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"Mommy, mommy you have to be there. It's the President."

I whipped my head around so fast I thought I'd fall off the stool of the breakfast bar. "Who?" I asked quickly, shocked at those words.

"The President. They told us we have to call him 'Mr President' if he talks to us. He's coming to judge our env…enviro…enviromet projects."

"Environment." I enunciated for Heidi.

"Environment. Yeah. Angie helped me and Bree while you were away with our project, and she told Mrs Adams that you'd be able to be there today to see who wins." Heidi was almost jumping up and down she was so excited.

"Right. So it's the President?" I clarified.

How did I not know the President was coming to Heidi's school? Today. My heart hammered in my chest as I tried not to think about the last time I'd met a President. It had been almost eight years ago. I swallowed back the tears as memories flashed through my mind.

"Okay sweetheart. I'll be there. What time?"

"Yay! 11 o'clock, in my classroom."

My daughter ran off to finish getting ready. She said goodbye before racing out the door to meet Angie and her daughter Bree in their driveway next door for her ride to school.

I spent the morning unpacking my bags from my trip to New York before pulling a canvas out to start some painting. I always found it calmed my nerves, and after Heidi's unexpected mentioning of President's I needed to bring my heart rate down.

I made it to Heidi's school, I thought I was running late but I couldn't see the Presidential cavalcade so I guess I wasn't. Peering through the windows of the classroom before I entered I could see that it was already packed with parents. I entered and waved at Heidi who was standing with Bree next to a strange looking water contraption which was obviously their project. It looked pretty good for having been built by two kids who weren't even seven yet. I sought out Angie and her husband Ben who were standing on the other side of the room.

"Is he late?" I whispered to Angie.

"No, no. He's down the hall looking at some of the older kids projects. Should be here any minute."

"Oh." I looked around me. I hadn't noticed any secret service guys around. "Security seems a bit light?" Angie just shrugged her shoulders.

Looking around the room I noticed the other mothers. They were pretty dressed up today. Even Angie. I still had my paint spattered jeans on, but I'd managed to at least put on a clean t-shirt and brushed out my long brown hair.

There was a brief knock on the door and then the principal walked in followed by an efficient looking mousy blonde and….

Wait, what?

Edward Cullen. Ex-President Edward Cullen.

My hand went to my mouth, trying to cover the noise induced by the sudden in take of breath. I shrank back as my eyes darted to my daughter. Angie looked at me strangely, I just squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head as I felt the rush of adrenalin and began to shake uncontrollably. Clearly Heidi had been confused thinking the actual President was coming, or I just hadn't listened.

Edward Cullen, ex President of the United States stood in front of the class in all of his beautiful glory. Gorgeous as ever. Hands casually in his pockets as he laughed politely at something Principal Gibbons said. I didn't hear a thing. He was still mesmerizing. He'd hardly aged a day since the last time I'd seen him up close in the flesh.

Every woman in the place had her eyes on him, salivating. He was magnetic. He wasn't even fifty years old, yet he'd served two terms as President.

I had to get out of there. But Heidi was so excited. Fight or flight?

Edward took his time walking around the room looking at the class environment projects. Environmental issues had become so important to him. And he felt it was important to develop passion for causes early on in kids so it didn't surprise me that he was at a podunk school looking at science projects.

Edward was so focused on the children that he didn't even notice the gallery of parents watching on. And for that I was exceedingly thankful.

I stood and watched as he listened to Heidi and Bree explain their water saving device. My heart stopped as I watched her. She really had no sense of who she was talking to.

And of course, Heidi and Bree's project won the day. Angie jumped up and down next to me and went to Bree dragging a very proud looking Ben with her. My heart hammered as I tried to think of a way out of this. But I wasn't sure there was one.

Could I continue to deny him? Could I honestly let him go through life without knowing?

"And where are your mommy and daddy," the stupid mousy blonde asked Heidi.

"Oh, I don't have a daddy," Heidi whispered before looking down at her toes. My heart went out to her. People could be such thoughtless assholes. "Well, I do, somewhere. I've just never met him. He's not, well, I don't know where he is, but um, Mr President," she smiled up at him and it broke my heart. "Come meet my mom." Before I knew it she'd grabbed his hand and made to walk in my direction.

"This is my mom. Her name's Isabella Swan. Everyone calls her Bella."

He reached out his hand obliviously. I couldn't help but lift my hand and put it in his. And it was at that moment, as our hands touched that he realized.

"Belle?" He whispered, looking at me in surprise. He turned his attention to the little girl standing between us. The blood seemed to leave his face as his eyes met mine, searching for answers.

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