Seizing the Future

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Fanfiction Written by; Dean Donnell.

Here's part two of the 'Redeemer' series or the first chapter of it at least, I was originally going to tell this opening story in one go but decided to make it a two part, anyhow, hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

Earth 1

The Kent Farm

Lana Lang focused intently on the horse she was grooming and tried hard not to think about how worried she was for Clark.

It had been two and a half weeks since he had been accidentally transported to another universe, the repairs to the device that had sent him there had been completed five days ago and the computer had been scanning through infinite realities, trying to find one containing a living organism with a vibrational signature matching this one.

Lana was also trying not to think about how much this stuff made a person's head hurt, she was a smart woman, but the physics of alternate realities could give anybody a headache if they thought too long and hard about them.

That device had been scanning two days on top of the nearly two weeks taken for the repairs and Lana was getting impatient, intellectually she knew that finding Clark would likely take longer, but that wasn't the point.

Clark was the love of her life and she wanted him back.

Lana also knew that the odds were against them even getting Clark back at all, they only had a couple of weeks to scan an infinite multiverse, they were going to need a lot of luck to pull this one off.

Lana hoped that wherever Clark was he hadn't come to harm, even if they couldn't get him back if he was okay then that was better than nothing.

And more than anything she missed him.

"Clark," Lana whispered quietly "I hope you're okay."

Earth 2

Clark was in full ass kicking mode as he caught the blade of the katana one of the bandits swung at him and snapped it like a twig, dropping the broken off metal onto the ground as he reached over and flicked the marauder under the jaw, dropping him to the ground unconscious.

Clark felt a crossbow bolt shatter against his back and turned, using his heat vision on the weapon that had fired the bolt he turned it into a lump of burning wood and forced the outlaw holding the weapon to drop it, a moment later this second bandit fell to a right cross from Naruto.

"Nice timing Naruto," Clark praised the young Genin "you cut off his escape."

"Kiba and I can handle things here Clark, believe it," Naruto replied with a foxy grin "you go and deal with their leader."

"You sure you guys got this?" Clark asked.

After all leaving kids to fight bandits without help still didn't sit right with him.

"We got it Clark," Kiba assured him as he and Akamaru used Fang over Fang on another group of bandits "go catch that guy, he's a missing Nin, we can't let him get away."

"I'm on it," Clark agreed reluctantly as he super sped in the direction the bandit leader had gone.

As he left Clark heard a shout of "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" behind him, he smirked, remembering what that jutsu was.

Yeah, I guess they have got things covered here, he realized.

As he sped after the man Clark reviewed what he had been told about this guy in his mind; the man's name was Takeshi, missing nin from the Land of Earth, uses earth style ninjutsu (of course), has a Kekkei Genkai that allows him to absorb Chakra through skin to skin contact allowing him to permanently take on normal jutsus and even temporarily acquire the use of Kekkei Genkai, also uses those jutsus he has copied in this way.

Clark had been requested for this mission for two reasons;

His speed and strength meant he stood the best chance of disabling Takeshi before he could get caught by the man's Kekkei Genkai.

Because technically all of Clarks own powers were Kekkei Genkai, seeing as they were encoded into his genes that meant that if Takeshi did manage to absorb some of his Chakra he wouldn't be able to copy any of his abilities permanently, just temporarily.

As an added precaution however Clark had made sure to cover as much of his skin as possible, so as to limit the areas Takeshi could attack, this included a facemask in case Takeshi tried to absorb his powers through there, and of course gloves.

As Clark spotted the man he was supposed to capture hiding in the treetops he carefully made sure his mask was still in place, then heat visioned the branch right out from under him, going to super speed as the missing Nin fell, intending to knock him out as soon as he landed.

However, as Clark's enemy fell to the ground from Clark's (very light by his standards) punch he crumbled into dirt and dust.

Earth clone, Clark realized where's the real one?

Clark began listening carefully, if he could locate a heartbeat then that would tell him who was real and who wasn't.

After a few moments Clark managed to lock in on what he was looking for, coming from under the ground twenty meters to his left, he turned in that direction, only to find that his feet wouldn't budge, looking down he realized that both of his feet were held in massive hands formed of solid granite, he tugged against one of them with all of his strength, but it was taking all of his enormous strength just to get the stone to crack, Chakra enhanced obviously.

Clark clenched a fist, ready to bend down and smash those stone manacles into pieces, but two more of those stone hands rose out of the earth and latched onto his wrists.

It was at this point that Takeshi revealed himself, rising up out of the earth right in front of Clark, reaching forward as the Kryptonian tried to pull away he ripped Clark's mask right off his face, then slammed his bare hand against Clark's forehead.

Clark strained against the stone holding him, feeling it crack with agonizing slowness as he also felt the disturbing sensation of his strength being drained right out of him.

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