Ben Ten: Ultimatrix League

Chapter 1: The Dual Ultimatrix part 1


Today started like any other. Went to school, did an interview, and now the only left on my to do list was stop some gangsters. Which was right about now. Alright, it was the usual bank robbery. I had this in the bag. Or I least I thought I did. Okay enough talking time for some action...

"Move aside." I said running through the crowd. I got out of the crowd and faced the jewelery store and the two gangsters.

" "Ah, Ben Tennyson, it's about time we met." said the first gangster.

"Actually, I'd like you to meet..." I said turning my Ultimatrix dial and hitting it. "Terraspin!" I created a wind tornado and knocked one out - but the first was able to keep on his feet and pulled out his gun. I instinctively hit the Ultimatrix in the middle lof my chest.

"Blocker!" I created two blue shields on my arms just as the bolts came. One went back and into the store and the other flew high. I hit my symbol again.

"Putty!" Putty is a purple alien that can stick to walls and encase anything it touches into a quick drying cocoon. A shoot out one of my hands and encased the non-knocked out gangster in a cocoon.

"Armodrillo!" I shook the guy out of his cocoon and laid him down in front of the bank. It's over I thought. Then something seared in my back and I untransformed.

"Ow, what the..." Then I saw what hit me. It was the other robber who was holding a level 8 gun.

"Ah, you know how much that hurts?" I asked him.

"I dunno, but I liked the results. Make one move and I'll aim for the head."

"Fine by me." I said pulling back my jacket sleeve revealing my ultimatrix. As he fired I hit my watch.

"NRG!" I exclaimed as the laser bounced of my armor. "Not hard to hit this armor, eh мой друг?" I knocked his gun out of his hand and grabbed him by his sweater "You know, мой друг, the only place you're going county jail. Be glad it isn't the Null Void."

"Ben! You're burning his sweater!" A voice called out from the crowd.

"Oh." I looked at him. His sweater was fuming. Oops. A radioactive body does have its' backsides. I dropped the guy by his truck and turned toward the voice. It was Jimmy Jones.

"Hey, Jimmy" I said as I untransformed. Jimmy was standing by an empty car but instead of seeing his usual smiling face, Jimmy looked terrified.

"Bbbbehind you!" I whisked myself to the other direction and didn't even look before hitting my watch.

"AmpFibian!" Okay I was aiming for Rath, but nobody's perfect. Then I saw what the criminal had in his hand, A level 18 missile launcher. "Where did you get that?" But then I looked him in the eyes and saw that instead of green pupils they were completely purple.

"Die, Ben Tennyson!" He said firing the bazooka. All I could do was send a bolt of electricity at it hoping the bazooka was electric. And thank goodness, it was. The criminal was knocked backwards and I noticed before he went unconscious the purple in his eyes leave and something glint in the air. I was going to go after it when the reporters started swarming me.

"Hey guys watch it." I said stepping back. Then something under my feet crackle. It was the level 8 gun and it was overheating. Of course why wouldn't it? It'd been knocked aside by a radioactive alien then stepped on by an electrical one. And then it fired. It missed the crowed but hit the underside of a car, the same car that Jimmy was standing by.

"NO!" I screamed. But it was too late - the car exploded.

I felt guilty. I was concentrating on my ultimatrix instead of Jimmy, who was lying on a hospital bed, but his watch was weirding out again. This time the words "Do You Wish To Complete Duplication Process?" hovered on the screen. Okay. I'm a curious person. So I smacked it down. Then something really weird happened. An ULTIMATRIX appeared on Jimmy's' arm. But I had no time to contemplate what had happened because then someone I hadn't seen for 8 years, Acid Breath, appeared. He was followed by Frightwig and Thumbskull.

"Prepare to die, Ben." said Frightwig who was followed by Thumbskull.

"Yah. Prepare for it." I dialed my watch to a four armed alien and slammed it down.

"FourArms!" I gave Acid Breath two left hooks, but as he crumpled something grabbed all four of my arms. I pulled hard and hit my symbol.

"Goop!" I dissolved and went under Frightwigs' legs and slipped her up. I hit my symbol.

"Humungousaur!" And then I hit it again.

"Ultimate Humungousaur!" I turned to Thumbskull and fired ten shots into his chest. I untransformed as he went unconscious. Then it hit me - where was Zombozo?

As if it had read my mind an eerie voice said "I'm over here Ben Tennyson." I turned around and saw Zombozo looking straight at me. But it was the last thing I saw because he sprayed something in my face and everything went black. My last thought was would anyone notice what was on Jimmy's wrist?