Seizing the Future

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Chapter 37

Tayuya felt bliss overwhelm her taste buds as this wonderful dish called apple pie entered her mouth, a glance in Kara's direction told her that her new cousin was enjoying it just as much and the same could be said of her adoptive brother, chewing slowly she made sure to savor the mouthful of pie as long as possible before finally swallowing.

"That is good," Tayuya remarked with a contented sigh.

Without hesitation Tayuya dug into the rest of her slice of pie, devouring it with great enthusiasm, within minutes it was all gone and she sat back in her chair contented.

Her attention was drawn to the conversation Clark and Martha were having when she heard mention of an organization called Checkmate that had apparently reared its ugly head in recent months, apparently they had made a habit of tracking those with special powers and skills both hero and villain, for what reason Martha had yet to determine.

This was something they would have to look into of course, but for today they could set those cares aside and enjoy a little peace.

Tayuya let her right hand hang down beside her chair as she leaned back and relaxed, a moment later she felt a cold wet canine nose press into her palm as a tongue licked her hand.

"What th-," Tayuya looked down beside her to see a large shaggy brown dog sitting beside her chair, his tail wagging happily "hello there, you're certainly friendly."

"I think Shelby has taken a liking to you Tayu," Lana remarked teasingly as she finished her own slice of apple pie "I guess you really are one of the good guys now."

"I'm glad he likes me," Tayuya smiled as she gave the dog an enthusiastic pat and scruff "who's a good pooch Shelby, eh who's a good dog."

"Why don't you take him out for a game of fetch?" Clark suggested "I'm sure he'll like that."

"I-um-never really had a pet before," Tayuya admitted "aside from my Doki and they don't really count."

"Doki?" Lana asked curiously.

"Big undead Ogre things that I could control with my flute," Tayuya explained "Orochimaru created them and gave me the ability to summon them via the power of the curse seal he put on the back of my neck. He gave me the Doki so I'd have a weapon that could do damage directly, I lost the ability to summon them when he removed the curse seal but they were just automatons anyway so not really pets."

"I see," Martha noted rather disturbed by what she had just heard "to think that Orochimaru could be so inhuman as to blatantly force a beautiful young girl to become a weapon just to serve his own selfish ends, he truly is a monster."

"I really thought he cared about me," Tayuya replied sadly "I believed him when he said he was trying to create a better world and that only he could lead it, but the truth is that he wasn't the hero I thought he was at all, I can't decide which hurts more, realizing the truth, or losing who I thought he was."

"I know where you're coming from," Kara told her "my father Zor El was the same."

"But," Clark told both of them as he patted Shelby "pets like dogs and cats and such will always love you unconditionally, and playing fetch with a dog isn't that hard, you just throw the ball and he chases after it and brings it back to you, it's fun."

Tayuya smiled as she caught the rubber ball Clark had lightly tossed to her then stood up and headed for the door, calling Shelby to follow her as she did.

Clark smiled as he watched his adopted sister Tayuya playing fetch with Shelby, and from the looks of things thoroughly enjoying it, he was glad that she still find some joy in her life.

He turned as Lana sat down beside him, and the two lovers exchanged a brief but passionate kiss before watching their young charge in silence once more.

"She's been through a lot hasn't she?" Lana remarked "she's very strong to survive all of that."

"Yeah she has," Clark agreed "what Orochimaru did to her was beyond inexcusable but she seems to be moving on, I hope she'll be okay now."

Lana placed a reassuring hand on Clark's shoulder, smiling gently as she did.

"She'll be okay Clark, she's got us."

Clark nodded as he and Lana headed back inside, he took one more glance at his little sister before letting her have some time to herself for a while.

As he watched for that moment Clark was glad that Tayuya was able to let her cares go and just be a kid, she deserved to be able to do that, while she still had a childhood left.

Hopefully the future in front of her would be much brighter than the past behind her.

In a tree nearby sat a hawk, at least it looked like a hawk.

But things are not always what they appear, inside this was much more than a hawk, it was an artificial intelligence from a dead world that had taken the form of a hawk.

It was the Brain Interactive Construct, its purpose right now; to remove the greatest obstacle to its master Dru Zod's conquest of this planet.

Namely the last son of Krypton.

For just over a month it had seemed that the problem had already been solved, the son of Krypton had seemingly disappeared without a trace, but now he was back.

It seemed that action would have to be taken after all.

The end; for now

The series will continue in 'Metal Scourge'