in a confused tone, but honestly he just wants to tease her.

E-EHHH! TH-THAT'S JUVIA'S—Gray poke that 'thing' with his index finger—KYAH! I-IT'S J-JUVIA'S SLIIITTT~! U-UHN! She arched her head back harder, because this time Gray actually rub it.

Looking at Juvia's expression, Gray smirk in satisfactory his tease has worked alright, and somehow this makes him excited even more. He strokes the slit in circular motion, and then the 'up-down-up-down' motion, and sometimes he also poked it.

That makes the water mage shriek and kept on shrieking, but still she tried to hold it. "Huh? Yer still holding it, huh? Well how about this, then?"He smirked before diving in, putting his face between Juvia's leg, in fron of her panties.

And he lick the 'pearl'. "KYAAHH~! N-NO!—AH!AH—G-GRAY-SAMA!—UHNG~!—D-DON'T! TH-THAT'S—AAAAHHH!" Juvia once again arched her head against the bed, simultaneously trapping Gray's head between her groin and push him deeper.

Heh... Ye give in, eh? Gray thought before he continues digging in his 'meal'.
One stroke.
Two stroke.
Three stroke, and he poke the pearl with his tongue.
Four stro—

"KYAAAAHHH! AHHHHNNN!" Juvia shrieks, much to Gray's surprise there's this white liquid flowing out from Juvia's groin. "Heh... Ye finally came..." Gray wipes his mouth, looking at the Juvia who is panting really hard now. "N-No... I-It's not—"

"Still denying, eh? Now, let's see..." Gray takes off Juvia's panties and looks down at her wet opening, he grins once more. He slips one finger in, making Juvia tries to get up hastily, but he goes up to Juvia, facing her face and pushing her down.

"Hey, Juvia... Do you feel it? Does it feels good?" Gray pumps his finger in-out-in-out, in a steady rythm, but then suddenly he goes really fast inoutinoutinout, making Juvia chokes and gasps to gain breath.

"G-Gray-sama~!—OH! YES!—UHN!—N-NO!—D-Don't!—UUNG~!—AH!AH!" Juvia grips the bedsheet hard, while gray kept on teasing her. "Hey, imagine it, me, pumping inside you, just like this... Close your eyes, and feel it~" He said.

Surprisingly, Juvia did what he told her to do. When she did that, Gray continued to his business, now, his right hand his cupping her breast while the left one is still pumping her insides. "Juviaaa~..." He calls, making Juvia shuts her jaws tight. "Juviaa... Ah~ Ahn~ Juvia, you felt so good..." He teases her again, making her legs clamp his hand tight as if she doesn't want him to stop.

"Juviaa... Accept me... Ahn... Here, I want to taste you here..." He opens his mouth and licks Juvia's ear, and make Juvia moans silently. "..More Juvia... More... Call my name... Cry out my name..." Gray keeps snuggling and licking on Juvia's ear. Until suddenly...

And the next thing Gray knew, his hand is coated by Juvia's juices. "Hmm, *lick his fingers* it tastes good Juvia... I want to eat it up, itadakimasu!" Gray leans down again. "A-AH! W-WAIT G-GRAY-SAMA! J-JUVIA WAS JUST—UUUHHNN!" She didn't get to finish her sentence because Gray already lick her opening again.

He twirls his tongue on her pearl. Her eyes shots open.

One stroke on the opening. She whimpers.

Onestroke on the pearl. She shivers.

He digs in her hole. She shrieks.

He twirls his tongue inside her hole. She moans fully.

He lick her insides. She cries his name silently.

He pumps her insides with his tongue. She came.

"Uhm.. *lick* *lick* It really does tastes good..." Gray looks up at Juvia, who is already making the pervert face. She doesn't care about her pride anymore, she wants him so bad, she couldn't help it, anyways why should her refused him at the first time? That's weird.

"Ah... Ah... *pants* *pants* G-Gray-sama... *pants* M-more. . . . . . . . " Her saliva is dripping out from her mouth while her face is all red, touching her own breast to keep her body calm down, because she wanted more and Gray didn't gave it to her . . . . yet.

"Hoo~? Now you want more Juvia? What happened to the: 'No Gray-samaa!' thing, huh?" Gray teases her, he stands up and pulls a chair near him to the front of Juvia, exactly in front of her body. "N-No... J-Juvia was... J-Juvia doesn't even know why... B-But please... Gray-sama... More..." She whines.

But Gray shook his head. "Naaah, you refused me a while ago, why don't you do something to make me 'on' again?" He smirks teasingly. "E-Eh.. S-Such as, what?" Juvia gets up from her lying down position to the kneeling-on-the-bed position. "Well? Beg for it...?" Gray replies.

As if Juvia knows what is her lover talking about, she strip in fron of him. First, she tried the 'cute-little-girl' pose, but Gray shook his head. Second, She tried to massaged her own chest, but still no use. Third, she tried to lick her upper-lips leaving a really erotic impact, Gray tightens his jaws trying to chill his head and again shook his head.

Now Juvia became confused. U-Uh... What should Juvia d-do...? J-Juvia can't hold her desire anymore... Juvia needs Gray-sama... She bit her lip, A-AH! Maybe Juvia can try 'that'? After she got an idea, she then do the pose of...

A cat meow-ing pose, with her white butt facing Gray and she shakes it a bit, opening her legs so that Gray can see all of it, while she whines, "G-Gray-samaa—ahn~!"
Gray's jaws fell open, but he still managed to control himself, and shook his head.

