Ok, so this is a poem I wrote in the middle of my English test. (I was bored).

So, I know that there are practically no stories with Elendil as the main character on this site—or in the Tolkein legandarium, for that matter. And I'm not going to start writing them. But I was inspired (hey! I can get ideas, you know.) and this poem, if it deserves such a name, is in Elendil's point of view. (It's actually about Numenor after the Downfall).

Disclaimer—If I were Tolkein, I'd be dead by now.

Lament of Elendil

Land of the Star, oh proud Numenor,

Child of Osse, eternal Numenore,

Cannot thou stay as thou were made?

How can thy glory be unmade?

Silver leaves in golden land,

Star on brow and scepter in hand,

Isle of Kings, made in thought by the one,

Elenna-nore, is thou really done?

By faith we won, by faith we lost,

The thousands of lives this isle did cost,

Were in vain, for the greed of Men,

Sent the Land of Gift to Lady Uinen.

'High Men' so we call ourselves,

Children of both mortals and Elves,

But of the Orcs are our deeds now,

Hearts filled with rage, where once was love.

Blood we stole, by blood we paid,

The Land of the Star is unmade,

Oh Enemy of Ennor and us,

Why did you destroy the Great Isle thus?

In hope and joy this land was made,

Joy did wither, hope did fade,

Faithless were we, Children of Eru,

We failed our task, as lower men do.

Did it go well? I'm not used to writing poems and I'm a little nervous about this…So please review!

And sorry about the spelling for the Elvish words—MS Word 2003 doesn't support phonetics.