The next pose is she lifts one of her legs up and she touches her lips, while moaning, "G-Gray-sama... Look here..."
This time, Gray's heart racing, but he still says, "You need to learn more Juvia... *sigh*"

And the last one on Juvia's mind, the most erotic pose she could think about is...
She open her legs wide, letting Gray see her insides are twitching and dripping juices so many, while she also uses her hands to open her insides wider, making such a cute face while saying, "G-Gray-sama~ L-look here... Juvia's insides are twitching~ She needs Gray-sama... To make her ... satisfac—AH!"

And in the next second, all we know is Gray—already opened his pants and boxer—and placing his rocking hard member in front of Juvia's hole. "D-Dammit Juvia... I-I thought I could wait longer, but it looks like I can't—NGH!" And with that he pushes into Juvia twitching insides.

But his imagination ruined when he heard a small cry of pain coming out from the blue-haired girl. Yes, this is her first.
"U-Ungh... G-Gray-sama... I-It—" "Yes, I know it hurts—" He caresses her forehead,"—But it will go away soon, trust me... For now on... Just try to adjust my member..." He whispers.

Juvia nods, "b-but Gray-sama... Y-Yours is too b-big... Juvia can f-feel it in her stomach, a-and she thinks that she felt really full... Wh-what happened, Gray-sama? Juvia didn't know about this sensations... Th-This the first for her..." Juvia cries a little.

"I-I honestly don't know either Juvia... But the thing is, you are officially mine now... Neither Lyon can touch you..." He hugs her tight. He can feel her nod before he heard she asked again, "B-but G-Gray-sama... I-Isn't that Gray-sama supposed to move...?"

"Ah yes... I'm sorry Juvia... But I assume you don't feel hurt anymore?"
"E-Ehm... N-no... But Juvia feels like she wanted more..."

Surprised at her answer and at the feelings he suddenly felt on his member—which is the feelings that Juvia gave him by tightening her insides—Gray hastily pumps her hard.

"YAH!—Wh-Why so—UNNG! YESH!—F-fast!—NO! UHN!—W-Wait—YEAH! AH! AH!—N-Not s-so—FAAASSSTTTT~!" Juvia for the fourth time cum before Gray does. But Gray hasn't had enough, he puts Juvia on his lap, holding her butt, and pushes her butt down while he thrust deep inside her, making the water mage sees stars when he did that.

""Y-YEAH! YEAH! AHH! AHH! LIKE THAT! OOOHH! HM!HM! YESH! YESH! G-GRAY-SAMA! MORE! AHN!" Juvia circled her hands on Gray's neck while Gray kept on doing the same thing over and over again. "J-Juvia...! DAMN! FELT SO GOOD! J-JUVIA I'M CUM—"

*Squeaking sounds~*

After that, white liquids can be seen from Juvia's groin down to Gray's groin. But surprisingly, Gray still hasn't had enough. Still on his lap he turns Juvia around, while thrusting he jams into her again, and this time he actually faces a mirror in his room. Why?

Because he wants to show Juvia everything, every single thing. "L-Look.. Juvia... Look at your face there... See? How you're being satisfacted by me? Your lovely Gray-sama?"
When Juvia looks at the mirror, she yelps and hastily cover her face. "N-NO! J-Juvia's face ise-embarassing-AHNG!-D-don't see it G-Gray-sama~!—OH YES!—AHH!"

He kept on pumping inside her while facing the mirror, he also pinches her nipples at the same time, making the blue-haired mage arched her head back on Gray's shoulder.
"G-Gray—G-Gra—AH!—GRAY-SAM—GUH!—HIIEK!—AAHHN!" It felt too good until Juvia can barely said his name. "U-Uh? S-So you can't even say m-my name anymore, eh? Fine then... I'll give this for you!"

With that, he slams into Juvia real hard while he also pulls Juvia down really hard, making his member actualy impacts hard on her womb. "HYA! YES! YES!J-JUVIA I-ISH LOSING HER MIND! A-AGAIN! M-MORE G-GRA—AAA! J-JUVIA WANTS TO—YYEEEESSSSS AHHHHHH!"


With that, Gray shots deep inside her and Juvia releases all she has. And they lay down on the bed again.

"H-hey Juvia...?"

"Y-Yes , Gray-sama?"

"W-Was it good? *blush*"

"I-It was! It was! J-Juvia is so happy! N-Now that she can be Gray-sama's only one! She's so happy!"

"O-Oi oi.. What's with that? You've always been my only one, and you are going to stay like that you know... After this, if Lyon dares to go near you again, I'll rip him off *dark auras*"

Juvia giggles a bit and answers, "tee-hee! By the way, G-Gray-sama..."


"Wh-what if J-Juvia, carries your baby?" She suddenly looks afraid. Gray notices that.

"What do you mean by that? Of course I'll marry you right in the spot! What are ye' thinkin' sheesh? Do you think I'll leave again, after what happens? Hell no Juvia... Hell no..." He caresses her hair, Juvia's hair—who is blushing madly now—before continues, "...Now sleep, okay? We've gone through a lot... I've been really OOC today, and I'm tired... Oh, and drop the '-sama' please... Good night Juvia..."

Juvia giggled again, before she nodded and said, "Yeah... Good night... Gray..."

And there they are, lying on the ground with a single cloth of white blanket covering their bodies, eventhough it still noon, they slept early because they exhausted of the recent activity. Hoping that one day when this conflict between Kinara ends, they could sleep peacefully like this, but with their kids in the middle.

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